man in court weed
man in court weed

Man Gets His Day in Court for Cannabis Charges, Then Gets Caught with 100 Pounds of Weed in His Car as He Left the Courthouse

Man ends up in the same courthouse twice in one day for different cannabis offenses

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The Undercover Stoner on Thursday Jun 30, 2022

man gets arrested twice at the courhouse

There was a ton, well almost, 100 pounds of cannabis, in Newburyport, Mass today as a 43-year-old Maine man was in court to face charges of driving without a license and possession of over one pound marijuana.


As reported, as the courthouse finished its’ business for the day, the 43-year-old man, who had a suspended license, headed to a Florida licensed-plated SUV and decided to try and drive away from the courthouse.  A Massachusetts state trooper took notice of the defendant and pulled over the car and arrested the man for driving without license.  As the police took inventory of the car, they discovered over 70 pounds of marijuana and 20 pounds of cannabis extract. 


The Biddeford, Maine resident was then brought back into the same courtroom and arraigned on his new chargers, just minutes after the hearing on his first case case of the day finished.


As the article reports:

A man in court Wednesday on charges of driving without a license and marijuana possession over one pound was released on his own recognizance with one condition: no driving until he is properly licensed again.

Almost immediately though, he was caught in the parking lot, not only driving without a license, but also transporting more than 70 pounds of marijuana and 20 pounds of marijuana extract, according to Massachusetts State Police.

Trooper Michael Provost, who works as the court officer for the Newbury Barracks at Newburyport District Court, knew the 43-year-old Biddeford, Maine, man was in court that day and wouldn’t be legally able to drive home with his Maine license still suspended, police said.

Provost, who reportedly was leaving the courthouse in his cruiser at the time, stopped the vehicle and arrested the man for operating a motor vehicle without a license.

Prior to having the vehicle towed, Provost took inventory and soon found two vacuum sealed bags and two duffel bags filled with marijuana, five jars of THC extract, zip lock baggies, a bong, and a large roll of $20 bills secured with a rubber band — all in the passenger compartment, according to police.

The man was taken to the Newbury Barracks for booking and then driven back to where he started the day, Newburyport District Court. There, he was arraigned on new charges of operating a motor vehicle without a license and trafficking in marijuana.

“He was one court appearance short of a hat trick,” state police wrote in a release. “But two in the same court on the same day is still pretty unique.”


As they say, better to get an Uber to your suspended license weed appearance then drive yourself!

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