MacGyver Bongs
MacGyver Bongs

How To Make A Bong Out Of Everyday Things

Get Your MacGvyer On With These Bong Making Directions

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DanaSmith on Friday Oct 7, 2016

How To Make A Bong Out Of Everyday Things

How to Make an Emergency Bong MacGyver Style from CannabisNet on Vimeo.


Maybe a stoner move caused you to break your only glass pipe. Maybe you’re saving up for that trip to Colorado. Maybe you have some leftover shake and want to maximize your hit. If you’re low on paraphernalia but want to get really stoned, don’t worry because potheads are among the most resourceful people on earth!



Using a bong is an extremely effective way of getting a real good hit because no other device lets you take a huge puff with minimal effort and with materials. Some of these will require you to have a bowl or a joint on hand. There are many kinds of bongs in the market, but you’ll probably have more fun making your own anyway.

When you find yourself in a rut, try one of these homemade bongs:

apple bong


  1. Apple: Thanks to the famous photo of Charlize Theron smoking pot out of an apple, we now know that the fruit can keep the doctor away in more ways than one. You read that right folks; you CAN make a fully-functional bong out of an apple. 


Gently twist off the apple’s stem because this is where the bowl will be. Then use a hollow ball point pen to poke a hole through the top. Push the pen and continue creating a tunnel in the apple about halfway through the fruit. Use the pen to poke another hole on the side of the apple which is meant to intersect with the first hole that you made. Use an ice pick to smoothen out the tunnel you’ve just made on both sides of the apple and get rid of tiny apple bits that might get in the way of your smoke. Put your cannabis on the top of the apple where the stem used to be, light, and inhale.


  1. Pringles can: Go run to the nearest convenience store so that you can get baked off a Pringles can AND enjoy the chips afterward. Now that’s what I call multipurpose.


Of course you’ll want to empty the can first and give it a quick easy rinse so that you don’t end up smoking little chip bits with your pot. Use an ice pick to bore a hole on one side of the top of the can, around 3 inches from the top. Next you’ll make a second hole in the metal base using a knife. If you have a bowl attachment, great; but if not you can always use a joint and insert it into the hole. It will be much easier to attach a joint that’s already been lit, then wait for it to fill up the can with smoke and voila!


  1. Tissue or paper towel cardboard tube:  I hope you have at least some unused tissue paper tubes lying around at home. Hey, desperate times call for desperate measures also applies to getting stoned!


Use a small knife to pierce a hole around ¾ down the tube. The hole shouldn’t be too big; it should be roughly around the same size as your pinky. Place your bowl over the hole and secure it with a little tape if you need to so that it fits comfortably without moving too much. As you smoke, put your hand on the further end of the tube, inhale, and there you go.



  1. Bamboo: This one’s a must-try for all you eco-friendly cannaseurs.  Bamboo is one of the most durable materials in the world to make just about anything, including a kick-ass bong.


If you have access to some fresh bamboo,cut down a stalk and smoothen it out with some sand paper. Use a drill to create a hole for the bowl around ¾ down the way, just like how you did with the paper towel tube. Use an ice pick or any other sharp metal rod you have lying around to remove the excess bamboo chips. The great thing about bamboo bongs is that you can use larger sized bamboo if you have a big lung capacity in order to get more bong out of your weed!

gravity bong

  1. Gravity bong: A good old classic homemade bong that won’t let you down – in fact it can get you so high! They are so easy to make and work so well.   


All you’ll need to make an awesome gravity bong is an empty soda bottle, and another larger bottle or water container (the smaller bottle should be able to fit inside the larger bottle). Use a blade or scissors to cut the bottom off the smaller bottle. Cut off the top of the larger water bottle so that it allows you to put the smaller container inside it easily. Fill up the larger container with water. Next you’ll need a small square piece of tin foil which you’ll crumble a bit so that it can fit into the open lid of the smaller bottle. The foil will be used as a makeshift bowl (we know it isn’t healthy, so we don’t recommend that this is done all the time!) Press the foil down around the rim of the lid so it forms a small bowl shape. Use a paperclip to pierce small holes through the foil. Now you can put your leftover weed shakes onto the foil, while the smaller bottle is inside the larger bottle, filled with water. The smoking part is a little more challenging – but rewarding. Light up the bowl while simultaneously slowly pulling the smaller bottle out, and you’ll notice dense, thick clouds of smoke form within the smaller bottle as it’s lifted out. Then remove the foil, inhale all the smoke as you push the bottle back down, and get ready for a huge hit!


Have you ever made homemade bongs? What devices did you use?




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