how to put out a joint
how to put out a joint

What is the Best Way to Put a Joint Out So You Can Smoke It Later?

Should you wet it, smoosh it, or dip it in something?

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Joseph Billions on Friday Feb 3, 2023

how to put on a joint

Rolling and lighting up a joint is a rite of passage for new smokers. But if you end up rolling one that's too big to finish in one go, don't waste it. Smoke half and save the rest for another time.


Putting out a joint to relight it later is a valuable skill for any cannabis enthusiast. If you snuff it too hard, you risk damaging it beyond repair. If you don't put it out properly, the fire will continue to burn away valuable cannabinoids and terpenes. So, what's the best method for putting out a joint or blunt?


Is It Possible To Save A Partially Smoked Joint?

Yes, if you carefully extinguish it, you can save the remainder for later. However, remember that its flavor may be better upon relighting.


Lighting your joint creates a high-heat interaction between the crushed flower and oxygen, leading to combustion. This process activates and releases the potency of your weed but also generates smoke byproducts, including polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) - pungent, tiny particles of gas.


PAHs are a common byproduct of burning substances, including tobacco, gasoline, and cannabis. The levels of PAHs produced can significantly vary based on the consumption method - dry herb vaping generates fewer PAHs than smoking a joint. Unfortunately, these microscopic molecules are detrimental to our health and have been linked to cancer and inflammation.


The scent of PAHs is naturally trapped within the joint paper and remaining cannabis, altering the aroma and, thus, the joint's taste.


What Happens To The Partially Smoked Cannabis Joint?

As you smoke, a complex chemical reaction takes place within your weed. The cannabinoids experience decarboxylation, transforming THCa and CBDa into THC and CBD. Meanwhile, terpenes and flavonoids undergo transformations or destruction, and all the compounds are vaporized simultaneously.


The chemical processes happen rapidly, so properly stubbing out your joint stops the process and preserves some of the compounds. However, it's not just heat that causes changes in your cannabis - time can also lead to degradation. Leaving a joint, especially a partially smoked one, to sit out can result in a loss of potency. Additionally, a half-smoked joint has already lost much of its moisture, leading to a drier, harsher, and less flavorful smoke when relit.


How To Extinguish A Joint Or Blunt Without Damaging It

Handling the cherry with care is the key to preserving your joint while putting it out. The cherry refers to the lit end of the joint before it transforms into ash and detaches.


There are various ways to put out your joint or blunt without ruining it. A straightforward solution is to suffocate the joint, cutting off the airflow to the cherry. This approach is most effective with a glass doob tube, but sand can also be used. However, be mindful of using plastic doob tubes, as the heat from the joint may cause the plastic to melt.


Other Ways To Temporarily Snuff Out Your Joint Or Blunt:

  1. Stomp it out - gently press the lit tip of the joint against a fireproof, flat surface to extinguish it.

  2. Tap it out - gently tap the joint against an ashtray to dislodge the cherry.

  3. Brush it out - softly brush the cherry against the ashtray until it falls off.

  4. Flip it out - hold the joint between your fingers and flip it to knock out the cherry.

  5. Douse it out - use a small amount of water to put out the cherry but take care not to get the rest of the joint wet.

  6. Trim it out - cut the cherry off with scissors, a cigar cutter, or any sharp blade and store the rest in an airtight container. Once put out, keep the remaining joint in a glass doob tube to preserve its freshness.


How Long Can a Joint or Blunt Retain Its Freshness Once Lit?

The freshness of your joint or blunt begins to fade as soon as you put it out. For the best taste and potency, relight it as quickly as possible. There's a lack of scientific research on this subject, but it's safe to assume that the longer you leave a half-smoked joint sitting out, the more it will lose its moisture and potency. Proper storage is critical to keeping your joint or blunt as fresh as possible.


The secret to maintaining the freshness of your relit joint or blunt lies in proper storage. A glass doob tube is the best solution to preserve its quality, as these airtight containers contain odor. Whether you're taking a break or waiting to finish your smoke, these tubes help to ensure that your joint stays fresh and ready to enjoy.


In the world of cannabis, some purists swear by the sanctity of the plant's natural flavors and frown upon relighting joints. Though the taste may not be as robust as when first ignited, if your primary goal is to rekindle your high or extend your supply, the flavor may be of lesser importance.


The world of cannabis is one of discovery and exploration, filled with nuances and subtleties that make it a fascinating and unique substance. From the moment you light your joint or blunt, a complex dance of chemical reactions takes place, transforming the dry flower into a potent elixir of aroma, flavor, and potency.


The way you put out your joint, store it and relight it all play a role in determining the final experience, and with a bit of care and attention, you can keep your half-smoked joints fresh for days to come. Whether you are a seasoned connoisseur or a curious newcomer, taking the time to understand the basics of cannabis can help you get the most out of every puff and enjoy the rich and complex world of weed to its fullest.





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