cannabis-infused popsicles
cannabis-infused popsicles

How to Make Delicious Cannabis-Infused Popsicles

The Summer heatwave is here, so why not get a nice frozen high?

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How to Make Delicious Cannabis-infused Popsicles

marijuana popsicles

The surge in the acceptance of cannabis across the globe has enabled and allowed for more and more exciting ways of enjoying cannabis to spring forth. With every passing day we see a lot of people stray away from the conventional way of using cannabis which generally involves just smoking or vaping to more exciting ways of consumption. The health concerns and the stereotype stigma associated with the conventional way has been a huge factor behind the discovery of these innovative new forms of consumption. The deviation from these forms has led to the prominence of other forms of consumption like edibles and so on which are slowly becoming the norm all over.

Cannabis has since been introduced into drinks, mojitos, gazpachos, and so many other forms of household foods and drinks. One interesting way to enjoy cannabis especially in the summertime is through cannabis-infused popsicles.

This offers a wonderful way to get over the heat, can be enjoyed anywhere and is very easy to make in the comfort of your own kitchen. Popsicles are loved by many with the beauty of flavors and color that they offer and the making process is very simple and straightforward.

In this article, we will look into two different common recipes that can be used to make cannabis-infused popsicles and you can be sure that with this you are well on your way to making wonderful popsicles filled with cannabis bliss!


The first recipe has to do with the production of fresh and fruity popsicles which can easily be made with common kitchen utensils. All that will be needed with respect to materials include knife, blender, measuring cup, popsicle molds.

The ingredients and their amount that should be enough to make 12 popsicles include;

Two and a half cups of selected fruit or combination of fruits to give diversity to flavor. Fruits like berries, strawberry, banana are readily used to give much-needed color and flavor to the popsicle

One and a half cups of a suitable liquid to serve as a vehicle for the fruits. Examples include water, sweetened water, fruit juice, and coconut water.

One tablespoon of an additive as a source of sugar. Suitable examples are sugar, glucose, honey, and maple syrup.

One teaspoon of vanilla extract. Vanilla just helps to make the mix better. It introduces a good balance of flavor and always gives a pleasant mouthfeel.

A suitable quantity of cannabinoid-infused edible tincture which is exactly what makes this type of popsicle unique and special. It is important to note here that the dose to be considered is very important because cannabinoid-infused edible tincture can be very potent so 5mg dose should be sufficient for a popsicle meaning a batch of 12 popsicles would need a dose of 60mg which should be sufficient at least for a start and can later be modulated subsequently depending on the feel.


The fruits are carefully treated and the juicy insides are carefully chopped into sizes that are suitable for a blender. The chopped fruits are put in the blender where they are blended till even. The suitable liquid, sugar additive, vanilla extract, and cannabinoid-infused tincture can easily be added to the blended fruits and allowed to sufficiently mix to allow for uniformity.

The uniform mix containing all the ingredients can then be poured separately into the popsicle mold which is then refrigerated for a suitable amount of time to give a cold, chilled, and ready popsicle.



The second recipe for the popsicle is different generally because it is for the creamy fruit popsicles which are unique and quite different from the earlier general fruit popsicles. The ingredients for the creamy popsicles are generally the same as that of the fruity popsicles except for the introduction of a creamy vehicle as opposed to the liquid used in the earlier recipe. One and a half cup pf suitable creamy supplement like yogurt, coconut cream, dairy milk which will help to give that special creamy mouthfeel and texture to the popsicle.

It still must be stressed however that the cannabinoid-infused texture that should be selected should depend on the aim of use with respect to the THC and CBD ratio because they have a large role to play in terms of medicinal use and the recreational high. The dose to be used as stated earlier should be carefully modulated and balanced because of the potency.


The selected fruits are also carefully treated and the juicy insides are chopped into blender-ready sizes.  The fruits are then blended till they are even after which the necessary additives such as the source of sugar, vanilla extract, cannabinoid-infused edibles tincture, and selected creamy vehicle are added and mixed homogeneously. The uniform mix is then poured to fill the separate popsicle molds and refrigerated for a substantial period to give a popsicle.

Just like that, you are done and you have a popsicle that is ready to be enjoyed.







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