Weed popsicles
Weed popsicles

Beat the Heat with Cannabis Popsicles - The DIY Home Recipe for Marijuana-Infused Brain Freeze

How do you make a weed popsicle at home?

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HighChi on Thursday Jul 14, 2022

weed popsicle recipe

It's that time of the year again when we keep our fridges stocked with every cool and frozen treat possible. I personally keep mine stocked with frozen cannabis-infused edibles, especially weed popsicles.


Cannabis edibles are fast carving out a niche as one of the best methods of using cannabis. Of these edibles, weed-infused popsicles are quickly making a name for themselves as the most enjoyable and cool way to use weed, especially during Summer.


Almost everyone had popsicles when they were kids; in fact, some of us still enjoy the cool feel of a popsicle on a hot day. Read on to learn about a cool way to merge your childhood treat (frozen popsicles) and your current treat (cannabis) to make an even more awesome treat (cannabis-infused cannabis).


As usual, during summer, temperatures are expected to get very hot. Cannabis-infused popsicles are healthy, nicely medicated frozen treats that could be snacked on during these hot months. It's easy to see why they're an increasingly popular option among different age groups. They're easy to whip up, and they provide an easy and direct way to dose cannabis. There's this sense of achievement that comes with feasting on your very own cannabis-infused pops.


If you're one of a few that haven't had popsicles in a while, here is an opportunity to rekindle your love for popsicles with a preferable amount of cannabinoids.


Why Prepare Weed-Infused Popsicles?

We all know smoking is the most popular method of using cannabis. However it's not so common during hot days or seasons. Edibles like frozen popsicles are more preferable. They're a perfect way to avoid smoking without missing the downright euphoric effects of cannabis.


The development of these creative new modes of consumption has been dramatically influenced by the health issues and the stigma connected with the traditional approach. Due to the departure from these forms, alternative kinds of consumption, such as edibles, have gained popularity and are gradually taking over as the standard worldwide.


Like every other edible, cannabis-infused popsicles could take up to an hour to kick in, but this doesn't eliminate the fact that they're worth it. Depending on the dose of cannabis-infused, you could be left glued to the couch or smiling at your favorite pictures for no apparent reason for hours.


For medical cannabis patients, Weed-Infused Popsicles are an excellent medium to take their daily medicine without stinking up the house or hurting their throats in the process. Although everyone has a unique reaction to edibles like infused popsicles, a common review is that they are a convenient treat that is fun to have.


Ways to Prepare Weed-Infused Popsicles

There are different flavors and colors of cannabis-infused popsicles. With each passing day, we see people creating newer and more exciting procedures for making regular Popsicles and cannabis-infused popsicles.


The significant difference between normal popsicles and cannabis-infused popsicles is the presence of cannabis. Hence, you could follow your regular popsicle recipe and add your decarboxylated cannabis.


As mentioned earlier, Weed-Infused popsicles are very easy to prepare within the comfort of your kitchen area. Here are three awesome recipes to create wonderful popsicles infused with cannabis bliss.


Recipe 1: Fruity Popsicles

First, the ingredients and equipment needed. These include:

  • Blender

  • Knife

  • Popsicle molds

  • Measuring cups

  • Berries

  • Strawberry

  • Banana

  • Or a mixture of selected fruits

  • Water or Fruit juice

  • Additives like sugar, honey, maple syrup, or glucose.

  • Vanilla extract

  • And cannabinoid tincture.

Note that the quality and quantity of your cannabinoid-infused tincture determines how effective your popsicle would be. The dose is an essential aspect to take note of. Try not to use beyond a 5 mg dose of edible tincture for a batch of 12 popsicles. This way, each popsicle contains an average of 60 mg of cannabinoids.


Steps involved

1: Carefully treat the fruits and chop them into small sizes fit for blending.

2: Evenly blend the chopped fruits.

3: Add your other ingredients like vanilla extract, water or juice, sweetener or sugar additive, and your preferred cannabis-infused tincture into the blender

4: Use the blender to mix the ingredients with the blended fruits thoroughly.

5: Pour out the now uniform mixture into the clean popsicle molds.

6: Refrigerate them for at least 45 minutes till they're chilled, cold, and solid.


Recipe 2: Creamy Popsicles

For this, you need to get every item used above, including the fruity bits. Also, you need to have creamy supplements like yogurt, dairy milk, or coconut cream. You need your cannabis-infused tincture.


This recipe is special because it has this unique creamy texture and mouthfeel. It is pretty different from every other popsicle recipe. Once again, I must mention that the buzzing effects expected of the cannabis-infused popsicles depend on the THC to CBD ratio of the tincture used.


Steps involved

Do the same as in recipe 1. Add in your creamy supplements when you pour in your other ingredients after blending your fruits thoroughly. As usual, pour the uniform mix into the various popsicle molds laid out for this purpose. Then you refrigerate.


Recipe 3: Coco-Mango Popsicles

This recipe majorly uses coconut cream and ripe mangoes. Other ingredients include yogurt, vanilla extract, orange juice, and honey. Don't forget your infused coconut oil or decarboxylated cannabis to make fresh cannabis-infused oil for the pops.


Steps involved

1: Prepare the first layer by chopping the mangoes and blending them with orange juice.

2: Prepare the second layer by mixing the honey, coconut cream, vanilla extract, and yogurt.

You can add as many layers as possible, depending on the ingredients. With different fruits and condiments, you could even reach up to a dozen layers.


Final Note

Keep in mind that when after cannabis popsicles, they must be safely kept away from the reach of children. To an unsuspecting child, these popsicles would look and taste like regular colorful pops. Hence, to keep your wards away from the ER, keep these stashed away from their reach.


There are other recipes for cannabis-infused popsicles you could try out asides from the above. But we can guarantee that following the above recipe would make you want to live off either the creamy popsicles, Coco-Mango Popsicles, or the fruity pops.





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