measuring weed without a scale
measuring weed without a scale

How Can You Weigh or Measure Your Cannabis Without a Scale?

Don't have a scale but want to measure out your weed?

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BostonBakedPete on Saturday Jul 9, 2022

measuring weed without a scale

Have you ever resorted to using something other than digital scales to measure your cannabis? How accurate was it?


The easiest way to measure cannabis is with a digital scale. This device accurately measures the flowers or concentrates within a few minutes. However, not everyone has one of these, and you can't always be with yours. In this case, you can use simple techniques to give a rough estimate of your weed. These alternative methods are inexpensive, as they are majorly done with basic household equipment.


Imagine you're having a group of friends come around at yours, and for whatever reason your scale has refused to work or be found, would you forgo the group weed session or look for an alternative? Most people would go with the latter option. Read on to discover other ways you can get a ballpark measurement of your cannabis whenever your digital scale is not handy.


Measuring Cannabis

In cannabis stores within North America, weed is measured in grams. For companies that package their products, they measure and label the product in grams. On the other hand, Europe measures and sells in ounces. Other common measurements include a stick, an eighth of an ounce, half-ounce, 1lb (sane as 453g), and a quarter.


In some stores, weed isn't sold using the usual measurements, but rather by the cash value needed. This cash value includes a dime ($10), a nickel ($5), and a dub ($20).


With 1g of cannabis, you can yield more than two standard joints. In 2016, the University of Pennsylvania, through Greg Ridgeway with Rand's Corporation Beau Kolmer, discovered that the average joint contains 0.3g of buds. If you're new to cannabis, it's always advisable to use a reliable method to measure out your required dose.

Alternative methods to measure out your cannabis when there's no digital scale include:

  • Using a ruler and a penny

  • Using a Smartphone Application

  • Rubber Band Pulley

  • Using a hanger

  • Using your sense organs


Using a Ruler and a Penny

Almost everyone has a ruler, pencil, and a penny at home. The primary reason why we use a penny is that its weight is known. Other coins can also be used, inasmuch as you know, their weight. The estimated weights of common coins can be found below.

1 PENNY = 3.56g

2 PENCE = 7.12g


1 USD CENT= 2.5g


1 USD DIME = 2.27g


First,  place the pencil beneath the mid section of the ruler. Ensure the ruler is well balanced on the pencil. This creates a makeshift seesaw scale. Next,  place your coin on one end of the ruler. On the other end, begin piling your cannabis flowers. As soon as the two sides balance, you stop adding nugs to the pile. With this, the weight of your nugs equals the weight of the coin.


Using a Smartphone Application

Technology comes through at all times. While you can't take some household items outside the house, you can definitely go about with your cell phone. In fact, very few people leave their smartphones at home intentionally these days.


Check your phone's store for weight scale apps. These apps can be used to measure any amount of weed or herbs. All you have to do is to place the herbs on the cell phone's screen. However, some of these apps give inaccurate measurements. Note that the result could either be a quarter less or more.


It is also worth noting that the weight measurements could differ depending on their position on the screen.


To confirm the authenticity of an app, we recommend you check the ratings and reviews before downloading the app.


Using a Rubber Band Pulley

This is a minimalist weed scale. It is smaller and lighter than a digital pocket scale or ruler. It is efficient for measuring minimal amount of weed.


A rubber band pocket pulley is easy to use. You can either make it at home or purchase it from online stores like Amazon. To use it, you have first poke a safety pin on both sides of the band and include a tiny zip closure pouch on each side.

Insert one-eighth of the weed in one bag and not the weight reference on the other. Next, position the wheel using two fingers to observe how the balance shifts. Continue to add to the weed pile to both weights are balanced.


There's a high problem that the results gotten are inaccurate because the method relies on the human hands and fingers. Yet, it remains the easiest and most simple technique to measure weed.


Using a Hanger

This is another easy technique for estimating the weight of your cannabis nugs. To make your hanger scales, use a fishing wire or string to hang another object like a phone charger or pen from the middle of the hanger. It is similar to the ruler, pencil, and penny technique. Ensure the item hangs right off the center of the hanger to balance the scale.


After, use the fishing wire to fix a plastic cup on either side of the hanger. Note that you must use a hanger with little hooks to hang dresses. Your cups would hang off these books. Next, you place an item you know the with of into a cup and start filling the other with cannabis nugs. Once the scale hangs straight, the cups are balanced.


Using yourself

If you do not have makeshift items to estimate the weight of your buds, you can use your eyes and hands. Place buds in both hands and try to balance them that way. Although, this method should be the last resort as it is practically impossible to obtain accurate results.


You can use this method to split your buds into two using your eyes. For example, if you've bought a quarter ounce of cannabis, you can place it onto a plain surface, then divide it into similar equal piles.


Bottom Line

Above are five ways to measure cannabis without a digital scale. These techniques are easy to carry out and require essential household items. Note that these methods only give an estimated result rather than an accurate one. If you're trying to get an exact measure of weed, we advise that you invest in better equipment like pocket scales.





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