How do you set up a cannabis grow tent
How do you set up a cannabis grow tent

How to Set Up a Grow Tent for Cannabis Plants

How do you set up a grow tent for your cannabis plants?

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HighChi on Thursday Oct 15, 2020

How To Set Up A Grow Tent For Cannabis Plants

how to set up a grow tent

When it comes to cannabis indoor gardening, installing a grow tent is one of the best choices you can make. The growing process is a lot easier with a grow tent because it allows you to control the environmental conditions. If you're growing cannabis, and are looking for tips on how to properly install a grow tent, this article is for you.


This guide will provide you with the answers that you've been seeking on how to properly set up a grow tent. It’ll also show you how to properly protect your plants from adverse weather conditions so you can enjoy your buds as much as possible, for years to come.


What Is a Grow Tent?


A grow tent can be used for many different purposes including seedling and transplants, indoor gardening of flowers, and just about any other crop that needs a controlled environment. Make your growing experience more productive by investing in a high-quality grow tent.


There are several benefits to using a grow tent in your indoor gardening, including the following:


Offers A Level Of Control Over The Environment: It means you can control the amount of light, moisture, air and humidity needed by your cannabis plants. Also, you’ll be able to provide the amount of nutrients made available to your plants.


Portable: There are two different types of cannabis grow tents that are available to buy. You can use one that’ll hang from the ceiling or one which can be erected and moved from room to room. Most people prefer to purchase a grow tent that is fixed since they don’t like the prospect of constantly moving their grow tents.


Stealth Cannabis Growing: With grow tents, you can control the odor that comes out from the grow area for stealth indoor marijuana cultivation, protecting your plants from your nosy neighbors.


Take Important Things Into Consideration


Indoor cannabis growing is made a lot easier using grow tents. When setting up your grow tent for your cannabis plants, there are a few things that you should look for and pay close attention to.


Here's a few of them:


Decide On Placement: The first thing that you want to do before setting up your grow tent is to decide where it will be situated. 


Ensure Proper Protection: Make sure that the bottom of the tent is well protected from any moisture. This will prevent mold and mildew from growing on them. If you think that you might get a mildew outbreak, make sure to take care of it right away because it can spread and cause serious problems.


Choose the Type of Cannabis Plant You’re Going To Grow: The type of marijuana you’re growing will determine which type of grow tent you’re going to need to set up.


Size: If you’re wanting to grow tall and robust cannabis plants, you may want to consider using a larger grow tent that will allow more light to enter the room. You can use a small grow tent for growing smaller marijuana strains.


Clear Space And Put Together The Grow Tent


Before you even get started assembling the tent, make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions. Clean up the space you’ll be building your grow tent. Make sure to build a grow tent on its desired location because building it on another area and bringing it inside may not fit the assembled grow tent through the doorway.

cannabis plants set up in a grow tent

Hang Grow Lights


There are different grow light options available today, so you have to compare them depending on the light requirements of your cannabis plants. Hang grow tent lights using durable rope ratchets.


Here are the advantages of hanging grow lights using rope rachets:


Rope rachets are easily set up and relatively cheap.


Rope ratchets make your grow light adjustable without dealing with the risk of dropping them on your plants.


You can quickly put the grow lights up or down to have a better access when going to the rear part of your grow tent.


Hang An Exhaust Fan


Make an efficient exhaust system by hanging an exhaust fan in your grow tent. This will reduce the sound produced by a running fan. It’ll also promote maximum airflow inside the grow tent.


Check the following tips when hanging an exhaust fan in the grow tent:


Use rope ratchets or a strong nylon rope to hang the exhaust fan. Hang it from the bars located on top of the tent to reduce noise and vibration.


Connecting the exhaust fan to the hood of a grow light is a good idea for ultra-efficient cooling. It’ll eliminate hot air out a window to prevent heat from beaming down onto your cannabis plants.


For the best results, allow fresh air to get in by ensuring you buy a grow tent with removable vents located near the bottom of the tent. You can create a small “window” or a light trap to let air through without leaking light.


Connect Carbon Filter  


A strong odor released by cannabis plants reflect its tetrahydrocannabinol or THC composition or potency, which is a good thing. However, the skunk smell can also jeopardize your cannabis indoor growing operation.


Carbon filters help get rid of skunk smell to provide you peace of mind for discreet cannabis indoor growing. You can hang a carbon filter using strong rope ratchets for easier adjustment later on. Make sure that there’s an air-tight pathway from the grow tent’s carbon filter going to the fan to prevent cannabis smells from escaping the grow tent.


Test Your Grow Tent


Before growing recreational or medicinal marijuana plants, make sure to test your grow tent first. Make sure no skunk odor or light will be emitted.


Here are some inspection tips before using the grow tent:


Make sure that the sides of the cannabis grow tent slightly bow inward when the fan is turned on to create negative atmospheric pressure, preventing smells from leaking.


Ensure a strong seal of the exhaust fan, grow tent parameter, and the carbon filter. It’ll ensure that any air leaving the grow tent first passes in the carbon filter to completely scrub any smells.


Check around the house to observe if you can hear anything when your grow tent equipment is turned on. Listen very carefully because a rattle or a constant hum can be suspicious.


Go outside at night and walk around your house to observe if there’s any noticeable light or sound from outside.




By following the steps and tips mentioned above, you can easily set up a grow tent for your cannabis plants. Make sure to choose a high-quality grow tent when purchasing one online or in physical stores. By providing all the essential grow tent elements to your cannabis plants, you can expect to reap rewarding yields and potent buds.



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