how to roll a blunt
how to roll a blunt

How to Roll the Perfect Blunt - The Foolproof Guide

How do you roll the perfect blunt?

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Chiara C on Monday Mar 1, 2021

How to Roll the Perfect Blunt: The Foolproof Guide

how to roll a blunt

All weed lovers know that rolling a perfect blunt is an essential skill! Imagine attending that fun house party you love with your friends and you keep struggling with your cannabis joint because you are clueless about how to roll one; not cool, right? Well, let's learn how to roll the perfect joint so you can set yourself apart from any crowd. 


The basis of a blunt

A blunt is basically marijuana rolled up with a smokable wrapper. However, this description is applicable to other things like a joint, Spliff and Thai sticks, so the question is 'what sets 'blunts' apart?'


Well, a blunt is strictly all about marijuana: it should be 100% cannabis. If it contains any other material asides from pure cannabis then it's not considered a blunt. A blunt is also set apart by its dull dark exterior as it is a piece of tobacco paper or a cigar wrap filled with marijuana. Blunts are brown on the outside: there are no array of colors, or prints, just the same dull, dark brown look. And this is fantastic because the brown color of the wrapper blends perfectly with the damp green color of the weed to create something beautiful!


Due to the lack of standard weed measurement, blunts vary in size, so not all blunts will be measured in the same way. While the size doesn't matter, the thickness is crucial because it needs to contain enough marijuana for a perfect wrap. 


Let's talk about the flavor! Do you know the flavor of the blunt depends on the wrapping you use? You can have a blunt that tastes like tobacco at the most superficial level if you use a tobacco wrapper. This can be good or bad based on your tolerance for the tobacco flavor. Here is some advice regarding flavor: experiment with different wrapper combinations to find a scent you love and one that blends well with your cannabis. Once you've gotten a flavor that works for you, stick with it!


The physical characteristics (exterior color, interior color, size, flavor, etc) explained above constitute the basics of a blunt. They are the indicators that separate blunts from joints, spliffs, and so on.


Having said all that, let's get to the business of learning how to roll the perfect blunt!


How to role the perfect blunt 

To achieve the perfect rolled blunt, you will need some items, including cigar wraps, your marijuana strain, a grinder, razor blade or a small knife, water, a clean tray, and a paper towel. With these items, you are ready to roll, so start with: 


Getting the cigar wrap 

The first step entails getting your cigar wrap from a local smoke shop or online. 


Get the tobacco out of the cigar.

This second step will take more time, but the results are always satisfying. Just a pro tip, please buy multiple cigars only in case you make a mistake with a few while unwrapping. 


You can get the tobacco easily out by running your fingers through the cigar to feel its "veins," which is where the manufacturer glues the cigar. You have to split the glue area and empty the tobacco into a bowl. 


Grind the weed 

You will need a grinder at this stage, as this is when you grind your weed. Grind up to 1-1.5 grams of your best buds slowly to achieve an excellent constituency with smaller chunks. 


Get the cigar wrap a little bit wet.

Although this step is not compulsory, as when you get your rolling game on, you may not need to wet the wrap, but if this is your first time, then a little moisture will help you complete the rolling process and protect the cigar wrap from tearing apart. 


Load your cigar wrap 

Now load the wrap with the weed by ensuring a balance between the wrap's width and the amount of wed it can take. You don't want too much weed in one wrap as you enjoy a firm and long-lasting blunt. 


Time to roll 

All you have been doing until this point has prepared you for the rolling moment. So roll the cannabis wrap between your fingers and thumbs until the tube is closed with the weed safely inside. There are two things you will need to imbibe as you roll the blunt: practice and patience. 

The practice is crucial because you may not get your first blunt roll right, but you will get used to it over time if you are persistent. Patience is essential because if you are not, you will get frustrated with the repeated process. 

Practice the rolling process repeatedly because every time you roll, you get better and learn something new by perfecting your blunt. 


Light up your blunt 

Take some time to admire your perfectly rolled blunt (yes! You did it) and get light it up as you enjoy a moment with your friends. By the time you roll a cannabis wrap a second time, you will be better than this first try, and over time you will become a pro. 


The benefits of a blunt

Blunts are beneficial because of their thickness and the wrapper's make-up that helps them burn slower than the regular joint. Burn time is a crucial consideration if you want to ensure your marijuana lasts longer while with a group of people. 


Blunts offer a unique experience with your cannabis use as it is a pleasurable feeling similar to the zest you feel when you take a nice warm cup of coffee. 


Bottom line 

It should  be noted that a perfectly rolled blunt is just the beginning, to derive ultimate effects from your blunt use top quality wrappers, and most importantly pure potent cannabis. It is not enough to know how to roll the perfect blunt; you've got to stay alert and educated on the substances used in making your wrap, and the quality of weed you consume; high-quality organically grown cannabis is always recommended.








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