germinate cannbais seeds
germinate cannbais seeds

How Do You Germinate Cannabis Seeds Properly?

What is the best way to germinate cannabis seeds so they grow into great buds?

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christalcann on Tuesday Jul 26, 2022

germinate seeds for cannabis growing

How To Germinate Cannabis Seeds


With an increasing rise in home growing cannabis cultivation, anyone from casual smokers to full blown stoners now have easy access to all the tools and resources necessary for a successful harvest. Anyone that has the time, space and patience to grow their own dried herb will reap a ton of reward at the end of the tunnel filled with beautiful dank nugs for personal consumption! One of the most essential parts of the cultivation process is working with the best cannabis seeds, which will ensure a proper harvest time and time again. Germination is the other part of the cultivation journey that matters most because if the germination phase is done incorrectly it can pretty much guarantee a crop failure. Here’s what you need to know on how to germinate cannabis seeds successfully and get your green thumb (and buds) thriving.


Types of cannabis seeds

There are different types of cannabis seeds that exist and will make a difference in the cultivation process. There are generally three different types of cannabis seeds: regular cannabis seeds, feminized cannabis seeds, and autoflower cannabis seeds. Regular cannabis seeds occur naturally through a male and female plant that come together to create cannabis seeds organically, while feminized seeds only grow female plants, otherwise known as cloning. Autoflower cannabis seeds are especially popular amongst beginner growers because this type of seedling is often more forgiving than the other types of cannabis seeds in needing a certain amount of light to grow and flower properly. Autoflower cannabis seeds are easy to handle and will grow and flower regardless if its surroundings are ready, so before purchasing be aware of the type of cannabis seeds being bought to avoid any misconception about its capabilities and how to handle them.


Germinating cannabis seed step by step guide

The process of germinating cannabis seeds is also referred to as popping, where a seed sprouts and is the first step necessary to cannabis cultivation. While there are other methods for germinating seeds, the easiest and most common approach is the paper towel method. Here are some items you will need before you begin to germinate cannabis seeds:


  • Paper towels

  • Two plates or a long container with a lid

  • Cannabis seeds

  • Distilled water


Step 1: Prepare paper towels

Using the paper towels, take the distilled water and soak as many paper towels as needed for the amount of cannabis seeds that will be germinated. While the paper towels should be soaked and obviously wet, it should not be dripping with excess water so finding a happy medium when carrying out this step is important to properly set the environment before cannabis seeds are added.


Step 2: Add cannabis seeds

Taking at least two soaked paper towels, place cannabis seeds on one plate or inside of the long container. The container should be long because each cannabis seed should be placed at least an inch apart. Once the cannabis seeds are added, cover them with the remaining soaked paper towels.


Step 3: Place in dark and warm space

Using the other plate or lid of the container, place over the paper towels and transfer to a dark space. If using a container, the lid should not be closed tightly but rather placed loosely on top to create a dome-like atmosphere. The space should be warm, between 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit to encourage sprouting.


Step 4: Waiting time

Some cannabis seeds can germinate fairly quickly, within three to ten days for some and as long as three to four weeks for others. A seed is considered germinated when the seed has split and a sprout appears. Seeing the main stem of the plant is a successful sign of germination and can begin the transplant stages to soil!


Germination takeaways

Germinating cannabis seeds can literally make or break a home growing experience, so executing this step correctly will make a huge difference in yield times and harvest results later on. Remembering to take your time and preparing the environment for cannabis seed growth can result in a lot healthier plants, so if you prefer another method like the glass of water approach then go for it! If you are new to cannabis cultivation and do not trust in your green thumb abilities just yet, try some high quality cannabis seeds from EF420 and choose between indica, sativa, and hybrid feminized or autoflower selections.





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