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cooking with cannabis tips

Top 10 Tips To Remember When Cooking With Cannabis

How To Cook With Cannabis Oil and Flower

Posted by DanaSmith on Thursday Jul 27, 2017

Cooking with Cannabis Part 4: Top 10 Tips To Remember When Cooking With Cannabis



Mastering the art of cooking with cannabis takes time, patience, and lots of experimentation in order to come up with meals that not only taste good but will also get you high. There’s no secret to cooking with cannabis – it really does entail hours of testing and working in the kitchen. There may be some mistakes along the way, but charge it to experience.


cooking with cannabis


Here are the top 10 tips to keep in mind when cooking with cannabis:


  1. Most recipes will require you to cook wit some kind of fat; whether you choose to use cannabutter, ghee, lard, coconut oil, or olive oil, these ingredients set the foundation for cooking or baking with cannabis. Making these fats yourself is easier than you think; you can make a big batch and store them at home for future recipes.


  2. Never forget to decarboxylate your cannabis first.


  3. If you’re a great cook in the kitchen and are a pro at eyeballing recipes (which means you forego measurements), this isn’t going to fly when cooking with cannabis. The proper measurements will make a big difference in the outcome of your recipes. Measuring how much pot you put in your dish will help you take note of the difference between sober and high. If you find that the hit is too timid, you can always add more later on, just take note of how much it took for it to achieve the potency you were looking for. Kitchen scales are an essential tool for cooking with cannabis.


  4. Know the strains you’re cooking with. Even after the cannabis has been decarboxylated, the strain can also have an impact on the taste of your food. The strain’s potency and flavor profile when smoked will also affect how your edibles come out. If you love smoking strong sativas, you’ll also get the same energetic buzz when you cook with it. The same applies for indicas and hybrids too. Choose your strain carefully before you choose what to cook with.


  5. Overheating meals with cannabis can degrade the presence of certain cannabinoids. Don’t cook meals at temperatures higher than 170º C; instead, cook for longer periods below it.


  6. Instead of trying to be the jack of all trades in the kitchen, start out by focusing on specific recipes that you want to perfect. Regularly test and improve each recipe, with an emphasis on improving its flavor (potency isn’t everything!). Having a dish that gets you high isn’t everything; if it tastes good too it improves the entire experience for you and your guests. Keep in mind that cannabis works similarly to basil, sage, or oregano. It complements other herbs well, which is why cannabis goes so well on pastas and pizzas. If you use cannabis with butter or oils, its flavor is subtle enough not to dominate the other herbs that your recipe requires.


  7. Choose the right moment when to cook cannabis meals. If you have a family Christmas dinner this might not be the best time to whip out that dish you’ve been perfecting. Choose the occasions wisely especially if you’re going to have first-time consumers around. Organize get-togethers in comfortable places where your guests can relax as they indulge, and tell them beforehand.


  8. If you are organizing a dinner party, make sure you know what your guests will expect from each portion. It would be best for you to give each of them a ration of each dish and have them wait for up to an hour before they serve themselves seconds.


  9. If the recipe you’re using requires you to cook in a pan, such as in sautéing, keep in mind that you can’t use your cannabutter or infused oils the same way you would use other kinds of cooking fat. Cannabutter or oils should be added last. All you need to do is turn the heat off, add in the butter or fat and use it to coat the food while the pan is still hot. This way the potency is still kept intact.


  10. Last but not least, have fun in the kitchen! Brownies are not the only food you can cook with cannabis. You can make any dish deliciously infused with cannabis; from breakfast food to dinner, snacks, and candies.


What are your favorite tips for cooking with cannabis?













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