honey in your marijuana grow
honey in your marijuana grow

Honey in Your Cannabis Cultivation: A Guarantee of Maximum Yield?

Should you use honey in your cannabis soil or for you cannabis plant roots?

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HighChi on Sunday Jul 5, 2020

Honey in Cannabis Cultivation: A guarantee of maximum yield?

honey to grow cannabis plants

How can I increase yield and sustain the efficiency of production? Is a question that always lingers on the mind of all smart growers. The goal of every grower is a successful  grow operation and to make that a reality a lot of things come into play. Several techniques and growing methods are currently being employed by growers all over and more innovative techniques are being researched about by industry pioneers to increase the level of production and efficiency of cannabis cultivation. A hot new technique currently being employed by canna-cultivators is the use of natural products and one such product that have found great use and is sure to find much more in the world of Cannabis cultivation is Honey.

Honey in cannabis cultivation

Honey has been known to have numerous uses as a natural product which has been fondly utilized in numerous fields and based on recent studies conducted it can do so much more in cannabis cultivation. Are you on the lookout for a natural product to help you get the best out of your plants? Honey might just be what you need to take your grow operation to the next level in quality, yield and production efficiency.

The uniqueness of honey provides cannabis growers with the benefit of using it as a fertilizer and also as a root stimulant to facilitate the growth of the plant. To be able to get these benefits out of the use of honey in cultivation processes, it is important that the grower is well versed in the right method of applying the honey as well as the accurate quantity needed to yield the desired result. A wrong application of the honey or usage of the wrong quantity can turn around to produce problematic results for the plant hence it is important that growers are well equipped  with the needed information.

Another characteristic of honey that must be carefully considered is the purity of the honey to be used. Honey as an organic substance is prone to having many counterfeits that are filled more with adulterants and substitutes which are sure to affect the efficiency of the desired results. Therefore, it is important that growers ensure that the honey to be used for is 100% organic in order to get the desired results.


Honey as a Fertilizer

Honey is used for cannabis cultivation as a fertilizer by providing the soil with natural carbohydrates as well as support the micro-flora population of the soil which includes important bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms present in the soil.  The micro-flora population of every soil and its chemical interactions play a very important role in determining the health and strength of the plant.

Honey used as a fertilizer has also been known to be added to other natural products to further enhance its ability as a fertilizer used for the benefit of the soil. Natural substances such as amino acids, milk, soap bark extract, volcanic ash have been added to honey for use as a fertilizer with wonderful effects in preserving and enhancing the ability of the soil to sustain the growth of the cannabis plant.

As stated earlier, it is not enough to just know the benefit that can be derived from honey, it is also paramount to understand the method of application as well as the quantity needed to give beneficial results. For use as a fertilizer, it is important that honey is introduced at the beginning and final stages of the growth cycle. A ratio of five to fifteen milliliters to every gallon of water is suitable for use as a fertilizer.

Honey as a Root Stimulant

Another beneficial attribute of honey in the cannabis cultivation process is its use as a root stimulant. Root stimulants are needed to stimulate the roots and initiate their growth and extensions from cuttings of the plant during cloning. Cloning is a farming practice done with the aim of producing identical copies of a plant, establishing a strain of a plant as well as ensuring continuity.

Cannabis cuttings are placed in honey to serve as an exogenous form of the rooting hormone before it is reintroduced into the growth medium to continue the growth process. Honey is very beneficial as a rooting hormone on the account of its antibacterial and antifungal activities which protects the cuttings from pathogens that may endanger the success of the process.

Honey as an organic substance can also be added to other significant hormones for the benefit of the growth of the root. Cuttings can be dipped into fresh organic honey at the site of the wound of the cut to coat the wound. The implements used for the cuttings must be clean so as to not affect the process and the honey used must be of a high degree of purity if the desired results are to be met.








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