cannabis coconut oil recipe
cannabis coconut oil recipe

How Do You Make Cannabis Coconut Oil and Why Would You?

Try This Cannabis Coconut Oil Recipe For A Powerful Medicine

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Reginald Reefer on Tuesday Apr 18, 2017


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For those who regularly read the stuff I write, I’m all about using powerful medical plants to expand my consciousness, to heal my body as well as my soul. I have written about making cannabis milk, cannabis butter and so forth, but today I’m going to be talking about one of my latest concoctions that have already provided me with plenty of benefit.


I’m going to be showing you a very simple way to make a cannabis infusion with coconut oil as well as talk a bit of the medical benefits of using this extract. I have been using the extraction personally for about a month now and can definitely see the benefits in my own life. I’ll talk a bit about the general benefits as well as some of my personal discoveries.


How to Make Cannabis Infused Oil


To make your very own cannabis infused oil is quite simple. Here’s a quick list of all the things you’ll need to pull this off.



  • Some Good ‘ol bud!
  • Sealable Jar
  • Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Pot with Water
  • Stove
  • Time
  • Cheese cloth


Before we continue with the process, let’s talk about the quality of the bud you’ll want to use for the infusion. If you’re anything like me, you like smoking bud. I typically purchase high end reefer meaning that my cost per gram is typically higher than the average stoner.


So when it comes to actually infusing weed (I’d rather love to smoke), I have this internal battle where I consider buying “shittier weed” for the infusion. However, I’d strongly recommend using your premium stash for the infusion in order to make the “end product” worth it. You’ll see what I’m talking about a little further down the article.


Okay, so let’s jump into actually making your cannabis coconut oil infusion.


STEP 1: Jarring

After you have grinded up your weed (roughly 5 grams for small infusion), you will place it in a sealable glass jar. Now you’ll take the coconut oil and mix it with the weed. In terms of the amount of coconut oil to use, I typically utilize a 1:20 ratio. So for every gram of weed I use I 20 ml of coconut oil. For the 5 grams that would be a total of 100 ml.


I recommend you play around with the recipe yourself and experiment on the potency of the infusion you want.


STEP 2: Boil it

Now that you’ve jarred the weed and oil, it’s time to bring the heat. Place the jar inside a pot with water in it and turn on the stove. You’ll keep it at a medium heat and boil that sucker for a good hour and a half to two hours. No need to stir it, just wait it out. After two hours, you can remove the jar and will see that the coconut oil turned a dark green, everything should be mixed up quite nicely.


STEP 3: Strain it

In this step you’ll take the Cheese Cloth and strain the infusion to remove all plant matter from the mixture. You’ll have to do this before the oil cools down too much and solidifies, so be careful because it’s quite hot.


Strain the mixture through the cheese cloth into another sealable jar and squeeze all excess liquid from the cheese cloth after you strained the mixture.


And that’s all you need to do to make your very own cannabis coconut oil infusion.


Medical Benefits of using your Cannabis Coconut Oil Infusion


Coconut Oil and Cannabis by themselves, are spectacularly healthy medicinal plants. The medical benefits of both have been well documented from anti-bacterial/fungal/viral properties, pain relief, cancer prevention and much more.


Since coconut contains medium-chain fatty acids and cannabinoids are lipid based, meaning they bind to fatty acids, the fusion is a match made in heaven.


This simple technique will provide you with the benefits of both coconut and cannabis, creating a sort of super medicine you can use easily in a wide array of applications.


The medical benefits of coconut include improved digestion, improved immune system, cancer prevention, reduction of inflammation and arthritis, protects the liver, prevents heart disease, helps with skin conditions and much more.


The medical benefits of cannabis include things like, cancer prevention, cancer treatment, asthma, inflammation, pain management, seizure disorders, digestive problems, improved immune system and a whole lot more.


If you understand all the medical “goodness” that is packed in this infusion, you’ll quickly realize that this no longer is “food” but actually a powerful medicine.


How to use your new Cannabis Coconut Oil Infusion properly


There are several ways you can use your infusion. I have experimented with different methods and they all worked pretty well.


One of the ways I like to use the oil is in my tea. It works perfectly with something like Chai tea, that’s a bit creamier. That way it masks the oily taste a bit, however it’s not an unpleasant taste at all. Perhaps use a spoon or two per cup and you’ll have a mildly psychoactive experience perfect for relaxation and sleep.


Another way is to cook with it, replacing it with your standard “oil”. I made my breakfast the other day like that. Fried up some onions in cannabis oil, the eggs, hash browns and so forth. I didn’t get stoned after eating the meal, just got a good dose of cannabinoids with my meal.


Finally, you can use it topically as well. If you have dry skin or any skin related issue, you can apply the oil topically. I did that for a while and could see dramatic results on my own skin after about a week or so. You can even use it for massages, seeing that the epidermis is riddled with cannabinoid receptors.


You now have a powerful and versatile medicine at your disposal, experiment with how you use it and experiment with your infusions.


If you got tips and tricks you’d like to add, why not leave it in the comment section and let’s make a communal recipe.








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