magic mushroom gummies by Trap University
magic mushroom gummies by Trap University

How Do You Order Magic Mushroom Gummies? - Trap University Sits Down with

Trap University is a top notch site for psychedelic gummies, but how did they get started?

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BostonBakedPete on Friday May 31, 2024

magic mushroom gummies sat down with the industry leader in psychedelic gummies and magic mushroom chocolates, Trap University, so see how they got started, what they think about the psychedelic space, and what plans they have in the future now that more and more states and countries are legalizing psychedlic medicine.

  • What is Trap University and how did you come up with the catchy name?

Imagine walking into Trap University, where our friendly black bucket professor welcomes you with a laid-back, chill vibe. It's all about capturing the relaxed and joyful spirit that our cannabis and magic mushroom products offer. At Trap University, it feels like being part of a community that gets it—embracing the good times and the deep, mesmerizing experiences these products can bring. It's like the bucket symbolizes our open invitation to explore and enjoy, making you a part of this unique journey. So, let's chat, laugh, and explore the wonders of Trap together.

  • Are your products legal to ship and be home-delivered? Tell the customer how this is true and about the 2018 Farm Act?

Yes, we have disclaimers at the bottom (inside footer) letting users know about our compliance and US states where we don’t deliver.


  • What are some of your favorite products in your store?

  1. THCA Vapes

  2. Magic Mushroom Gummies


  • Can you talk about the difference between your mushroom-based products and who should try them verse say, your Delta-8 or 9 products?

Our Magic Mushroom products can be used for both microdosing and megadosing which can vary in experiences. Microdosing Field Trip Gummies will mellow you out and increase creativity while a larger dose helps with ego dissolution and perceptual distortion. THC products on the other hand are a fun experience similar to traditional cannabis.

  • What advice would you give someone today that is looking to get started in the marijuana industry?

Starting in the marijuana industry requires thorough research, compliance with legal regulations, understanding your target market, and staying updated on industry trends. It's crucial to have a solid business plan, secure funding, and build a network within the industry for support and partnerships. Emphasizing product quality, customer experience, and innovative marketing strategies can also set you apart. Moreover, advocating for and adhering to responsible consumption and ethical business practices will contribute positively to your brand's reputation and the industry's image.

  • Building a great brand is tough in the cannabis space, how were you guys so successful?

Building a successful brand in the cannabis space, like any other, often comes down to a few key strategies: identifying and deeply understanding your target market, maintaining high product quality and safety standards, and differentiating your brand through unique branding and marketing efforts. Engaging with the community, staying informed about regulatory changes, and fostering transparency and trust with your customers are also crucial. Success stories in the cannabis industry often highlight the importance of innovation, adaptability, and a strong, customer-focused mission.

  • When do you think we will see full marijuana legalization in America?

We truly believe that America federally will make marijuana legal to the public. We’re waiting for the government to reclassify the drug so more testing can be done. We know what alcohol does to people and how the mind operates on it. We can scan the brain and see what’s going on, but there isn’t much information on marijuana. It requires more testing, because the brain waves are hard to determine through a brain scan. That book does a good job breaking that down. It also covers all other drugs. MJ is the only drug that is hard for scientists to determine it’s effects.

  • How can people contact you?  Email, website?

      or email

  • Any specials you can offer readers on their first order with you?  If so, what should they do?

               cannabisnet25 – 25% off


Great to learn from you guys, thank you!





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