is my cannabis plant healthy
is my cannabis plant healthy

Is My Cannabis Plant Healthy - How Do You Know?

How can you tell if your cannabis plant is healthy?

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Reginald Reefer on Wednesday Jan 22, 2020

How to Know if Your Plant is Healthy

how to tell a healthy cannabis plant

Many have the inspiration to grow a plant at home. For some, it comes easy, but others might have numerous challenges. They say that the plant is called a “weed” plant because it grows under harsh conditions and almost anywhere. But there is a little more to that. If you are a complete novice and don´t really have a green thumb, you could be in for a big surprise. Even experienced growers might sometimes come across some obstacles. The good thing is, we can learn from the experience of others.


Expectations and What Not

Everyone has an idea of how a cannabis plant should look. Some believe the higher it grows, the stronger and better the plant. Some think a fanned out smaller plant is how it has to be. It doesn´t matter how we look at it, some things are vital to know. Stuff like over-watering or under-watering could interfere with the result. Then there is the thing called light to be kept under control. Your plant could be underfed, or the soil is contaminated. There are several factors you need to think of.


Some Problems to Look Out For

The first thing you see of your plant is the leaves. They are the most obvious thing to inspect for problems with the plant. Texture and color can tell a lot. If you are able to read your leaves, you will avoid many problems. The problems could be caused by outside factors like a fungus, or some pests. But the problem could also come from inside the plant. If there is a lack of nutrition, the plant will suffer too.

When you see a discoloring of your leaves, it often has to do with nutrient deficiency. But sometimes it is entirely a different issue. The good news is that there is a solution to almost all the problems. It is just a matter of paying attention.


What are these Problems?


Like with the human body, all plants need nutrition to be healthy too. There are different types of nutrients for the plant. There are mobile nutrients that move freely in the plant. Their main objective is to go to places where there is a lack of nutrition. It is important to look for good cannabis-friendly nutrients, like what you would use for a tomato plant. When you notice that the leaves turn yellow, even after nutrients were added, it might be the pH balance. Immediate actions are required to restore the pH balance. An easy way to adjust pH levels is to use good quality water. If the balance of the water is good, the plant should have no problem.

The soil you use is also very important to grow healthy plants. Most of the problems could be solved by using soil rich in minerals. When the plant is just starting to grow, it is also important to give support if needed. The right size container is also more beneficial because when the container is too big, it costs the plant to work harder to find nutrition.

Then there are also mobile nutrients. When there is a lack of nitrogen, the leaves turn yellow. If a lack of magnesium is the problem, you will only spot it after about 3 – 6 weeks. The veins of the older leaves start turning yellow and later on, more areas will be affected, and the leaves will curl up and die. Potassium is very important for the plant as it transports glucose in the plant. It is also important for cell mitosis, healthy roots, and drinking water. Too little potassium causes dull and brown leaves. The plant is also dehydrated.

When the leaves show dark purple spots, it has not enough phosphorous. It is necessary for the release of energy in the glucose, and also for healthy photosynthesis. Something else called molybdenum is also important to allow two enzymes to convert from nitrate to ammonium. Without enough molybdenum, the older leaves will also turn yellow and discolor at the edges.

It is also important to look into the balance of Copper, Iron, and Sulfur.  Iron is important for the production of chlorophyll. An iron deficiency will also turn leaves yellow. Not too much copper is needed, but without it, the glucose metabolism will be affected, and nitrogen will not be turned into ammonia in the air. Sulfur is necessary for the plant to breathe. It is also vital for the production of oils and terpenes for medicinal value. Then there are zinc, calcium, and manganese to keep in mind.


Outside Factors causing Problems

One of the biggest fears a grower has is the outbreak of a fungus. It is quite easy to create the perfect conditions for fungal infections. Too much variety in humidity could cause a fungal outbreak. Poor circulation and temperature changes also create perfect conditions. Many different kinds of fungi could cause a problem. Then there are also spider mites, fungus gnats, and aphids that could enter at any time.



It doesn´t look easy to grow your own plants. But, don´t be discouraged, everything of value comes with a little effort from our side. Keep on experimenting.








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