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cannabis concentrates

First-Timer’s Guide To Shopping For Concentrates

What are the best cannabis concentrates?

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DanaSmith on Wednesday Aug 30, 2017

First-Timer’s Guide To Shopping For Concentrates



With the increasing popularity of using concentrates and extracts over flowers, dispensaries across the country are packed with products of all kinds to cater to both medical and recreational needs. There are many advantages to using concentrates over flower; but just as well there are also several different kinds of concentrates in the market – click here to familiarize yourself about each kind.



For someone who’s new to concentrates, it can be an overwhelming market to navigate. Whereas the world of flower is simpler since you just have to choose a strain that you light up in a bowl or roll into a joint, concentrates are an entirely different ballgame.



Choosing the concentrate of your choice all boils down to a matter of personal preference. If you have the time and resources, it’s good to try them all once to find out what works best for your needs. You’ll need much less product with concentrates since they are extremely potent and high-strength products that can deliver tremendous benefits with a minute amount compared to medicating with flower.



Read up on this guide to help you shop for your first-ever experience with concentrates:






One gram of flower will cost significantly less than one gram of oil. However, remember that concentrate’s potencies can reach as much as 50-90%, while for flower it tends to be up to 25% THC. While you’ll have to shell out more initially for concentrates, a little will go a long way. Many patients prefer concentrates since with occasional use they can actually be cost-effective although it will depend on the potency of the product you are buying.



Flower and concentrate prices will also vary depending on brands and the state you are buying from. Before you hand over your greens, do your research and see what your local dispensary is offering. Check if there are any promotions or sales that can save you some money on your first buy.



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Solvent or Non-Solvent Extraction?


The two primary methods of creating cannabis concentrates is using either a solvent-based extraction or a non-solvent based extraction. In solvent-based concentrates, chemical solvents such as alcohol, CO2, butane, and propane are used to isolate the resin glands that contain THC from the flower. But in non-solvent based concentrates, only pressure, temperature, and water are used to create it.



While concentrates are usually known by their texture or appearance, the main difference is in how they are made. Many prefer non-solvent extracts although solvent-based concentrates also has a strong fan base. There are dangers when it comes to the production of solvent-based extractions but with certified extraction laboratory requirements the risk has been minimized.  



How Long Do Concentrates Last?



This will depend largely on how often and how much you consume. An occasional dab can stretch out a gram of oil for a few weeks. But if you have a high tolerance and consume daily, or even several times a day, you can easily use up a gram of oil in a day or two. Generally speaking, a half gram should be good for around 20 dabs; but it will also depend on the potency of the oil as well as the size of your dab.



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Before you spend money on concentrates, you have to have the right equipment to use them. Traditional dabbing equipment uses just a nail, dome, torch, and water pipe. If you have a glass pipe, you can remove the pieces and replace it with dabbing attachments to transform it into a dab ring. It also helps to have a dabber, which is a metal, ceramic, or glass tool that is used to apply the dab.



One of the easiest ways to start smoking concentrates is by adding it to flower, a process also known as bowl-topping. This helps you obtain the potency of concentrates without getting too wasted. Bowl-topping is popular among beginners; all you need to do is load your bowl with flower then add a small piece of shatter, budder, or wax on top. Concentrates can also be sprinkled inside a blunt or joint before rolling.



Vaporizers are an extremely efficient way of consuming any concentrates. They are discreet and give you more control over how much you consume.



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How To Store Concentrates



Most dabs are sold in plastic containers, but many dabbers prefer to keep them in silicone dab containers at home after the first use. Most dabs and concentrates are sticky, which makes storage tricky; but it doesn’t stick to silicone making it a great choice to prevent oils from wasting and keeping containers clean. Read up here for more information on storing concentrates and extracts.


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Dabbing Oils



Dispensaries typically carry a wide range of extracts and oils, although all aren’t made for dabbing. Tinctures are made for oral ingestion. Ask the budtender to refer you to a product that is safe for dabbing.



The High



Many cannabis consumers stay away from concentrates because they have the reputation of getting you lit AF. While most dabs definitely contain higher levels of THC, there are products in the market that are high in CBD and low in THC, ideal for patients and those who want to take it easy with the psychoactive effects.










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