magic mushrooms at a concert
magic mushrooms at a concert

What Can You Do While Tripping on Magic Mushrooms? - 4 Experiences To Try While on Shrooms!

What are some cool experiences to try when tripping on shrooms?

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DanaSmith on Wednesday Jun 21, 2023

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Tripping on magic mushrooms can offer an incredible wealth of benefits for your mental health.


However, you don’t have to struggle with a mental health condition in order to reap the benefits of psilocybin mushrooms. In fact, magic mushrooms are considered the safest recreational drug on earth. Magic mushrooms can be taken raw, dried, in powder or tea form, and even in capsules and edibles. With the growing popularity of taking these all-natural medicines plus their safety and efficacy, it’s easy to see why so many people are doing it.


But what exactly do you do during a mushroom trip?


Truth be told, going on a magic mushroom trip can be one of the most immersive and life-affirming experiences there are. It’s inexpensive, safe, and over in 6-12 hours depending on how much you take. For most people, these trips are greatly enjoyable because these shrooms have the power to change your perspective for the better. They are, after all, hallucinogenic and incredible mind-altering substances.


Here are the top experiences you should try while on magic mushrooms:


Soak It All Up In Nature


Think of your favorite place in nature: whether it’s a nearby park, forest, or beach… and try to think of all the reasons why you love this place. Now, imagine all the beauty that place is, multiplied by a hundredfold: that’s what magic mushrooms can do for you in a natural setting.


There’s something special and surreal about being in a place that’s abundant in nature while coming up on shrooms. There are many ways one can explain it, but many people experience a sense of oneness with the earth. When you’re hallucinating, the trees can sometimes look like they’re breathing, the colors of flowers and leaves are more vibrant, and the clouds above you move so much quicker. Watching a sunset, no matter how simple it sounds like, is so much more magical on shrooms. It will all make you appreciate nature, or your favorite place, even more.


If you’re getting high to get out of your head, release stress and anxiety, sitting or laying down in nature is a simple, free, and effective way to do so.


You don’t have to travel far to appreciate it. Even just sitting in your patio or garden will do. In fact, it’s probably safer to stay close to home unless you have a designated driver.


Go to a Concert, Festival, or Rave


Taking a low dose of mushrooms is ideal for going to a music festival, concert, or a rave. It would also be recommended for individuals who already have experience with magic mushrooms and not for the beginners, because it’s much safer for beginners to trip in a controlled environment with close friends.


With the right dose of shrooms, a festival or a rave can be a transcendental experience. Music and colors come to life and invite you to move your body along with it. If you are watching your favorite band or DJ, this can be a truly heavenly experience. It’s no longer uncommon for many people to take microdoses before hitting the club these days because it just takes the experience to another level.


Observe Your Thoughts


Simply sitting alone with your thoughts and observing them as they come and go can be a truly fulfilling and life-changing experience on magic mushrooms.


These powerful psychedelics have the ability to change your mind about many things, from the grandest to the most mundane matters in your life. It’s interesting to see how your mind opens up to different perspectives when you are on magic mushrooms. Keeping a journal with you as you trip and observe these thoughts as they come and go will allow you to reflect on them when you are sober. You have the power to decide which of these thoughts can go on to shape your life, and which ones don’t.


A majority of the time, these thoughts can change your life for the better. Think of them as downloads from Mother Nature, like lessons from the universe or answers to prayers you may not even have known you had questions about. If you are going on a trip with a close friend, you will also observe how your conversations may shift from shallow to extremely deep, pondering and tossing ideas back and forth with someone you trust can expand the mind to heights you didn’t know were possible.


Visit a Museum


Visiting a museum is recommended for seasoned shroom trippers or those taking microdoses. Keep in mind that it isn’t advisable to do so if you are taking a large dose because this can cause your body to get extremely heavy and you may be hallucinating too hard to appreciate this trip.


That said, going to a museum while on shrooms can be a wonderful experience. An art museum in particular, can broaden your mind while bringing textures and images to life right in front of you. The mushrooms will enable you to see artworks with a brand-new dimension, and make it a cerebral experience unlike any other.


A natural history museum or a botanical garden can be just as fun! Just avoid going to museums that have dark themes because this can freak you out.




These are just some of the many unforgettable activities you can do while on magic mushrooms. Just be sure to curate your set and setting to be safe as well as enjoyable for you. Magic mushrooms lets you see the world with a new lens, and make it even more beautiful if you let it!





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