cannabis coconut oil tricks
cannabis coconut oil tricks

The Secret Trick To Improving Taste and Potency In Cannabis Coconut Oil

Improve Potency of Cannabis Coconut Oil With Essential Oils

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DanaSmith on Wednesday Apr 26, 2017

Improve Potency of Cannabis Coconut Oil With Essential Oils

cannabis coconut oil recipe

If you haven’t started making your own cannabis coconut oil, you should have done so like, yesterday. Cannabis is a potent medicine in its own right, but mixing it with other strong natural medicines like coconut oil may just be a game changer in the wellness industry because its efficacy and the sheer nutrition found in it is simply unparalleled.

Here’s a recipe for cannabis coconut oil. While this is a powerful natural remedy, not everyone enjoys the taste or smell of coconuts even if you’re just using it topically. But you can still enjoy the health benefits of this concoction by flavoring it using another potent natural remedy: essential oils.


Benefits of Essential Oils

When it comes to essential oils, keep in mind that not all are created equal. There are hundreds, even thousands of manufacturers that follow poor formulation and dilution practices. Many aren’t pure and even contain chemicals; there isn’t a regulating body for essential oils although two global brands stand out the most in terms of quality and consistency. These are Doterra and Young Living. The remarkable health benefits of essential oils can only be obtained when you use pure and top grade oils.

These brands are highly recommended if you are ever going to use essential oils for any reason. Aside from better taste and aroma, why would anyone add essential oils to their cannabis coconut oil?


Essential oils are concentrated, non-water soluble versions of different plants. They are obtained from different parts of the plants including the flowers, roots, and leaves. Essential oils are extremely potent because of the high concentration of phytochemicals. Essential oils are an old remedy that grew in popularity again recently. Again it’s important to mention the differences in quality because there’s a huge spectrum of various essential oils being sold in the market. Doterra and Young Living are more pricey but cheaper oils have already been altered and mixed with other oils. Good quality essential oils are made without chemicals and derived from organic plants.

If you are new to the world of essential oils, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. Essential oils are primarily used for relaxation and aromatherapy, as well as treatment and prevention for numerous conditions (combined with other forms of treatment) including cancer, anxiety, insomnia, depression, and migraines. Lavender, for example, is one of the most famous and versatile varieties of essential oils used for several purposes when inhaled or applied topically including insect bites, insomnia, acne, eczema, and joint pain.

All kinds of essential oils possess different chemical compounds that have impressive benefits and qualities. Aside from their medicinal benefits, most users derive pleasurable sensory experiences from inhaling and applying essential oils because of the restorative nature of these oils. They do wonders to the brain’s chemistry as well as support spiritual wellness and emotional wellbeing.

Try adding 2 drops of your chosen oil and leaving it overnight. Coconut oil is naturally a carrier oil, so it will be effective in diluting essential oils for safe use. Refer to this guide for dosage, dilutions and conversions.


The best tasting oils would come from the citrus family such as orange, grapefruit, or lemon. Cinnamon essential oil also works well, while lavender would make a great-smelling cannabis coconut oil infusion for skin conditions.


Safety Precautions

Experimenting with essential oils is recommended for those who already have experience in both cannabis and essential oils. Not everyone is compatible with essential oils and consuming too much can be harmful. Read up on safety guidelines at Doterra and Young Living before moving forward. Look for only pure, high-quality, therapeutic essential oils that have been steam distilled. Never apply oils directly onto your skin; the high concentration of plant biochemical can cause an irritation.

If you are confused, you can also consult with a professional aromatherapist as well as functional medicine or natural medicine doctors before using essential oils especially if you’ve never used it before.









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