Weed Workout
Weed Workout

Forget The Dad Bod - Get The Ganja Bod With This Toking Workout

How The Great Ganja Can Improve Your Workout And Health

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Oaktree on Wednesday Feb 24, 2016

How The Great Ganja Can Improve Your Workout


Learn how getting high can actually improve your workout.


One beautiful summer afternoon 14 years ago, when I was the ripe age of sweet sixteen, I was hanging out with some friends in the neighborhood park. One of them invited a cute boy to come hang out with us, and said boy pulled up in his bright red car shortly after that. 


“Have you ever smoked up before?”, I was asked. Adventurous young me didn’t hesitate and I said, “No but I’d like to try it!”


A few minutes later, 5 of us were crammed into the cutie’s car while he drove around the neighborhood as a we passed a joint around. I didn’t really get stoned at the time because I was cautious about smoking up too much, but I did feel a certain kind of high. I felt floaty, not sure what to make of it yet, but the feelings were all definitely positive and I took an immediate liking to my new friend Mary Jane.


And that, my friends, was my first experience getting high.


But the story doesn’t end there!


After about an hour of smoking up, I went home and got changed to go to the gym. While there, I felt strangely invincible: I suddenly found myself doing 2-3 more sets of each workout and it took more than usual to tire me out. I looked at myself in the gym mirror in amazement, red eyes and all, each time I did another set!


I credited all this to the weed I had smoked that day, and realized that smoking up can actually help me get the most out of my workout. 


Cannabis doesn’t exactly have a reputation for being a performance-enhancing drug and was only recently added to the banned substances list of the International Olympic Committee. So if you’re looking for a natural way to stay on top of your fitness regimen, the answer is: reach for that joint and feel free to get high AF.


After doing some research I realized that there actually is scientific evidence behind this phenomenon. 


Stoner, Schmoner: Weed Reduces Actually Reduces Anxiety And Motivates You To Workout


Pot affects people in different ways; while some may feel too relaxed to go to the gym (nobody wants to feel like jello there!), for others it can actually reduce anxiety and help drag your lazy butt to hit the gym. For the rest of us we actually feel stronger and motivated to be productive. 


The Hulk-like strength that some of us get from getting high is actually a natural reaction to cannabis because when THC hits the receptors in our brain it reduces anxiety.


Cannabis Helps Your Muscles Recover Quicker


I’m not sure about you, but I personally dislike feeling too sore to even get off the couch after a hard workout. But guess what, getting high after your exercising works even better than a massage or drinking protein smoothies. No other plant in the world can reduce pain better than some Mary Jane, it’s been scientifically proven time and again. Now would be a good time to add the magical weed into your fitness regimen: an easier time recovering means that you can work out as much as you need to… to burn off the double cheeseburger that you practically swallowed when you got the munchies last night, perhaps?


Marijuana Can Help You Stay Focused During Your Workout


Counting reps during your workout is easy to do and a lot of fun! - said nobody EVER. It’s one of the most boring aspects of exercise but hey let’s be honest: staying focused and keeping track of reps and sets is a necessary evil, but one that we need to make sure we’re getting the most out of the dreaded gym time. I attribute my ability to work out really effectively to the weed I smoke before I hit the gym, another gift from mother nature that I was lucky enough to discover the very first time I got high. Even just a small dose of marijuana is super helpful in removing the monotony that many of us experience during workouts. 


I also started practicing yoga 2 years ago and I’ve found that going to class with a mild high helps me get into my poses easier without being distracted from soreness or pain. What’s great is that for anyone who does yoga, cannabis is an EXCELLENT aid for aligning your mind and body. It can really help you get into the zone both mentally and physically, which is useful for those like me whose minds can’t ever seem to shut up.  If you’re looking to tone up or improve your yoga practice, here’s another reason to light up.



Have you ever tried exercising after getting high? What was your experience like?




What did you think?

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