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Cannamilk : What To Do With All Your Vaped Weed

What Do You Do With Vaporized Weed? Cannamilk!

Posted by:
Oaktree on Wednesday Mar 23, 2016
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What to do with vaporized weed?


How To Make CannaMilk From All Your Vaped Weed from CannabisNet on Vimeo.


If you’re like me, you vaporize your weed for the most part. This doesn’t mean I don’t smoke bowls, blunts, or even my trusty bong “The T.A.R.D.I.S” every now and then. However since I purchased my PAX, I have been vaping more consistently than any other method. 


The reasons I prefer vaping to smoking weed include the fact that you can stretch your stash further and there is no smoke. This means my lungs appreciate it more and I don’t wreak of weed after every session. If your average pipe gives you between four to five hits per bowl, my PAX can easily give me between 15-20 hits before the weed is depleted. 



Since I started vaping, my consumption also declined. I need less weed to get me where I want to be and in the long run it saves me money. Nonetheless, if you vape as much as I do you should have a bunch of vaped weed lying around. Some people simply toss the vaped weed but I’m here to tell you to keep that in a jar because it still serves a purpose. 



Getting high off vaped weed



Smoking vaped weed won’t really get you high. I sometimes smoke it when I have no weed on hand in a joint, however the most it does for me is mellow me out a bit. By a “bit”, I’m mean hardly. You can feel something, but it’s so low key that it really can’t be classified as a “high”. 



However, I spoke to a grower friend of mine who also vapes a lot. He suggested that I create “cannabis milk”. He told me that it could get you incredibly high, almost just like eating weed. At first, I thought that there could be no possible way that vaped weed in milk could get me high. Then I tried it. 



Similar to edibles, the effect is prolonged and takes a bit longer to hit. Another friend of mine drank it and was high for six hours. For me it wasn’t as long but I could definitely feel the effect of the Cannamilk. 



Cannabis concoctions is nothing new. Back in the day Bhang was a very popular drink to get totally zonked. However, Bhang was a mix of cannabis and opium so it’s really not the same thing. Nonetheless, drinking this cannabis infused milk will definitely work to get you buzzed. 



I also recommend drinking it at nighttime or when you have a clear schedule as it can hit you pretty hard at times. 






How do I make Cannabis Infused Milk?



This process is actually quite simple. You just need the right milk and about fifteen minutes. Get milk with high levels of fat. They sell this brand close by my house that is a thick fatty milk that’s got added vegetable fats and what not. That works perfectly for the Cannamilk. 



You simply need to look for the most “fatty” milk you can find. No “light milk” please. The reason you want the fat is because cannabis is lipid based. Meaning that the active ingredients binds to the lipids in the milk. That allows you to separate the compounds from the plant matter. 



You’ll have to take a decent amount of vaped weed and to be honest I don’t have the exact measurements as well. I typically eyeball the milk and go by my gut feeling. I have to caution to stay on the “lighter side” as too much could send you into the “nether sphere” for a while. 



Essentially, you will boil the milk and the vaped weed in a pot. Keep it on the lowest heat possible. You don’t want to burn the milk either. Make sure to stir the concoction consistently for about fifteen minutes. Once the concoction is ready turn off the stove and strain the plant matter from the milk. 



Add honey or other sweeteners to make the taste a bit more bearable. It’s not a horrific taste, but adding something sweet definitely helps it go down a lot smoother. I am still going to test this method with some chocolate or coco to turn it into a cannabis infused hot chocolate delight or some cannacoco to send me off to “sleeps-ville”.



I found this to be a very effective way for me to go to sleep. I typically lean more to the insomniac side of life and cannabis is one of the few substances to help me catch some Zs. I find that edibles or cannabis infused milk works the best. When I toke up late at night, my mind typically goes into hyper drive and I lay awake all night. However one glass of my Cannamilk and my eyelids start feeling like lead. 



The Sticky bottom line



Anyhow, now you have another thing to try. Cannabis is a versatile plant that can be consumed many ways. Now your vaped weed no longer needs to be tossed aside, you can recycle and get high in a totally different way. You’re welcome!









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