how to roll a blunt wrap
how to roll a blunt wrap

6 Easy Steps to Rolling a Perfect Blunt Wrap (DIY GUIDE)

How do you roll a perfect blunt?

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Chiara C on Wednesday Jul 27, 2022

6 Easy Step Guide to Roll a Perfect Blunt Wrap

A blunt wrap is cool.

There is no question or doubt in it – but suppose if you have never rolled one before. In such a case, it might seem intimidating.

Do not fret our stoner friends, as we have created this need-to-know guide on how to roll a blunt wrap – in 6 easy steps.

So, warm up those rolling fingers, and let's have you schooled.

Blunt Wrap

Why do people prefer a blunt wrap?

Plenty of stoners prefer a nicely rolled blunt, and there are many reasons, the first being that blunts can hold more weed. Plus,these also burn more evenly and slowly – plus, these look pretty cool!

So, if you have never rolled one before, this guide is for you – but first;

What Is a Blunt?

It is a cannabis flower rolled with a tobacco leaf wrap.

Tobacco is there to add a buzz and energy to the cannabis high. The wraps come in packs of 1 to 2, and are mostly sold at stores where you can buy rolling papers. These are mostly flavorless, and you can also tear a cigar or a cigarillo, empty it and use the wrapping to make a blunt.

Need motivation? Blunts are bigger than joints!

So, learn how to roll a classic blunt in this guide. Are you not convinced? Okay, let's look into some;

Pros and Cons of Blunts

Some cannabis users only use blunts, while others like to cherish and save them for special occasions – of course;

 It's the blunt wrap we are talking about.

In any case, it pays to know both the benefits and drawbacks of this method of cannabis consumption.


how to roll a blunt



bad parts of a blunt

Now, as we have covered both advantages and dis-advantages - let's learn;


How to Roll a Blunt Wrap?

Rolling a blunt is the biggest reason that puts off people from smoking them.

Only because it is seemingly a difficult skill to learn. But, no need to worry, though. This beginner's guide teaches you how to roll your first – of many – blunt wraps.

For rolling the classic wrap, you only need a few pieces of essential equipment. Nothing expensive or technical, though.

What do you need?

tools needed for a blunt

Now, once you have everything you need, it is time to begin the process.

Please note that it might take you multiple tries to get it right, but it's worth it!

6 Easy Step Guide to Roll a Perfect Blunt Wrap

Let's start with;

1.Choosing the Wrap

If you are going with a cigar or a cigarillo, we advise you not to use an old one. As these dry out rather substantially. Making them prone to cracks and breakage while you are rolling.

Blunt wraps, on the other hand, are easily accessible from anywhere you buy rolling papers from – you can also choose to get flavored or unflavored options.

2.Prepare the Weed

You have two choices when you are preparing the flower.

Either grind it up; this will help land you a consistent burn. While alternatively, the time-honored technique tells to break the flower – and doing so will get you a slower burn.  

If you are set on blunt wraps, these come in ready to roll right out of the pack.

However, the cigarillos and cigars need emptying up, so use a clean razor blade/knife to cut open the wrap. Now, empty the tobacco contents, and you are good to go.

3.Moisten the Wrap

Blunt wrap becomes more flexible and manageable when moistened slightly. The moisture also helps seal the fine/tiny cracks that may result from cutting and emptying a cigarillo or cigar wrap.

If you are rolling a blunt for personal use, moistening can be done using saliva.

Dipping your finger in water is more hygienic if it is to be shared.

4.Fill up the Wrap

It's time to fill the wrapt with your flower. As blunts are bigger than joints, on average, you will need 1 to 2 grams for a cigarillo-size blunt. You will probably need more if you use a wrap from a larger cigar.

5.Roll Your Blunt

Here's the tricky part – the actual rolling.

As with everything else, practice will make you perfect. So, don't be discouraged if you struggle with your first few attempts at rolling. Even the pros struggle with blunts sometimes, as the wraps are thicker.

Begin by rolling the wrap in between your forefinger and thumb; now, evenly condense the cannabis slightly into the right shape. Smoothly, fold the wrap underneath itself – wetting the inside edge of what remains.

Continue rolling until the weed is encased; there you have it, your blunt is sealed.


6.Bake and Smoke

Run a lighter along the seam of the blunt wrap. This will "bake it" or seal it, saving it from falling apart and allowing it to burn evenly.

Please do not hold the lighter too close, as you must not burn the wrap itself.

And that's it – your blunt is ready!





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