Cannabis Sex Dreams
Cannabis Sex Dreams

Is There A Mad Sativa Strain Causing Sex Dreams?

Is There A New Strain Causing Sex Dreams At Night?

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Oaktree on Saturday Jul 9, 2016

Crazy Indica Weed Causing Sex Dreams? Say What?

Is There a Cannabis Strain That Causes Sex Dreams? from CannabisNet on Vimeo. is breaking an intriguing story that may be worth pursuing within the science community.  Multiple users in our social network are reporting a certain strain of indica, when chewed on before bed, is causing the user to experience vivid and translucent ….well, sex dreams.


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The strain of marijuana, known as Roswell Project, was first mentioned in one of our “Weed and Whiskey” pairing articles here.  It was after that story some of our social network users started trying the strain, even though it was hard to find.


Our first user that wrote in by email about his experience was Indica Beach, on our social network.


cannabis social user

Guys, I have to tell you this story but is it is a bit private.  I found some Roswell Project after your story and put a little between my gum and lip after dinner one night.  I like to let it sit there, like chew, and then let a bit go under my tongue before bed.  I swallowed the bud about 20 minutes by accident, but that isn’t the weird part.   I ended up having a very deep sleep and a massive sex dream sequence.  I am over 40 and haven’t had a sex dream in years!  I was freaking out when I woke up, I think I had one of those nocturnal abbreviations, like when you are 12!  WTF!  I had a dream about all my old girlfriends and it was a like a haram of post loves…all in bikinis.  I think there was even some bisexual stuff.   Thank you crazy Indica God, I didn’t want to wake up!  I freaked when my Mom opened the basement door and told me to get up and go take the dog for a walk.


We didn’t put much thought into this at and enjoyed the write up, but then, magic stuck again. Some women are reporting cannabis helping the reach orgasim!


sexy cannabis girl

Hi Cannabis Guys,

Guess what, I used a strain last night and had some crazy mad sex dreams.  I had men all over me, multiple men, multiple was nuts.  I usually use a little bud to sleep well, but this made me so horned up I had to check my panties.  Damn, what is in that Roswell weed stuff you recommended! Is this the new single Viagra rub? Ha.


We were intrigued and thought someone was playing a joke, but then a 3rd member, Boston Baked Pete wrote in and asked if he could share this on our social feed.


sexy marijuana guy

Guys, took some dream weed and woke up having had sex, I think, with my high school crush.  She handed me a packed bowl in the dream too.  I need to get that bowl in real life, damn.


So is it true? Are there other users that are shy to share their stories?  Is there a mad indica strain out there causing sex dreams and awkward morning conversations?


Let us know…




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What did you think?

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