cannabis cooking mistakes
cannabis cooking mistakes

5 Rookie Cannabis Cooking Mistakes To Avoid!

Cannabis Cooking Mistakes You Can Stop Before They Happen

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DanaSmith on Wednesday Nov 15, 2017

5 Rookie Cannabis Cooking Mistakes To Avoid!



If you love cannabis, it’s only natural to experiment with edibles after you’ve tried smoking them. Edibles are a completely different ballgame: the possibilities of the foods you can infuse with cannabis are limitless. There are many flavors and textures to enjoy, and it truly heightens the sensations.


But we’ve all been there: gotten too stoned out of the first batch of space brownies we ever had, causing us to swear off edibles FOREVER. If this has happened to you, you&rsqu o;re not alone. These mistakes are part of the experience, but understanding the science of infusions, decarboxylation, and how cannabis works in the equation can give you some incredible medicated experiences on edibles.


Here’s a list of the most common cannabis cooking mistakes that you might be making!


  1. Placing ground cannabis straight into the pot


The most common misconception among rookie edible makers is that you can use raw cannabis. Wrong! You must decarboxylate all cannabis first before cooking with it. Decarboxylation is the process of heating cannabis to certain temperatures in order to activate the THC from THCA; as well as the other cannabinoids, otherwise you won’t get a buzz. Not only will it lack a buzz, but a raw state won’t allow cannabinoids to completely activate and bind to the fat, wasting cannabi s.


Click here for the right way to decarboxylate cannabis.


  1. Over grinding your cannabis into powder


The best way to ruin the taste of your edibles? Pulverize your cannabis into a powder! Just. Stop. Grinding your cannabis too much just increases the grassy taste of your food, completely masking its taste. Too much grinding is also likely the reason why your oil or butter is green. It will also ruin the precious trichomes that are on the bud and leaves, not inside it. Next time, just use a hand grinder to break up your bud.


  1. Uneven potency


So you’ve made brownies and you’ve eaten three, and you don’t feel a thing. So you s hove it in the refrigerator and find that your mom accidentally ate one, and has been completely dislodged from reality. This happens when you aren’t stirring the batter well when making infused food. You’ll need to mix thoroughly to evenly distribute the oils so that you can get as much of a good dose as possible in each bite.


  1. Adding too much cannabis


While there’s no way you can overdose when smoking a joint, things are a little different when we’re talking about edibles (and dabbing). Passing out and blacking out are the worst things that can happen, and while it won’t kill you, these are super rookie moves that you can avoid. Dosing edibles can be somewhat tricky and you need to take a lot of things into consideration such as the potency of the strain, the tolerance of those who will eat it, and much more (click on this link to help you better determine dosage for edibles). If you’re cooking with cannabis, the best way to get an idea of how strong it is, is by buying lab-tested strains or trying it out yourself. Also, keep in mind that cooking can also intensify the strength of a strain so don’t eat as much!


  1. Using too little cannabis


If your entire batch of food is too weak, all you need to do is eat more. Just take note of the amount and kind of cannabis you used so that you can correct it the next time around. If your oil or butter is less potent than you wanted, you can still use it later by dissolving some decarboxylated hash or kief into it. Cannabis can be pricey when used as an ingredient in food so you might be tempted to use as little as possible, but the best approach is really to allocate it smartly. Besides, you can always eat smaller portions but if you wanted a buzz and didn’t get it, your precious cannabis just went to waste.


Sky’s the limit when it comes to the sheer variety of food you can infuse with cannabis. It’s not just all about cookies, brownies, and sweets. In fact, you’d be surprised how well cannabis’s flavor goes with spicy and savory food, so go ahead and experiment












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