cannabis job of bud trimming
cannabis job of bud trimming

Want To Get Your First Job In The Cannabis Industry?

Here’s Why You Should Consider Trimming

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DanaSmith on Sunday Nov 5, 2017

Want To Get Your Foot In The Cannabis Industry? Here’s Why You Should Consider Trimming




The cannabis industry is growing faster than the blink of an eye. Social acceptance is also gaining traction quickly every day, opening more doors for lucrative employment opportunities. What’s interesting about jobs in the cannabis industry is that many of them provide options for people to work in non-traditional jobs, which appeals to those who don’t find the idea of sitting in a desk for 8 hours a day appealing.


For individuals who are interested to get a foot in the door of the industry, trimming has become the job of choice. Each year, during harvest season in the United States, young people come from all parts of the globe to work as trimmers especially in California. The areas of Humboldt, Mendocino, and other cannabis-dense areas of the Golden State are filled with young people working in indoor and outdoor grows trimming, in an attempt to gain the knowledge and skills needed to land a job in the cannabis industry.


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What do bud trimmers do?


Bud trimming is an entry level job for people who are interested in jobs that touch the plant. Although trimming is the lowest paid job in the industry, it opens doors even to college graduates and high school drop-outs alike. Even parents who are struggling to make ends meet are able to earn extra income from trimming. They come from all walks of life, and there’s no judgment.


According to employment site, cannabis trimmers can earn from $12 to $15 an hour just cutting leaves. Despite low rates at first, trimming can lead to other job opportunities related to plant cultivation such as concentrate makers or gardeners, which can fetch six figure salaries upwards of $50,000 to as much as $90,000. In dispensaries, trimmers are in charge of cutting the flowers from the stem using little scissors, carefully ensuring to remove only what’s not needed so that nothing goes to waste. It can be an arduous job but it’s much better than working at your local Mickey D’s.



What kind of people can succeed as a bud trimmer?


Trimming jobs are ideal for people who don’t mind focusing on monotonous physical chores for a long period of time. Even better if you’re the type who thrives on this kind of work, because the hours will fly and the dollars will pile up. Individuals who have the disposition and a watchful eye will find that cannabis trimming is an excellent entry job into the nascent cannabis industry.


In order to learn how to be a bud trimmer, farm owners can train you the proper way of trimming specific strains and once you master it, your job is to do it repeatedly. It also requires weighing of the leaves. In some areas, the pay for a good trimmer can double that of a budtender although it doesn’t come with tips. If you can learn fast, you’ll have more opportunities to get ahead even if you start as a trimmer.


Many cannabis businesses have downtime, which means that trimmers won’t be needed. In some companies, cannabis trimming jobs also come with internships so that trimmers can learn various parts of the business. Apprenticeships can vary; it could be anywhere from working as a part-time budtender to helping fill out paperwork. At the end of the day, you’ll be able to learn valuable skills in the industry if you start work as a bud trimmer.


Qualifications for a bud trimmer


Successfully working as a trimmer requires that you have specific skills. Although employers look for experience, they also know that trimming is a skill that is learned by working with cannabis plants. Basic knowledge of cannabis cultivation and different strains will be an advantage if you’re looking for entry level jobs in the industry such as trimming.

Some of the qualifications that employers look for in trimmers include:


  • Basic knowledge of cannabis plant anatomy and strains
  • Accuracy and consistency in trimming
  • Accuracy in measuring and weighing
  • Trustworthiness
  • Ability to focus on one task for prolonged periods of time


While it may seem challenging to convey these skills through your resume especially if you’ve worked in completely different industries in the past, writing a professional resume targeted to the cannabis industry communicating your willingness to learn can get you in the door.


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