cbd jumps the shark
cbd jumps the shark

CBD Jumps the Shark - Are We at Peak CBD with Flaming CBD Weetos and CBD Hot Wing Sauce?

Flaming CBD Weetos, CBD Hot Wing Sauce, CBD Marshmallows, and, say what?

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Chiara C on Tuesday Feb 18, 2020

Questionable CBD Food Products

cbd jumps the shark peak cbd

It’s not really our style to rag on products that are furthering the CBD cause and spreading awareness of the multitude of benefits it offers, but in the name of fun, we think it might be time to question the existence of a few CBD food products currently on the market.


Since the 2018 Farm Bill was passed, essentially federally legalizing CBD, health shops, restaurants, and grocers have hopped on the CBD wave, released everything from cold brew to hummus, and everything in between. Yes, everything! Even CBD-infused toothpicks and toothpaste. Now, while we’re all for acceptance but how far is too far? Joking aside, these products could help normalize what already is an increasingly accepted truth: that CBD is amazing, so why not put it in everything? Still, this begs the question: do these products even work? And which companies are only out to make a quick buck and ride the CBD hype train all the way to the bank? Only time (and science) will tell. For now, we delve into a few products  that make us shake our head, in disbelief, confusion, morbid curiosity, or a mixture of all three.


1.     Flaming Hot Weetos


For people who can’t get enough of their Hot Cheetos, and want the extra health boost of CBD, this is for you. Produced by Weetos Edibles, who also make a THC-infused variety as well as THC-infused knockoffs of popular breakfast cereals called Cannamon Crunch and Frost Poofs. Each bag of Flaming Hot Weetos is made with 100 mg of hemp-derived CBD and goes for 28 bucks a pop, 10 times more expensive than the real, CBD-less thing.


2. CBD hot wings sauce


Late January, Bison Botanics, a CBD shop in Buffalo, made headlines when it released a chicken wing sauce infused with CBD just in time for the Superbowl. They called it Phrank’s Dank Hot Sauce. However, due to laws in New York prohibiting food and beverages containing CBD, the shop only offered the sauce in 8 ounce sample sizes in exchange for donations to raise funds for NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws). The combination of fried chicken wings and CBD-infused hot sauce could increase Cannabidiol’s bioavailability, so maybe Bison Botanics was onto something here.


3. Vegan nacho pizza


Last year, The Pizza Plant, a vegan pizzeria in Los Angeles, introduced their CBD-infused Half Baked Pizza. Made with classic nacho toppings like black beans, salsa, avocado, cilantro, sour cream and nacho cheese, all vegan of course, all topped with Alpen Organics’ CBD oil. It’s served with an additional half ounce container of olive oil infused with CBD to drizzle on before eating. We love pizza, we love CBD, but should the two be mixed? We’re not sure.


4. Burger bowl


No two words in the English language seem more awkward together than the words ‘burger bowl’, except for ‘CBD-infused burger bowl’ that is. Last year, the Colorado-based West Coast Ventures Group announced their chain of Illegal Burger Restaurants in Denver would launch its own CBD-infused Burger Bowl to celebrate International Weed Day 4/20. The restaurant also offers other CBD-infused foods and beverages, and you can even purchase a packet of dissolvable CBD to sprinkle on your food or drink.


5. CBD hummus


For years, hummus has been many stoners’ go-to snack. It goes great with crackers and bread and is healthy enough so that you don’t feel too guilty when you finish an entire container. Now there’s more reason to reach for that tub. A number of CBD and health food companies have released CBD-infused hummus. UK-based Themptation was one of them with their CBD hummus made with 3 mg of CBD and raw sage. They also make a hemp pesto that’s popular with customers.


6. CBD marshmallows


CBD isn’t just infused in savory snacks––people love them in sweets, too! Purveyors of gourmet marshmallows, The Marshmallowist, makes a Cannabis + Pink Grapefruit marshmallow that’s infused with 10 mg of CBD, each! It’s a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth and get your daily dose of CBD in one go. Who says you can’t have it all?


7. Soft serve


Why stop at marshmallows when you can have it in ice cream? That’s exactly what one iconic New York City ice cream shop was thinking when they released their CBD-infused scoops. Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream, last year, announced the launch of their new Couch Potato flavor: a potato chip-flavored ice cream peppered with salty chocolate-covered pretzels and roasted peanuts, with swirls of gooey caramel and mini marshmallows, all infused with 5 mg CBD oil from Plant People per delicious scoop. It’s enough to make anyone bid adieu to their New Years’ resolutions.




Love it or hate it, the CBD-infused food and drink trend is here to stay. Now, whether a lot of these products live up to their hype or purported health benefits remains to be seen. Hopefully, their popularity will help more people become aware of CBD’s benefits and the healing power of cannabis, in general.








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