Whiskey and Weed - What Is Your Favorite Pairing?

Whiskey and Weed - What Is Your Favorite Pairing?

Beer And A Joint Is So 70s, Try Upping Your Game.

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Oaktree on Saturday Jan 30, 2016

Beer and a joint.


Pairing Your Favorite Cannabis Strains With The Right Whiskey from CannabisNet on Vimeo.


It summarizes so much of our past, we cannot say that the combination will ever disappear, but with the evolution of marijuana over the past 10 years, your drinking game should really keep up.  There are over 1,700 stains of cannabis, so lets just say beer can have the first 100 and the Scotch and Whiskey crowd can move in on the rest.



In today's pairing we look at Johnnie Walker Black, a great, higher end Scotch that checks in at 12 years old, with a nice sample of one of our favorite hybrids, Blue Dream.   You can read about Blue Dream in our strain guide and see that we are looking at a hydbrid strain that balances full-body relaxation with gentle cerebral invigoration.  The parents are a nice blueberry indica mixed with a sativa haze.  There is a nice berry aroma that comes with Blue Dream that mixes very well with the Johnnie Walker Black that has warm caramel overtones and a spice aroma. Blue Dream is a popular daytime medicinal hybrid as it helps with depression and body pain.



The Johnnie Walker Black is nice blended Stotch that will give you some burn, a nice light fire on the swallow, but then disapper in the throat before the burn comes into the nose too much.  It hits you hard and short, and then fades away at the proper time, just like Johny Walker Black does as well.   



Suggested pouring is with "two fingers and two cubes".   This means that you fill the glass about two horizontal fingers worth and two ice cubes.   If you can get a whiskey stone or cooling stone for the scotch, even better.  This will give a nice true taste without water diluting the taste.  I recommend a nice healthy sip, let the scotch sit in your mouth as you taste the mixture of flavors, and then swallow.  Take a nice deep breath or two, enjoy the fire in the chest and nose, and then take a nice gentle hit of Blue Dream.   Just a nice deep inhale, hold it as long as you held your scotch in your mouth, and then release it.



Take a break, wait a few minutes and then see how the two blend together.



Leave your favorite alcohol and weed pairings in the comments and we will hit you up or do a review ourselves...



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