marijuana edibles
marijuana edibles

What Are The Best Marijuana Edibles In The World?

Do you prefer chocolate, or maybe a lollipop, or even some fruit punch?

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Oaktree on Friday Mar 4, 2016

What are the best marijuana edibles in the world and which ones are your personal favorites? We asked the same question and got lots of great responses through social media.   We are in the process of testing all of the suggestions and keeping our minds open to new ones.  Have you tried Snoops new chololate bars, or how about his peanut butter squares.

We went to the #1 ranked edibles dispensary in Colorado, The Giving Tree, and started our task of finding out which products pack a punch and which ones you can leave behind.  We then formulated our list by visiting over 20 more dispensaries and picking their Bud Tender's brains on which where their favorite treats.   

Should we go only medical for one review of the best edibles in the world and leave a top 5 for recreation?  

We answer these questions as well as full reviews of the highest rated edibles you can buy on earth in the next post.

Do you have any idea and favorites you would like to have us review?  Is there a chocolate edible cannabis you prefer or a taffy chew?

Leave your comments below and we will get all your ideas and suggestions about edibles in our next few reviews.




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