Ardbeg and White Russian
Ardbeg and White Russian

Weed and Whiskey Part 2- Lets Get Deep and Smelly

Do you like it dark, earthy, and down right smelly?

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Oaktree on Wednesday Feb 3, 2016

Today we are going to get dark, smelly, and heavy.  This is going to be said about our whiskey and our weed.  We start out with a nice 10 year old Ardbeg scotch.  Ardbeg Ten Years Old is revered by scotch drinkers all over as the peatiest, smokiest, most complex single malt scotch on the market. Some would argue that it does not push the peat over the top, but I disagree; rather they argue, it gives way to the natural sweetness of the malt to produce a whisky that is well balanced.




Typically, most scotches are chill-filtered and then reduced to a strength of about 40% ABV. Ardbeg Ten Years Old, however, is non chill-filtered and has a strength of 46% ABV.  If you have never tried peat based whiskey, you are in for a surprise, and so is your significant other.  The thing with peat based scotch is that, well, it stinks.  There is no nice way to put it, it is an acquired taste as we like to say.  Remember, peat is a very acid, rich soil, usually from vegetable waste or even manure.  I bring up manure, because this is one of the taste you may feel in your mouth as Ardbeg Ten Years Old hits the tongue.

Unlike our first Weed and Whiskey, that used Johnnie Walker Black and Blue Dream, this scotch will hit you the second it hits your lips.  You will feel the peat in your nose, your cheeks, and mouth, and it is a totally different sensation than say Johnnie Walker Black, a smoother, blended scotch.

So for this dark and deep, earthy scotch, we need an deep and dark weed as well, so I am going to go with some White Russian,  which is a cross between AK-47 and White Widow.  The plant, like peat, smells quite strong during its growth and flowering period.  It is a heavy hitter, earthy, and can reach up to 22% THC content.  It has been described as earthy, sweet, and pungent.  Pungent is a good word to describe the Ardbeg and the White Russian. They are both earthy, smelly, and distinctive.  This is not the combo to try if you are looking to go out to the bar and talk to the ladies or guys.  Some readers have said it takes two days of mouth wash and teeth brushing to get the aroma cleaned out, so lovers beware.

Let me know your comments below, and what pairings you would recommend.








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