dosing psychedelics
dosing psychedelics

Dosing Psychedelics - How To Weigh and Create a Safe Dose of Psychedelics

How do you weigh and create a single safe dose of psychedelics?

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Nanci Chi-Town on Thursday May 19, 2022

dosing psychedelics safely

To guarantee a positive experience with psychedelics, knowing the right quantity to take is very important. Hence, it is vital to dose and weighs psychedelics safely.


Psychoactive substances like magic mushrooms and LSD are known to induce life-changing and awesome experiences. But, considering how powerful these substances are, they must be treated responsibly and with respect. So when it comes to taking psychedelics, it is vital to know the dose and weight you're taking. Not only will this improve your chances of having a good experience, but you will have an idea of the details of each substance. For these reasons, let's discuss how to dose and weigh psychedelics safely.


Test and Examine and Substance before You Consume It.

Wouldn't it be nice if one could just take a trip to the pharmacy or dispensary to get some LSD or magic mushrooms? Well, that's not a present reality right now. Instead, these substances are purchased from "the guys at the corner". Although, a major side effect of buying psychedelics from such a market is the lack of authenticity of what one is getting.


Examine it Out

Before you begin to measure your pills and magic mushrooms, it is vital that you first identify exactly what's in your hands. The positive here is that you don't need a lab to do that. There are several kits on the market that one can get to test for ecstasy, cocaine, LSD, Ketamine, and other substances.


Only when you know the substance you've got, and how authentic it is can you safely dose and weigh it.


Never Bank on Guesswork

Some psychedelics, for instance, LSD, are so powerful that they are usually measured in micrograms. One microgram is 1/1000th of a milligram or one-millionth of a gram. Ideally, a beginner does is usually around 0.05mg or 50µg — a ridiculously minute amount. Hence you can't look down on the potency and power of such a substance if you want to lose it safely and properly.


To this end, you must avoid going through my scoops of graph paper, which is quite an unrealistic method of measurement. Even for magic mushrooms, these methods are very unreliable and you will end up with too high or too low a dosage and neither is ideal


Know the Exact Quantity to Take

Measuring will only make sense if you're targeting a particular quantity. It's always best that one kicks off with a low dose and gradually increases it if needed. This way, one will get accustomed to the effects and high of each dose as it progresses.


There's rarely the need to try out the " heroic dose" unless you are a very skilled psychonaut. Too many psychedelics are a bad idea with increased chances of bad experiences. Less is all you need


Recommended Dose

  • LSD

The beginner dose for LSD ranges from 20 to 40µg. An LSD dose between 90–110µg offers a decent hit with the Vishal experience.  Any LSD dose above 200µg is considered too powerful.


  • Magic Mushrooms

Beginner dose for magic mushroom ranges from 0.5–2.0g, with a dose between 2–4g considered maximum. Any dose above 2.0g is deemed a “heroic dose”, and is only recommended for very skilled psychonauts.  Always choose a psychedelics dose based on your experience


Dosage Calculator for Magic Mushrooms


How to Weigh Magic Mushrooms Right

To get the weight right, you need to get a good scale that takes measurements appropriately. While a lot of cannabis users have scales that can measure a tenth of a hundredth of grams, that's still not good enough for magic mushrooms. For shrooms and similar products, a milligram scale is needed. These scales can accurately measure down to milligrams and can also hold decent weight in grams.


Measurement Using a Milligram Scale.


1. Find a calm space with little air movement, set the scale on a leveled and flat surface, and put it on.


2. Calibrating the scale is very important to get the most accurate results. Follow the instruction manual of your scale and calibrate accordingly.


3. Once the scale is calibrated, gently place a tray on the same and press the "Zero" or "Tare'' button. This will help set the scale to zero so you don't have to factor in the tray's weight.


4. Scale is now set to use! To take measurements, gradually add tiny bits of the mushroom to the tray. You can use a small toothpick or spatula to do this. Keep on adding until you reach your desired dose.


Preparation and Beyond.  

The first step to preparing for your psychedelic experience is knowing what you're consuming and the ideal dosage for your experience level. While this is important, there are other factors you should put into consideration.


With psychedelics, your experience largely depends on the "setting and set". The setting refers to your environment and people around you when taking the drug while the set refers to your mood and mindset.


Your set is very crucial as psychedelics heighten those feelings. So if you're feeling depressed or anxious, the psychedelics will take you deeper into these negative feelings hence your trip may turn sour. 


This also applies to your setting. Before you kick off that psychedelic journey, ensure you're not somewhere uncomfortable or unfamiliar. You don't want to stay around people you're uncomfortable with especially if it is your first time. So, find a familiar location, maybe your home or friend's place to stage your psychedelic experience.




While the psychedelic experience may be remarkable, it is best if you stage such an experience with a trip sitter. A trip sitter gives advice, wisdom, and encouragement, during moments of fear and anxiety.


These moments are rare know rare and are mostly fleeting if one doesn't give in to the emotions. A trip sitter helps to remind one of this and keep one on track. However, if you're skilled psychonauts we are sure you can handle yourself. Above all, what's most important is to get the dose right and you're good to go.








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