cannabis for weight loss
cannabis for weight loss

Weed Weight Loss - What Role Does Cannabis Play in Losing Weight? (Dosage, Stories, Studies)

How does cannabis help you lose weight?

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christalcann on Tuesday Sep 17, 2019

Weed Weight Loss - What Role Does Cannabis Play in Losing Weight? (Dosage, Stories, Studies)

cannabis weight loss

What role does cannabis play in weight loss? dosage, stories & scientific studies

Weight loss is a topic that strikes a chord with a lot of people. In the world we live in today there is an endless list of treatments, DIY procedures, diets, etc that claim to be the long-awaited solution to obesity. While some yields good results, a good amount of the so-called solution are a hoax.

Have you tried out several 'cures' to weight loss but haven't seen any results? You're in luck! Because this article is targeted at those who've found it difficult to get rid of unwanted fat. Read on! You won't be disappointed.


If you want to lose weight, switch to greens

It's a common saying that if you want to lose weight, switch to greens. Sadly, a lot of people are ignorant of the right greens to incorporate into their diets to get their best shape. If you fall into this category, I introduce to you CBD oil. This miracle oil derived from the cannabis Sativa plant is as effective as it gets when it comes to shedding unwanted fat without lifting a single piece of metal.

Several scientific studies have been conducted to help people better understand weight loss and how to efficiently go about it. The latest researches conducted on weight loss have shown that CBD oil is an efficient agent for weight loss. I know what you're thinking, CBD? At a glance, the association between CBD and weight loss sounds confusing because CBD is widely known to increase appetite but what most are oblivious to is that while CBD might increase appetite it also reduces the waist and significantly lowers the body's BMI (Body Mass Index). I'll digress for a bit to briefly summarize what 'body mass index' is for those who aren't familiar with the term. BMI is an indication of the nutritional status of adults. It was once referred to as the Quetelet index. BMI is defined as weight in kilograms divided by the square of height in meters. The basic BMI ranges depend squarely on the influence of body fat on diseases and death. In layman terms, BMI is a term developed basically to serve as an indicator of disease; the higher a person's BMI the higher the risk of some diseases like high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, cancers, diabetes, and even death. Now that we're all caught up on what BMI is and its crucial role to a healthy system let's dive into what CBD oil is and its specific mechanism that helps to reduce body mass index.


A closer look at CBD Oil

CBD oil is an extract of the cannabis Sativa plant. It is extracted from its source by the critical extraction process. The origin of CBD oil as a weight loss agent started when it was discovered that the cannabis Sativa plant extract has an effect on metabolism through (fat browning). CBD oil has an effect on the endocannabinoid system which results in a regulation of the body's calorie and energy levels alongside fat and carbohydrates metabolism. The cannabinoid receptors located in the body system are the primary sites of interaction of CBD oil.


Scientific studies conducted on the effects of CBD on weight loss

Several studies have been conducted to determine the effects of CBD on weight loss. One such study highlighted in the scientific journal molecular and cellular biochemistry fully talked about the influence of CBD consumption on preadipocytes or immature fat cells. The key takeaways from the study are:

On consumption, CBD oil actively stimulates proteins thus aiding their breakdown.

CBD oil plays a significant role in the body's oxidation of fat.

On a cellular level, CBD oil has a positive impact on the activity and number of mitochondria, a key component of living cells which helps in burning excess fat and calories.

CBD oil reduces protein expression thus reducing lipogenesis (production of fat cells).

CBD oil undergoes a key process known as the 'fat browning process'. This process is the primary mechanism through which CBD helps in reducing body weight. The fat browning process basically involves the conversion of fatty tissues or white adipose into brown adipose tissues. The white tissues are energy-storing tissues whereas the brown ones are fat and energy-burning tissues.

CBD oil helps in enhancing the body's glucose tolerance.

CBD oil plays a role in improving the body's toxin release system which is crucial to organ health, burning excess fats, and eliminating the body's need to store fats in high quantities.


3 key mechanisms CBD oil uses to eliminate excess fat

The effects of CBD oil on weight loss can be summarized in three key points, they are:

CBD Enhanced Fat Breakdown - Studies conducted on this show that CBD oil actively stimulates genes that are associated with the oxidation of fats, escalation of mitochondria activity and reduction of lipogenesis (fat production). Hence, CBD oil tackles your weight problems at a cellular level, gene level and at the very source, lipogenesis. This special gift from God might just be the answers to getting rid of those stubborn fats that working out just doesn't eliminate.

