pruning marijuana plants
pruning marijuana plants

When Should You Prune Your Cannabis Plants for Maximum Yields?

How and when should you prune your marijuana plants?

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Karhlyle on Tuesday Oct 5, 2021

How and When to Prune Cannabis for Maximum Yield

pruning cannabis plants

The keyword here is "Maximum," and it is every cannabis enthusiast's dream. We all want maximum yields, and to get it, we need to know how and when to prune the plants rightly. Some growers focus solely on the "How," so they learn how to do it and wonder why it didn't work. 

Well, it is not enough to know how to do it; you've got to know the right time to get it done so you don't end up hurting the plant. There are numerous factors to consider and execute when growing your cannabis for abundant yields. 

For instance, there is the aspect of "South-facing sunny" for 8-10 hours. The "dirt" idea utilizes water-retentive soil that also has a balanced combination of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. Another factor to consider is getting the best option for your climate, your customer's taste, and your taste, from culture clones to seeds. 

After figuring out the factors and the dangers of frost, you will have to check with a moon calendar. Then soak or plant the seeds when it is a new moon; as with this method, you will be maximizing the powers of Mother Nature. These are all crucial factors for grooming healthy pot plants. 

But Mother Nature has also given us a simple way of getting healthy yields, and that is correctly pruning your marijuana plants. The pruning process is not complicated; it only requires dedication and utilizing the right tools to make it happen. 


The vegetative stage 

The vegetative stage is the first growth phase for any pant, and this is when the plant has a lot of biological energy and intensity, prompting it to get to a specific size. You can prune your plants in this vegetative stage if you observe that it is well-watered and looks healthy. 

Pruning the right way enables your marijuana plants to enjoy natural growth but be mindful when you start cutting, so you don't hurt the plant. Pruning is an inexpensive way of getting the kind of yield you want. All you need is time to make the cuts, and then you need quality pruning clippers. What can you do with cannabis trim? Find out below!

One week before pruning, please lay off the fertilizer as they cannot handle pruning and excessive fertilization at the same time.


Getting excellent buds 

You may already know that the flowers (buds) are the most vital parts of the plant that will grow exposure to the sun, and airflow is high. With this information, you can start pruning your cannabis plants from the bottom branches. 

Start with the inner parts of every lower branch where the buds may not become large. With this pruning method, you will be informing the plant to focus on the outer buds. If you want to prune because your garden is in a windy area or you don't want people to see your plants, then start by keeping your plants low. Then pinch the tallest stalks with your pruners and continue until you are down below the plant. It is also possible to prune the outer branches. 


Use the right pruners. 

You cannot prune with weak and dirty pruners while expecting maximum yields. Successful pruning is a result of having pruning skills with practical tools. Get pruners that will give you a clean cut while protecting the plant from disease and keep your equipment clean after pruning. 

When pruning off the lower inner part of the leaves, use pruning snips or sharp but safe scissors. The leaves host the photosynthesis process, and it is also where the plant's nutrients thrive. Be mindful of these parts, so you don't take off the leaves and concentrate on the bottom part of the plant. 

You can also leave out the most significant fan leaves; they are the plant's access to fuel needed to keep it growing. Go for the fading yellow leaves and get rid of them. While pruning also ensures that you don't shock the plant. If the plant is shaken, it may go into early flowering, which leads to poor yields. 


Carry out post pruning plant maintenance 

Lastly, you've got to water your garden when the pruning session comes to an end. The water you spray on your plants immediately after pruning will stimulate their growth and prevent shock. The plant's roots will also gain a lot from the nutrients that are released when the plant is watered after pruning. 

At the plant's flowering stage, some growers feed their plant's high prosperous fertilizer and Vitamin B1, which helps the plant rapidly grow. Vitamin B1 also enables the plant to assimilate phosphorous quickly. There are many other natural and organic sources for vitamin B, such as Kelp and plants from the seas. Carefully prune the cannabis plant if you want to experience exponential growth. 

You can gain a lot from your plant with just a little extra care and attention. If you feel overwhelmed with other things you do and the cannabis garden is a priority, get someone to help you do the other things while giving maximum attention to the plant. This pruning business is very crucial for the kind of yields you desire. 

Your cannabis farm is going to be excellent with good yields when you start taking pruning seriously. Remember to get good pruners and keep your growing space clean and protected at all times. 

If you are unsure about pruning when it is your first time trying it, don't put yourself under pressure. Instead, reread this article, then take the time to watch an expert cannabis grower who is also pruning and learn from there. Get back home and replicate all you watched!!


Bottom Line 

If you have never pruned your cannabis pant before, it is time to use all you've learned to make it happen. Even if you grow cannabis just because you like the plant, you will also want to have excellent yields as proof of your successful planting efforts. Get pruning today and bask in the feel of a bountiful cannabis harvest.








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