low thc high cbd cannabis
low thc high cbd cannabis

Is Low THC, High CBD Flower the Future? - Cannaflower Leads the Industry!

Get started on legal cannabis with low THC, high CBD and enjoy the health benefits, legally!

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BehindTheWaves on Wednesday Aug 25, 2021

Is Low THC, High CBD Flower the Future? - Cannaflower Leads the Industry!

cannaflower high cbd hemp

Cannabis.net got to sit down with one of the hottest names in the low THC, high CBD flower companies in the world, see what they said about the industry, hemp, legalization, and how to get their stuff with a special coupon code!

How did you first get interested in the hemp/cannabis business?

Our interest in the cannabis business, specifically the low THC alternatives that we eventually became immersed in, arose from our own desire to find a cannabis product that worked for us. We had long been interested in the therapeutic qualities of cannabis and its ability to effectively mitigate stress and anxiety - things that seemed to be a growing constant for us. Both my business partner and I found that traditional cannabis contained too much THC and often led to anxiety induced panic sessions - the very thing that we were trying to avoid. When we discovered high CBD hemp flower we realized that we had come across something that was a perfect fit for our lifestyle. Not only did we receive all of the relaxing and therapeutic benefits of cannabis that we so enjoyed but we also found that we could function in both work and family without any detrimental effects. Upon further exploration of different compounds, including broad spectrum CBD products and isolates, we realized that the smaller doses of THC and intact terpene profiles in smokable hemp flower were essential to the sought after entourage effect. We surmised that if we could cultivate and process hemp flower genetics with the same quality and standards as the medical cannabis industry, we would have something that would appeal to many more people than just us. These ‘socially dosed’ or ‘sessionable’ flowers became our mainstay and the driving force behind Cannaflower’s mission to bring low THC cannabis to the broader marketplace.


Cannaflower is a leader in low THC cannabis, how big is the market do you think for low THC cannabis?

Our personal view is that these low TCH strains are a cannabis product that has a huge appeal to both new and seasoned cannabis consumers alike. It’s a comparison that we don’t want to rely on but low THC cannabis is similar to a glass of wine or a session beer when stacked up against some of the higher proof alcohols. Many people enjoy both and, quite often, less is better.


The subscription box is very popular for ancillary items, how does it work with actual flower? What has the response been like?

The Cannaflower Club Box is a monthly subscription that is a perfect fit for anyone who is looking to explore a curated collection of tried and true fan favorites as well as something different each month. In addition to including some of our most popular strains, it’s also a perfect way for us to share some of our more exclusive varieties that we are simply not able to offer to everyone. We often include some of our newest phenotypes as well as some of our smaller batch indoor flower that we have extremely limited supplies of. Because these strains are often single batch, we are able to offer the consumer a unique experience at a great value. So far the response has been overwhelmingly positive.


 What advice would you give someone trying to enter the cannabis space, today?

Two things. Treat your customer the way you would treat your own family and focus on one thing and do it really well. With so many products out there and many of them being of questionable quality, it’s important to offer the consumer a product that you can stand behind with a brand they can trust.


 What are the Cannaflower plans to expand now, since shipping to all 50 states for your products is allowed, right?

We currently ship federally legal low THC flower to all 50 states. As far as a strategy for expanding in those markets, we have chosen to simply focus on making our products and services as stellar as possible. We constantly aim to delight our customers. We have found that focusing on the best overall customer experience has allowed us to grow very organically and at a scalable rate.

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 Which Cannaflower products are the most popular now, Daytime, Downtime, Anytime?

In addition to many of our fan favorites like Lifter, Sour Space Candy, and Bubba Kush we have seen a lot of interest recently in our small batch indoor strains. We have a hard time keeping up with demand for indoor strains like, Orange Glaze, Gelato Sunset and Cherry Chip. In general, we have seen a marked increase in interest across the marketplace for indoor flower.


What was the biggest hurdle you faced when getting the company up and started?

Cannabis companies, including those in the low THC space, face a variety of challenges that most businesses in conventional markets never have to consider. Simple things like banking, insurance, marketing, and merchant services can often be unique hurdles that have to be resolved with creative approaches and non-traditional partnerships. Our entire first year was spent navigating these issues.


 When do you think we will see full cannabis legalization?

While we seem to be on the cusp of national legalization, it’s probably not in the immediate future (within the next year). Most of this has to do with regulatory and compliance issues that have yet to be proven at scale. It’s going to be a huge challenge to undo the last half century of draconian law around cannabis while putting the infrastructure in place to ensure a reasonable and equitable transition to full legality. Most of that is realistically handled best at the state level but it would absolutely be in our society’s best interest to move forward with fair banking and decriminalization at the federal level as expeditiously as possible. While many states have made the leap, a huge number of people in this country still suffer unjustly as outdated laws around cannabis continue to be enforced.


 Will Cannaflower ever get into the higher THC cannabis market?

While we look forward to a day when we join the larger cannabis market, we have found that the low THC products we carry are the ones that we most believe in and thus allow us to deliver a consistently premium quality customer experience. Low THC is simply what we love.


 What is the best way to get in touch with Cannaflower?  Social media? Email?

Check out our site at https://cannaflower.com or reach out to us directly at info@cannaflower.com with any questions. Once again, we ship to all 50 states so check us out and get your very own Cannaflower products shipped discreetly to your doorstep.


 Any coupon codes for Cannabis.net readers to use to try out Cannaflower?

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