Cannabis Christmas Party
Cannabis Christmas Party

Cannabis-Themed Christmas Party - The Checklist

Even if you have to keep it small, make sure you have the essentials

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Joseph Billions on Thursday Dec 24, 2020

How to Throw a Cannabis-Themed Christmas Party

cannabis christmas party

The season of Christmas is a season that puts many in the mood to socialize with family and friends. The tone of the holidays gets many in the mood to party and there's no party better than a cannabis-themed one. It's Christmas! Why not make use of the opportunity to create a cannabis-themed Christmas party. The season is a great excuse to throw a cannabis party and spread the goodwill of the season and cannabis.

How exactly does one throw a cannabis-themed Christmas party? What are the requirements that must be a part of the party? This article is just what you need to help you figure out all you need to throw the perfect cannabis-themed Christmas party.


Without the right set of decorations, your cannabis-themed Christmas party will just be a group of friends sharing a blunt with each other. The right type of decorations in the right places will make your party memorable and unforgettable. Here is a list of important must-have decorations to light up your cannabis-themed party. 


The impact of the right sets of lights might just make or mar your cannabis party. There are special types of party lights that go right with the mood set by the effect of cannabis. Colored lights with colors like red and green can have inscriptions of pot leaf to help set the party in the right mood. There are examples of quality marijuana leaf light that could help set the mood of the party.



These are commonly used in romantic settings but scented candles when rightly used can be the attraction of your party. Candles are a part of many cultures and they have a way of raising the mood in social settings. There are special 420-scented candles that will help make everyone comfortable and right at home at your cannabis-themed Christmas party.



You have not held a cannabis party if the setting is not filled with quality cannabis ornaments. There are quality ornaments made of clay and glass that will set the right tone for your Christmas party. Pot leaf designs can easily be made on such ornaments and pot leaf trimmings can easily be made too.


Christmas tree

A Christmas tree is a common component of Christmas parties and there are different ways to still spice up the experience with the Christmas tree. The first method that can be adopted is to use the characteristic Christmas tree and adorn it with quality marijuana trinkets. There are different examples of pot leaf ornaments that could be used to spice up the tree. The other method is to skip the characteristic Christmas tree and have a symbolic canna-tree in the midst of the party. This sets the tone for a cannabis party and makes all and sundry feel the canna-vibe.

There are other examples of decorations that could be used to spice up the setting for the party. You should not restrict yourself in any way while planning your party.



Christmas parties are characterized by sweaters and people passing eggnog. This can be used to your advantage when setting up your cannabis-themed Christmas party. There are different cannabis-themed sweaters that you can encourage your friends to wear to get the party on the roll. The Christmas season is always filled with cold and snow which is why many go for customized sweaters during the season. Making the most of these sweaters by tagging your Christmas party with cannabis customized sweaters is a sure way to get everyone along.


Social gatherings such as Christmas parties usually involve watching movies. The beauty of a cannabis-themed Christmas party is that members can easily enjoy a blunt with each other while enjoying the movie. There are different examples of classics that we can suggest to make the party exceptional. Examples are Bad Santa, Gremlins, and Scrooged.



Music is the life of any party! You haven’t got a party if you don't know the right songs to play. Yes, it’s a Christmas party but a weed-themed playlist is pivotal to ensuring that all your weed lovers feel right at home. There are different examples of quality weed-themed albums that you could enjoy. Another quality party jam for weed lovers is Willie Nelson’s “The Classic Christmas Album”.



The Christmas season involves sharing gifts and this can be maximized to the fullest at your cannabis-themed Christmas party. There are different examples of cannabis materials that can be shared between friends and family. Examples include different pot inspired trinkets, rolling papers, pipes, grinders, and vaporizers. With these gifts, it is very easy to get everyone along and make the Christmas party one to remember.



Cannabis-infused edibles are a special treat that can make any gathering better. Different types of foods can be infused with cannabis and recipes for such foods can be adopted in your party. Eggnog is a common sight in Christmas parties and it could be influential to spice up your cannabis-themed Christmas parties too. Eggnogs can be spiced up with quality weed to make the party mood livelier.

Cannabis-infused cookies and brownies are examples of common treats that can be used at such parties. Edibles such as cannabis gummies can also be easily shared among members of such parties as the effects of the cannabinoids kick in just at the right time. The calm and relaxed mood spurred on by the effects of CBD is equally complemented by the euphoric effect of THC.


Bottom line

A cannabis-themed party will always attract many people. If well planned, it sets the tone for your holidays, subsequent parties, and so on. This is why keen attention must be paid to minute details and the big things as well. One ornament or decoration could make the day of some of the party members and for others, the cannabis-infused foods can do the trick. Once you've covered all bases, all that's left to do is to sit back and enjoy the ride.








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