vaped weed to cannabis oil
vaped weed to cannabis oil

How Do You Take Your Vaped Weed and Transform It into Cannabis Oil

How do you you take your vaped weed left overs and make cannabis oil?

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Joseph Billions on Monday Apr 26, 2021

How To Transform Vaped Weed into Cannabis Oil

vaped weed to cannabis oil

It's no longer a surprise that already vaped weed can be transformed in very easy ways into cannabis oil. However, few people know how to carry out the processes.

After vaping on a batch, a user's first instinct is to throw out the withered and brown-colored residue left in the vaporizer's chamber. Whereas, that withered pot still contains some cannabinoids (unlike when marijuana is smoked, and no residue apart from ash is left).

This article is a comprehensive manual on how to convert vaped weed into cannabis oil. Read on for the several ways to extract the leftover medications in a vaped weed.

Already Vaped Bud

This is a previously used bud that can be found in a dry herb vaporizer. It can be dark or brown and it has been exposed to temperatures less than 190°C.

When an AVB looks almost dark in color, it implies that it has been overheated in the vaporizer, hence most of the medication that ought to be present in it have most likely burned off — making that batch unusable.

Whenever an already vaped bud is smoked, it is less rewarding. The user will experience an extra smoky and rough effect that will most likely leave the throat extremely dry and sore. It is not advisable to smoke this.

Uses of Vaped Weed

Vaped weed can be used to create several by-products of cannabis. In order not to waste the left-over cannabinoid present, it is commonly used either to create cannabis oil, or it can be infused into edibles. It is less commonly used as capsules and cannabis butter.


What makes these vaped buds perfect to use for this product is that it has been decarboxylated—  the process of heating fresh buds of weed to eliminate the additional carboxyl rings present in them.

Also, they hardly alter the flavor and aroma of the edibles or oil; this is because their strong flavors and terpene characteristics have been vaporized off.

Hence, these dry buds can often not be detected in whatever product you use them for.

Vaped Weed and Cannabis Oil

The Vaped weed has lost the majority of its components if used alone, which is why it is always advisable to squeeze out the leftover potent constituents and make them concentrated.

People find it hard to believe that already called buds were used to produce cannabis oil because the final concentrated product is also as effective as though it was made with fresh buds of weed.

Now, to the main reason why you're reading this article.

Transforming Vaped Weed Into Cannabis Oil

There are three methods for this infusion. They can be carried out with the use of;

An extraction machine,

A slow cooker,

 A Stovetop.

Since it is not possible to glean these cannabis compounds without an oil solvent, a preferred oil that will serve as the primary solvent has to be provided. This carrier oil is going to be responsible for absorbing the dissolved cannabis compounds.

The commonly used carrier oils include;

Grape seed oil

Almond oil

Coconut oil

Avocado oil

MCT oil

If you don't fancy any of these oils, there are several others to pick from.

The Required Equipment and Ingredients     

  1. Already Vaped Buds (AVB)
  2. An oven and a stove
  3. Strainer with an even mesh or a cheesecloth
  4. A Dutch oven, oil extort machine or pressure cooker
  5. Carrier oil
  6. Measuring cup

The method selected determines which of this equipment will be used.

Using an Extraction Machine

This is an advanced method of withdrawing the canna-compounds into the oil. There are extracting machines that run automatically(with electricity) and those that run manually(with manpower). Any of the two is a good option, it all depends on which can be afforded as the electrical extractor costs more than the manual extractor.


The downside to these machines is that they cannot be used for large-scale production; they are only efficient for low capacity quantities. While the primary advantage why people find the machine appealing is the purity and safety of the produced cannabis oil. Also, the waiting time is short.

The process

Add all the ingredients into the machine and let it run for an hour at least.

You could also choose to follow the instructions that came with the machine.

Using a Slow Cooker

All kitchens have a slow cooker, so this is a pretty easy and inexpensive method of gleaning out the cannabis ingredients from the vaped weed.

The process

  1. Mix the selected oil and the vaped weed into a pan on the slow cooker.
  2. Apply minimum heat and let it simmer for at least 4 hours, but no more than 8 hours. This gives the oil more to absorb the cannabinoids from the vaped buds.
  3. With the use of your strainer or cheesecloth, sieve your mixture to separate the Vaped buds from the cannabis oil.

Using a Stovetop

This is used when there is no slow cooker or extraction machine. In this case, a Dutch oven will be used. The process is more or less like using a slow cooker, the only difference is that water is added at intervals to prevent the mixture from drying up and getting burnt.

The process

  1. Using a glass jar, add both ingredients and mix thoroughly.
  2. Carefully place the jar into the oven with 2-3 cups of water added. Boil under low flame.
  3. Lower the heat at intervals and add more water when necessary.
  4. Sieve the mixture to separate the AVB from the cannabis oil.

The downside of this method is that when done inside the home, it gives the home an entire odor of weed.

Preservation Of The End-product

Cannabis oil can be stored in a dark, cool, and dry spot like a cupboard or a refrigerator.

An important piece of information to note is that cannabis oil must not be exposed for a long time to light, heat, and air. Or else its quality and potency may be reduced. With a refrigerator, you have a higher chance of controlling the temperature.

That's it!

There you have it, the three ways you can repurpose already vaped weed into cannabis oil. I hope this article was informative and helpful.

Have fun following the instructions in this article to produce your cannabis oil.








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