Blood sugar management - The deadly relationship between diabetes and obesity is something most people are ignorant of. Obesity and diabetes both trigger insulin resistance in the body which in turn leads to a higher rate of fat absorption in the body. Fret not! The good news is CBD oil also plays a significant role in managing the body's sugar level. Excessive sugar intake is no joke; as sugar craving is the cousin of cocaine addiction. Although extensive studies are still being conducted on the influence of CBD oil on blood sugar, preliminary studies show that CBD does have an effect on reducing insulin resistance and diabetes.

Elimination of toxins - CBD oil also helps the body by promoting toxin release from the body. This toxin release action of CBD has been shown to aid the body in burning excess fat and eliminating the storage of high lipid content.


What is the most effective dosage of CBD weight loss?

If taken right, the effects of CBD on weight loss can be really spectacular. However, if the healthy regimen isn't followed the reverse might be the case. So to get the results your heart desires it is recommended that you strictly follow the given instructions. A couple of takeaway points for you when it  comes to the right dosage are:

Prior to your commencement of a CBD based regimen, it is absolutely important that you have a clear choice of the form of CBD you want. There are several forms of CBD available, edibles, vape, capsules and so on.

To get the best results, It is also crucial that the appropriate balance is struck between the levels of THC and CBD.

A low to moderate dose is to be started with first (at least thrice daily) so you can know your body's reaction to the product. The effects of the CBD should be taken note of and the dosage adjusted accordingly.

Although CBD has relatively no side effects on the body overdosing on the product is strictly advised against.

Research shows that for weight loss, oral drops via sublingual region gives the best results. A tincture or vaping (for those who prefer smoking) form is also known to give good results due to their fast rate of getting to the bloodstream. These two forms both get absorbed well under five minutes while still maintaining the bioavailability of the CBD oil.

Right about now you're definitely wondering what are the best CBD oils I can take to help me lose weight? And this brings us to the next segment on this spiritual journey to getting your ideal body shape.


What are the best CBD oils for weight loss?

All the knowledge you've amassed so far on the effects of CBD on weight loss so far would all go to waste if you make a mistake of selecting the wrong CBD product. This segment right here is the most important segment in the whole article because this is the action stage. 'What is the point of practicing three-point shots in training if you're going to choke and not take any during the NBA finals game!'. You've practiced your three-point shooting by reading and digesting the technicalities of how CBD can help you get rid of stubborn weight, now it's the 4th quarter of the NBA finals, the stage where you chose the right CBD product to go on this weight loss journey with, don't choke! Take this shot like the winner you are and I guarantee you that at the end of the day you'll be a champion, an ideally weighted man or woman.


The best CBD products available for weight loss are:

CBDHemp oil - This is a very effective product that doesn't just help you lose weight but also helps to relieve pain of different levels, reduce mental health disorders, boost the immune system, improve sleep quality,  reduce sleep disorders and so on.

RSHO 4oz green liquid tincture - This CBD product is as effective as it gets. Made with full-spectrum hemp oil, it contains medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil, vitamins, minerals, terpenes and so on.

Tasty drops - This is a hemp oil tincture produced from a raw hemp extract which is a natural blend of phytonutrients, terpenes, etc. This product is also a very efficient product that will take you a step closer to your goals, given that your goal is an ideal body shape, lol.

ZURI daily CBD drops 1oz - ZURI daily CBD drops is another product that can be taken to achieve good results. It is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream, it improves overall health and wellness and mind you, it also makes a wonderful addition to any drink, be it your coffee, smoothie, tea, etc.

Elixinol weight loss hemp oil - This product is the cornerstone of CBD oil for weight loss, produced from the best-grown cannabis plant fields, Elixinol is THE product to use when it comes to weight loss. Elixinol products include balms, protein powder, oral applicators and so on.


For other badass CBD products check here...


In conclusion

I'm not one of those who advocate CBD as the wonder drug that does all. CBD is a wonderful drug that will have extraordinary effects on your weight. However, you still have to play your part. Don't just expect to sit still and expect all your problems to disappear. CBD is spectacular, but it's not magic. You also have a role to play. Here is where you ask, what is my role in this? Because nothing is too much for me to do if it gets me close to my best shape. Well, I'm glad you asked, lol. Your part in this relatively easy! All you have to do is live right! maintain a healthy lifestyle, proper diet, and a decent exercise routine. All of these alongside a diligent CBD oil routine and unwanted or stubborn fat will be a thing of the past in your life. Mind you, with CBD you also get a host of other health benefits as a bonus!















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