best cbd products in europe
best cbd products in europe

Top 10 CBD Products in Europe You Can Get Today

What are the best CBD products available in Europe, check out list!

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Pace LaVia on Monday Nov 25, 2019

Top 10 CBD Products in Europe 2020

top 10 cbd products in europe

The European market is primed for cannabis and CBD products. Unlike cannabis-based products, CBD products do not contain the psychoactive compound tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. With its strong medicinal properties and scientific study reported profound health benefits, CBD deserves every ounce of the attention it’s getting. We decided to rank the best CBD oils in Europe to see exactly how they stack up. 


After weeks of research, tests, and meetings, we are ready to present our hand-picked selection of 2019’s top 10 CBD oils available in Europe. All the products selected can be shipped across the EU, are legal in the European Union, and in many other European nations.


How We Rated CBD Products

After much discussion and debate, we decided to rate products based on four key factors: effectiveness, texture and taste, external reviews, and appearance. 



This is based on how effective reviewers and users found the product. It’s also based on product test results, which verifies the quality of CBD. This accounts for 5o% of a product’s final score. 


Texture and taste

In other words, how nice is the product to ingest? This factor takes into account consistency, texture, overall taste, and aftertaste. This accounts for 30% of a product’s final grade. 


External reviews

Customer reviews are an important part of understanding how CBD products are making a difference in people’s lives. That’s why we turned to Trustpilot, the popular rating platform. Overall Trustpilot review results account for 10% of our product ratings. 



The overall appearance of the products accounts for 10% of their final grade and ranking. This factor examines the feel and the look of product packaging, as well as for how information is organized and presented. 





Canzon CBD Oil


Our Top Choice

Provacan CBD Oil


Research Powerhouse

Endoca CBD Oil


CBD and Hemp supplements

Hempura CBD Oil


Best Packaging

Holistic Hemp Scotland CBD Paste


Small Batch

Love CBD Oil



PureKana CBD Oil


Best Taste

Aura CBD Oil


Best Range of CBD Strengths

Cibdol Golden CBD Oil


A Trusted Supplier

Dr Hemp Me CBD Oil


Excellent Customer Service


canzon cbd oil

1. Our Top Choice: Canzon CBD Oil - 96.8%

With regular third-party laboratory testing, excellent Trustpilot ratings, and free shipping on orders more than 70€ and a 30-day money-back guarantee, it’s an excellent all-around option. While the overall appearance may not blow other options out of the water, it's effectiveness and the quality of Canzon’s CBD Oil makes it stand out. 


Sourced from organic Swiss hemp and natural MCT oil, this full-spectrum CBD oil ticks all the boxes: it’s vegan, it’s organic, and it gives users the full range of terpene and flavonoid benefits. Its balanced, mild taste also makes it a perfect place for individuals who are just beginning their CBD journey.


Canzon’s CBD oil is, quite simply, top-quality CBD oil from a reliable, trustworthy, and straightforward business. While their packaging isn’t as flashy as some of the other companies on this list, it just goes to show that sometimes it’s what’s inside the bottle that matters. Many consumers reported that Canzon CBD Acne cream is the most effective solution they found for adult acne. While the order is known for regaining inner calm during stressful seasons at work, and Balms help manage inflammation


provacan cbd

2. Provacan CBD Oil - 94.9% - Research Powerhouse

Coming in at second place is Provacan CBD Oil. With cutting-edge extraction technology and a potent CBD formula, their product delivers full-spectrum benefits to all users. Provacan also consistently tests its product for efficacy and is backed by a leading cannabis research organization. This is reflected in their excellent Trustpilot reviews. While the taste of their product doesn’t quite measure up to our top choice for  CBD oil, the packaging and overall appearance is sleek and sophisticated. 


enbdoca cbd

3. Enbdoca CBD Oil- 94.3% - CBD and Hemp supplements  

Endoca CBD Oil trails Provacan CBD oil by fractions of a point. As one of the EU’s leading CBD brands, Endoca provides a wide range of CBD options, from oils to Pure crystals. sourced from EU organic hemp, this CBD oil boasts a carefully balanced formula consisting of CBD + CBDa, hemp seed oil, omega 3 and Vitamin E.  The mild and neutral taste is also a huge plus. 


hempura cbd

4. Hempura CBD Oil - 92.0% - Best Packaging 

As one of the leading CBD oil suppliers in the UK, Hempura brings the public research-backed, full-spectrum CBD oil. While its taste pales in comparison to others, the packaging is rich-looking and eye-catching. It definitely stands out from the crowd with its deep green and brilliant gold design.


holistic hemp scotland cbd

5. Holistic Hemp Scotland CBD Paste - 88.1% - Small Batch 

Crafted from hemp sourced from artisan farms around the EU, Holistic Hemp Scotland uses small-scale extraction methods that handle each plant with care. The taste is slightly more bitter, and the packaging isn’t anything to write home about, but the small-batch form of the CBD paste means the product has maintained many vitamins, CBD strains, and fatty acids that are often lost in inferior extraction processes. 


love cbd europe

6. Love CBD Oil - 86.4% - Family-Run

This competitor comes from a small, family-owned British company that sources their hemp from Dutch hemp. With a specialised formula that combines several varieties of hemp, Love works to make their product as full spectrum as possible. Boasting no chemicals or artificial ingredients, it’s an excellent CBD option, and you know that you’re supporting a family business. 


purekanna cbd

7. PureKana CBD Oil - 84.5% - Best Taste

For individuals who dislike the taste of hemp but want the benefits of CBD, this is an excellent option. The smooth taste and texture of coconut oil disguises the hemp underneath, plus it comes in vanilla, mint, natural flavours. It’s actually an American supplier, but with an office in Watford, England, it ships internationally and has garnered an international reputation. 


aura cbd europe

8. Aura CBD Oil - 84.4% - Best Range of CBD Strengths

Aura is another US-based company with an office in London, and it has garnered a reputation for all the strengths of CBD that it offers. This allows the customer to choose what exactly works best for them. Organic and sourced from sustainable hemp farms, it’s a brand worth putting on your CBD list.  


cibdol cbd europe

9. Cibdol Golden CBD Oil - 83.0% - A Trusted Supplier

With excellent Trustpilot reviews and a reputation for rigorous laboratory testing, this supplier is a safe, trusted option for beginner CBD users. With rigorous food safety testing and its Halal certification, it made our list because of its reputation and loyal following. 


Dr. Hemp Me CBD europe

10. Dr Hemp Me CBD Oil - 82.4% - Excellent Customer Service

This Ireland-based company specialises in providing fully accredited and full-spectrum CBD products in a wide range of sizes and strengths. More than anything, they make it convenient for the customer, which is reflected in their Trustpilot reviews. With free shipping in Ireland and UK orders over 50 euros, they make it easy for customers to get the CBD they need. 


Final Words

canzon cbd europe

While our winner, Canzon, boasts a high-quality all-around CBD formula and customer service experience, many of the other brands also have their own unique benefits. Ultimately, it’s up to each consumer to do their own research and find which product best suits their needs and desires as they begin their CBD journey. 











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