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Weed and Whiskey Part 4 - Energy, Power, and Party, All In One Combo

Roswell Project Strains With Maker's Mark Whiskey - Get Ready!

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Oaktree on Thursday Feb 18, 2016

We are back with a great and highly underrated cannabis strain with a fire up, and get happy whiskey.  If you have read our previous three entries of “Whiskey and Weed”, you can click on the links below to our first 3 pairings.

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Today, we are going to try a great combo of super sativa weed called Roswell Project and a nice Maker’s Mark whiskey.   The Roswell Project is hard to find strain but it is one of the most “happy and energizing” strains out there.  You take a hit of this strain and you feel like you drank some happy Red Bull mixture.  As described in the seed guide:


Utilizing Area 51 genetic library of marijuana seed strains and clones to produce F1 seed stock for pheno hunting and trait isolation studies. This cross consist of an Alien Genetics 7 Ghost female(Tahoe OG x Master Kush x Pre98 Bubba x Alien Kush F1) and an Alien Genetics Napalm OG male (Alien Kush F1 x Tahoe Alien). These seeds are untested and will be the only F1's released


As you can see, there is some heavy hitting genetics in the fold of this strain.  It has a very fruit and light smell to the bud.  It smokes up with a nice easy inhale and doesn’t trigger any coughing or heavy lung burn.  The power and energy behind this strain is explosive and fun. You will feel happy, light, and energized.  Did I also mention that any pain or physical stress you were feeling will also disappear?

So, what kind of whiskey can you pair up with such a high powered sativa?  I chose Maker’s Mark for a few reasons.  One it is readily available and packs a similar punch.  The nose of the whiskey is rich, with hints of honey and raisins.  You will have the tones of honey, oranges, and some spice.  The fire is why the whiskey goes so well with such a “get up and go” strain.  This whiskey goes into your stomach with a quick burn, then the throat, and right up through the nose.  It is quick, it burns, and when it is over, you feel like you had a whole whiskey experience in 3 seconds flat.  It burns, it burns all over, and it burns fast.  It has heat in all the right places and gets the flame light fast.

I suggest a nice shot of Maker’s Mark, enjoy the quickness of the fire as it hits all the major places on the way up.  It will burn and burn fast and then enjoy as the last of the fire exits the nose.  Take a nice hit of Roswell Project, feel how smooth the inhale is and how it gets the job done fast as well.  Roswell Project is fast acting, happy weed, so you will have a quick hitter of on the whiskey with a nice powerful hit on the happy side of the strain.

This is not a stain and whiskey combo to relax or chill out to during the night.  This is an energy pumper, go to the club, get dancing.   If you can find Roswell Project stain, you are lucky.  It is in the Northeast of the US, so if you want more info just contact me on our social pages.

SIgn in below and leave your comments below...suggest a pairing and we will try it out!

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