Cannabis Seeds Show in Spain
Cannabis Seeds Show in Spain

How an Online Grow Shop in Spain is Setting an Example During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Spain was one of the hardest hit COVID-19 countries, so what did Semillas Baratas do to adjust quickly?

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HighChi on Thursday Apr 30, 2020

Online grow shop in Spain setting an example during COVID-19 pandemic.

cannabis seed stores in Spain

Semillas Baratas is a online seed store in Spain that adjusted their business model quickly as the COVID-19 virus raced across Spain. caught up with Semillas Baratas and wanted to know, as an online cannabis business in a COVID-19 hot spot, what was it like to adjust their model and keep the doors open during a pandemic.  We got to ask them what it was like in Spain as things exploded during the pandemic and how are things looking for the future of cannabis in Spain, seed sales, and more!


How did it all start in Spain with COVID-19 and what was it like?

The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic has meant an unprecedented global crisis; in most countries around the world, people have had to stay at home and have only been able to go out to buy basic necessities. For that reason, grow shops have had to reinvent themselves and adapt to these new changes.


The proclamation of the state of alarm in Spain on March 14, 2020 forced all the country's grow shops and CSCs to close their doors indefinitely; therefore, many people decided to purchase their products for this season in advance, so as not to be left without them. The problem is that, at present, it is not known when these establishments will be able to open their physical doors and many people have been left without buying any products necessary for the crop.


The online grow shop, an example during the COVID-19 crisis

Cannabis seeds ecommerce in Spain has increased since the state of alert was declared. Unlike other online stores in the sector, our grow shops are making shipments in 24/48 hours, to ensure that customers will always have their products available.


In addition, we offer telephone service to solve all the doubts users may have. On the other hand, we are making special sections for the sanitary crisis of COVID-19, delivering the seeds in 24 hours; however, we cannot make shipments to the areas of the country that are confined.


Similarly, we have adapted the entire company to avoid exposure to and spread of the virus, maintaining the hygiene measures and safety distance established by the World Health Organization to protect the health of our workers. In this way, our online grow shop has become an example of protection and safety during the COVID-19 crisis.


Safety in shipping

With the advent of the coronavirus crisis and the obligation to close the physical grow shops and CSCs, growers and consumers of marijuana were concerned because in many cases, they still did not have the seeds, substrate or fertilizers to be able to grow this season.


The closure of non-essential shops began in Madrid and quickly spread throughout the country, which is why Soft Secrets recommended that they acquire their seeds as soon as possible so that they would not remain ungrown throughout the season.


The World Health Organization has established a series of recommendations to ensure that all online orders are made following appropriate health protection measures.


Therefore, in our online grow shop we prepare all our orders using gloves and masks; in this way, contact with the products is avoided. In addition, a disinfection process is carried out in all company’s work areas with ozone and other sterilizers, preventing any type of contagion.


Thus, you can continue the shop without fear of COVID-19; so growers across the country have no problem finding the products they want.


Deliveries during the State of Alarm

Your health and that of our workers is the most important; accordingly shipments are delivered following the WHO recommendations based on the Zero Contact policy, to ensure the safety of customers and carriers on all pick-ups and deliveries.


Below we show you the steps that will be followed for the delivery of your order of seeds in our grow shop:


The carrier will leave the package on the floor or the mat of your home, if you live in a flat will leave it at the door of the portal.

The courier will knock on the door and notify you of the arrival of your order; you must then go down and pick it up.

The courier will walk away, at least one meter, and leave the package on the floor.

When you come down, he will ask you for the name and ID card of the person picking it up; he will enter these details on his device, but you do not have to sign for the delivery or come close to it when you work.

Once you have given the details, you can pick up your package and go back inside.


In this way, there is no contact between the customer and the carrier, thus ensuring the health of both.


Our online grow shop is still operational

You don't have to worry about running out of your marijuana seeds during the alarm state as our online grow shop is still operational and you won't have any problems making your purchases.


In addition, if there is something that differentiates us from other online grow shops is that our distributors work nationwide, to ensure that your products will reach you within 24/48 hours.


In the same way, we have our own bank of bulk seeds and fertilizers, to guarantee that there are no changes in the quality of your products.


On the contrary, if your order includes bank seeds you should know that these suppliers have closed their production and distribution until the end of the COVID-19 crisis; so from now and until they return to their logistic route these shipments may be delayed.


In some cases this waiting time will be 3 days, since the transporter may have the seeds in stock, but in other cases the delivery may not be made until the end of the state of alarm. In any case, if you have any doubt you can contact our customer service; and here our advisors will be in charge of helping you and solving all your doubts.


In short, it is important to follow the recommendations of the World Health Organization and stay at home to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Consequently the best way to protect yourself and your loved ones is to stay at home and buy your marijuana seeds through our online store.


As a result, if you do not want to wait for days to order your seeds, it is best to get your products for this season in our online store.


Thanks for sharing your story with us on, stay safe in Spain!


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