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safe vaping

Safe to Vape - A Guide to Safe Vaping Habits

Vaping bans are being lifted, so where do you start now?

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Safe to Vape - Your Guide to Safe Vaping

safe to vape

If you’re thinking of getting into vaping, it’s important to know more about it so you can make informed decisions when purchasing. There are tons of different types of vaping devices, as well as styles to choose from and each creates a different experience. Whether you’re turning to vaping to quit smoking, or just want to try because you’re curious, here are the four steps you need to follow to get into vaping like a pro.


1. Choose a style to suit you

There are tons of different styles of vaping, with each giving you a different feeling and experience. If you’ve never used a vape before, or been around someone who has, you should think about what you want to get out of it. Here are some examples:


  • Get your nicotine cravings satisfied through alternative means

  • Love having multiple senses hit at once with flavor, scent, and feeling of the vape

  • Enjoy making big clouds, blowing rings and other shapes

  • Use for stress relief or fun, like smoking a flavored cigar with friends


Think about which of these appeals to you — you might find that more than one of them does! Vaping can be very versatile, depending on what kit you choose.


2. Pick your device

Once you’ve decided what you want to get out of a vape, it’s time to pick a device that is best suited for the job.


  • Nicotine craving — needs a heating coil or wick, high resistance, use vape juice with high level of  nicotine

  • Sensory hit — you can be more flexible with devices that suit your aesthetics and budget

  • Blowing clouds — low resistance in the coil or wick, larger devices with power needed to produce bigger clouds

  • Fun or stress relief — pick something smaller to take with you to social outings


If you’re not sure which to get, you can look at a vape starter kit that fits one of the categories mentioned above. You can always ask people at a vape shop what kit will give you the experience you want.


3. Try various vape juice flavors

Vape juice has a few different names depending on where you go to buy it. It can also be called e-juice, juice and other names. They all refer to the same thing — a liquid that contains nicotine and different flavors that you put in the vape device to create vapor and clouds.


There are a massive variety of vape juices to choose from. In general, you can get them with different levels of nicotine and then in different flavors. If you’re a beginner, it’s a good idea to start with something that has a lower nicotine level until you’re used to it.


Go to a store that sells different flavors and try some out! You may be able to try some samples, or get smaller amounts to try different varieties. Once you try a bunch you can narrow down what you like and what you don’t.


4. Stock up on parts

Depending on how much you use your new vape, there are two parts you will need to replace at least semi-regularly. The first is the batteries, which larger devices can go through very fast to power the greater heat production.


The other is the heat coils themselves. They are the heating element inside the tank of your device that heats the vape juice to produce vapor. They wear out about once a week with an average amount of use. You’ll notice if they start to wear out because it makes the vapor taste more bitter than usual.


It’s a good idea to stock up when you get started. The last thing you want is to start getting into it, only to run out of batteries or coils right off the bat.


5. Learn proper maintenance

The last thing you want is your vape to break just as you’re starting to get into a rhythm with it because you didn’t take care of it. There are a few things you can do regularly to make sure every part of it works at their best:


  • Shake your e-juice container before using it to make sure the liquid is properly mixed and tastes great

  • Clean the e-tank once a week by emptying it, rinsing it under hot water, and letting it air dry

  • Change the heat coils once a week before they wear out and ruin the taste of your vapor

  • Check the battery connections before using it to make sure there are no issues, such as debris covering it

  • Change or recharge the batteries regularly so your vape has enough power to work properly


After that, you’re all set! You can find some good tips for beginners on how to use a vape properly to get the most out of it.



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