how to combine LST and HST
how to combine LST and HST

How to Combine LST and HST for Bigger Cannabis Plant Yields

How to combine Low-Stress Training and High-Stress Training for better marijuana crop yields

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Joseph Billions on Monday May 25, 2020

How to Combine LST and HST for Bigger Yields?

combine hst and lst training for cannabis plants

No matter the size of your garden, small or big, outdoor or indoor, training your cannabis plants is a sure ritual that will greatly increase the quality and yield of your cannabis plant. The training is meant to change the chemical balances in the plants to produce better results. A cannabis plant's maturation is dictated by a plant hormone called auxin. Auxin is concentrated at the top of the plant, which causes the plant to focus its growth upwards through the main stem. Training methods are used to reduce the concentrated upward development and encourage the growth of level cover.

What is the most suitable way to train cannabis for enhanced performance? Well, there is no singular preferred training technique. But there are two major methods to train cannabis plants, namely Low-stress training (LST) and High-stress training (HST).


Low-Stress Training (LST)

Low-Stress Training or LST is the routine of carefully bending stems and tying them firmly to change the plant's shape. Studies show that this helps in creating many bud sites, and assist with the use of light more efficiently. Using LST can multiply cannabis yields without changing your setup, and can be used to grow cannabis plants in any size or shape. LST allows you to produce plants that grow in the form and size you desire thus making it possible for growers (indoor growers especially) to get a much bigger increase from the same grow lights. LST needs more time and effort, but will greatly enhance the yields gotten from your cannabis grow operation. It is a common training method for indoor plants.


High-Stress Training (HST)

High-stress training (HST) also known as super cropping, is a method where the plant is deliberately wounded to achieve several potential benefits. HST is done by bending a flexible stem until it is perpendicular to the plant. Studies show that the application of this method can lead to an increase in cannabinoid (THC, CBD) levels present in the plant, increase their overall yield, etc. To derive the most results from HST, it's highly advisable that the process is conducted with healthy plants; weak or sick plants may not be able to endure the stress. HST should be done before the vegetative stage for best results and it is much more useful for large outdoor gardens and require less time and materials.


Combining LST & HST For Bigger Yields

Every grower wants a bountiful harvest, and one of the surest ways to achieve this is using the combination of the Low-Stress Training (LST) and High-Stress Training (HST) on the cannabis plant. If using just one of these techniques can guarantee a maximum result, then why won't you try using both methods. You can apply the process of the HST for all your outdoor plants and immerse your indoor plants with the LST technique. What it will do is assure you a bumper harvest at the end. It is important to note that If you are planning to apply these methods to your plants, vegetative growth will be increased for about a  month. And it is advisable to skip training methods during the flowering stage.


Advantages of Combining LST and HST Methods

Of all the potential benefits that the combination of these methods offers, perhaps the most alluring is a bumper harvest. By manipulating the growth of your plant, it is possible to facilitate the creation of new bud sites and maximize the final result. There is a possibility of yielding almost 10x the normal harvest if the training method is followed diligently. Another benefit of combining techniques is that you will have significant control over the size of your plant. Combining techniques is one quality way to practice and enhance your growing skill.


Disadvantages of Combining LST and HST Methods.

If applied inappropriately, these methods can cause stunted growth, turn plants into androgyne, or possibly kill them. Cannabis plants require a long period of vegetative growth before they are ready to flower and then harvested. This means a devoted amount of your time and of course, the cost of electric bills and water will increase, not forgetting the number of nutrients used.


Considerations before using growing techniques on plants

It is advisable to start your growing procedure by picking seedbanks with high-quality genetics, you don't want to deal with the disappointment of a bad plant. Also, it's highly advisable that when trimming, defoliating, topping, etc you should clean the trimming scissors before and after use with an antibacterial solution. This is to reduce the risk of fungal contamination. Always use a pair of professional scissors. You should keep track of your combination of methods and recovery time to find the perfect method that works for your plants.









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