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Push For Pizza: Pizza Boxes That Turn Into Pot Pipes

Pipe From A Pizza Box, Genius!

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DanaSmith on Sunday May 8, 2016

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Push For Pizza: Pizza Boxes That Turn Into Pot Pipes


Pizza Boxes That Turn into Pot Pipes? Cannabis Startup Spotlight from CannabisNet on Vimeo.


Read on below to learn more about the service that’s perfect for stoners with the munchies.  A 25-year old native of New York City named Nikolas Gregory may change the way people, potheads in particular, satisfy their munchies. Gregory has designed a pizza box featuring a square, which is designed to be ripped out and turned into an instant pipe for smoking marijuana. Now, why didn’t other ganjapreneurs think of that one before??


The Best Of Both Worlds


The service called Push for Pizza lets people order a pizza with a few touches on an app. The pizza is then delivered in a smart box that partially converts into a pipe. It also features a white ceramic on the box top that prevents the top of the box from crushing the food, which then becomes the pipe’s bowl. All the materials used to create this ingenuous product is 100% recyclable, in case you were wondering.


Push for Pizza co-founder Cyrus Summerlin told Adweek  “It is common to crave food when one gets high. It is also typical practice to order a quick pizza to satisfy this craving. We are aware of these trends and decided to combine these two interests in an actual product”. The pipe was designed in partnership with Gregory’s design studio in order to better meet the needs of potheads who are craving pizza. The pipe has also undergone testing to ensure its durability. According to Summerlin, “Unless you are very careless with the flame, it will not burn.”


Summerlin adds, “The pizza is in hand before the munchies set in, leading to a more relaxed and enjoyable experience without the interminable delay of its delivery or the pain of gnawing hunger.”


Gregory states that at the moment there are no plans for production although it may change based on the response towards the pipe.


Summerlin and Gregory worked in collaboration with 3 other young adults in Brooklyn. The company even received a Brooklyn Innovation Award as the Best Web/Mobile Product of the Year in early 2016.


Silly Yet Smart Idea


To begin enjoying your experience with Push for Pizza, all you need to do is download the app, plug in your billing and address information, and you’re set to go: simply tap and order from a local pizza shop.


Choose from two staples which include pepperoni and cheese, and you don’t even have to think about delivery, tip, and the pizza because these are all settled even before the pizza arrives. Isn’t that thoughtful of them?


While for many, the idea of such an app can actually be quite silly, the company founders actually highlight this and don’t mind playing along on the joke. They even released a marketing video showing their tongue-in- cheek humor about the product.



The app took a total of 5 months to develop, and now what may be a silly idea has actually evolved into a revolutionary business model. They earn profits by taking a commission of each order made on the app and have been able to reach cannabis lovers all around the country because the API used is supported by pizzerias all around the United States.


The product is new, but the owners can already foresee spinoffs in the near future. In an interview with TechCrunch, Summerlin told writers, “Spinoffs are [definitely] in the pipeline, we always talk about an umbrella food button ordering system. Cookies, tacos, burgers, everything, you name it. To start however, we wanted to use everyone’s favorite food for a proof of concept, pizza.”


Have you tried the Push for Pizza app? What was your experience like?







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