micro grow cannabis
micro grow cannabis

Micro Growing - How to Grow Top Quality Cannabis in a Tiny Space

How do you grow great quality weed if you have a very limited space?

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Joseph Billions on Thursday Jun 25, 2020

 Micro Growing – Growing Top Quality Cannabis in Tiny Spaces

micro grow marijuana

With the growing attention that is been placed on the personal cultivation of cannabis, accurate information concerning all the aspects of growing cannabis, the forms of growth that are available, their benefits over each other with respect to what the grower is aiming for and also their peculiarities is more valuable. It is even more paramount that adequate knowledge is made available for beginners and those with less experience in the world of growing cannabis personally.

Cannabis can easily be grown outdoors under particular conditions as well as indoors too. However, we will be looking at a smaller form of cannabis cultivation that requires less space and resources thus making it perfect for beginners seeking adequate experience in the sphere of growing weed. This is Micro growing which generally is a lesser form of indoor growing which involves using lesser space for the growth of weed while expending lesser resources with the aim of producing quality yield.

The growth process of weed has always been known to have a ready effect on the potency of the weed and micro growing as a form of growth involves closely monitoring the growth process as well as conditions of growth in a smaller space such as plastic storage containers, computer cases, cupboards of kitchens and other suitable small containers.

Optimization of conditions such as the strain of cannabis to be grown, the quantity of soil to be used, the amount of light needed, adequacy of air supply as well as water supply, and the growing techniques that are best utilized for appropriate yield are all important for micro growing. A closer look at these factors will help to understand what is required to have the best experience and see the wonders of micro growing weed.


Strain of Choice

For micro growing to produce the best results the strain that will be utilized is very important. The intended grower has to decide between the use of Sativa which is known to produce higher and slender plants, Indica which are known to produce short and bushy plants or any other strain available. With apparent consideration being on the height of the plant, it is easily seen that Indica due to its short and bushy nature is better for micro growing seeing as there is a restriction on the permissible height of the plant with respect to the size of the container.  Autoflowering strains however have been proven to be best for micro growing seeing as they are smaller than Indica and are not entirely dependent on a strict light regimen.


 Soil Quantity 

Since the height of the eventual plant is of the utmost importance, then proper consideration must be given to the quantity of the soil available in the container. The amount of soil present in the container for micro goring is very important seeing as it has a great impact on the size of the plant produced also as the quantity of the soil plays a great part in determining the amount of water and fertilizer needed for appropriate germination of the cannabis plant. Reduction in the volume of the soil gives a proportional reduction in the expected height if the yield and likewise increase show an increase in the height of the plant as well. In micro growing, a 2-3ltrs volume of soil should produce a plant of about 24cm height and an increase to 5ltrs should correspond with an increase in the height of the plant to 60cm.



The source and amount of light play a very important role in the growth of the plant as well as in the level of quality. Lamps are proper sources of light that can be properly made use of for the purpose of micro growing. Fluorescent tubes and CFLs offer a good output of light and less heat. The amount of heat produced by the light source must be carefully considered when choosing light source as excess heat is known to dry off plants and in turn affect growth. HPS and HPI are also known to have a good output of light. Cost is the major turn off for LED bulbs which have a wide spectrum of light and produce no heat.


Air and Water Supply

The fact that micro growing is done indoors makes the quality of air being supplied a very important factor that must be carefully considered. The ventilation being afforded to the container must be able to ensure proper circulation of CO2 rich air. It must also be ensured that the heated hot air present is properly vented out and fresh cool air used to replace it so as to ensure optimum condition for growth at all times.

Seeing as the produce from the micro growing containers are short and bushy, providing water to ensure the health of the plant is maintained must be carefully done. In order to ensure the water is properly circulated a system that will allow for the plants to be watered through the sides to ensure adequate water reaches the bottom can be adopted.


Alongside the conditions and factors being considered to ensure that micro growing is optimal, there are still different growing techniques that are pivotal to ensuring that the plant is trained to remain small and prone to increase in width and not necessarily height. One such technique is topping which involves cutting off the tops of the plant to drive the growth more towards the production of secondary branches, therefore, making it bushier and best for micro growing. Another technique is the use of the screen of green which involves introducing a screen between the source of light and the container to promote horizontal growth. Low-stress training is also a technique that involves pinning the branches of the plant to the soil to promote sideways growth and give a bushier yield.


Micro growing of weed is a sure way to set growing beginners on the right path with the increasingly high culture of homegrown weed that is gradually gaining more popularity.










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