Seth Green
Seth Green

Seth Green: A Cerebral Palsy Warrior For Cannabis As Medicine

Seth Green Deserves His Medical Marijuana

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DanaSmith on Wednesday Jun 21, 2017

Seth Green: A Cerebral Palsy Warrior For Cannabis As Medicine



This is the story of Seth Green, a young man who was born with cerebral palsy.



As he got older, he began taking botox treatments to provide him with relief for the muscles on the right side of his face. As a child he developed multiple sclerosis and at the age of 13, he experienced his first seizure. Not long after that he developed scoliosis as a result of the cerebral palsy.



All through this time, his mother stuck to his side, who gave up so much in order to give him the medical attention and care that Seth deserved. Members of his family also felt the impact of Seth’s condition; some have lost their jobs and homes just to afford the care he needed.



In a desperate attempt to live a healthy life, he began to turn to cannabis. His conditions have racked up serious medical bills, and he wants to contribute, to be a productive member of society. Cerebral palsy has prevented Seth from even getting out of his house, and has made it even more difficult to find a job. Aside from the physical disability of the condition, Seth also suffers from such anxiety, making it impossible to even take care of household chores.



Seth’s mother has had to take care of everything, and he wishes that no parent would ever have to go through what she has. Despite his optimism and knowing that tough experiences can make you a stronger person, Seth wants to – and deserves – to know what it’s like to live a normal life.





With the use of cannabis, Seth has been finally able to understand what happiness and joy feel like. Even though he has cerebral palsy and has suffered seizures, stroke, depression, anxiety, multiple sclerosis, and scoliosis, cannabis has helped him survive all that and come out even feeling on top of the world, thanks to this magical plant. In fact, he says, the right strains make him feel like a kid again: being able to talk and communicate much better and with significantly much ease, with a carefree attitude. He has a hard time speaking because his throat feels tight and stuck, yet when he uses cannabis it helps open the throat. This doesn’t just benefit him physically by helping him combat the panic attacks and anxiety but it actually enables him to drink water, eat food,



On the contrary, the pharmaceutical meds that Seth took for several years made him feel the exact opposite of what he feels when he medicates with cannabis. With the plant, he can concentrate more. Seth’s stress and anxiety levels are much more manageable thanks to cannabis.



Today at 26, Seth has been an advocate of cannabis use for over 4 years in his home state of Tennessee but hopes that his message will help many more around the globe. His efforts spreading the word about cannabis as medicine won’t stop anytime soon – he’s been featured in interviews as well as radio shows. He’s even organized 10 medical cannabis rallies in an effort to get others the help they need, while encouraging others to get out of the green closet.



Seth also supports fellow Christians, fully believing that cannabis is a God-given plant that we should be using to heal. Seth knows – as we should all know – that cannabis has the ability to treat and manage hundreds of illnesses. In an interview, he said: “The fact that cannabis is a plant created by God for our healing and that it is illegal infringes on my religious freedom. In the Bible, there are references to cannabis. For instance, the holy anointing oil described in Exodus 30:22-23 is made from a substance identified as cannabis by researchers,” sick, and healed them.’”



He’s gone from being patient to an advocate; he’s had to experience man-made medicine first hand and its side effects, before he found the real cure; and through those years he never knew that cannabis was the answer because the government has been hiding the facts. While under the mercy of big pharma, he was only hoping that the government would do clinical trials on the efficacy of cannabis on cerebral palsy. Seth wanted people suffering from cerebral palsy, or other conditions, to know that there was a safer choice, and that people needed the access to the plant in order to heal.



To support Seth of know more, visit his Facebook page: and YouTube page:








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