Purple cannabis buds
Purple cannabis buds

Purple Buds - 20 Popular Purple Marijuana Strains Right Now

Purple cannabis strains are booming right now, what are people buying?

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Joseph Billions on Sunday Jul 4, 2021

20 Popular Purple Cannabis Strains

purple marijuana strains

Purple cannabis is coveted around the world and the way it stands out amongst green cannabis is breathtaking.

Many of us have come across various strains of cannabis with mesmerizing purple pigmentation. But very few know what makes these buds purple.

The purple color is brought about by the abundance of a substance called "anthocyanin" in the cannabis plant.

Anthocyanin is a flavonoid that is present in so many vegetables, and flowers. It is indicated by various shades of purple or sometimes black pigment.

Here is a listicle of 20 popular purple cannabis strains that you need to try out asap.


#1 - Purple Kush

This is one of the strongest purple indica strains with a THC level of 27%. It induces a lasting sedative effect and is a perfect bud for managing muscle spasms in the body. It can also be used to treat pain. The euphoric after-effects may leave you couch-locked.


#2 - Granddaddy Purple

Also called G purps, this strain is very potent with 20-27% THC content. It has a distinct berry/grape aroma and is suitable for treating insomnia, chronic pain, and appetite loss.


#3 - Purple Haze

Named after the popular Jimi Hendrix hit song, purple haze is one of the most sought-after purple cannabis around the world. It is preferred due to its psychedelic effects as well as its appealing deep purple color.


#4 - Purple Urkle

The origin of this strain remains a mystery, however, its aroma and flavor aren't. It is a flavourful strain with berry and grape notes. It is suitable for falling into a deep and restful sleep due to its deeply relaxing and pain-relieving effects.


#5 - Purple Trainwreck

This strain induces a stimulating high that helps medical patients deal with anxiety, stress, and insomnia. Purple trainwreck gives off an aroma of lavender, pine, and bright citrus. It combines the best traits of mendo purps and trainwreck strain. Its THC content level is 17.5%


#6 - Purple Pineberry

This indica dominant strain can be traced to Canada. It gives off a piney and berry flavor with at least 20% THC and an average CBD content level. The plant has purple specks that are attractive to look at.


#7 - Purple Widow

With a THC content of around 20% and a CBD content of 1% or less, the purple widow is a therapeutic strain with very few side effects. The benefits of this strain include focus, euphoria, increased energy, and mood upliftment. Medically used to treat nausea, inflammation, and stress.


#8 - Purple Afghan

This is an effective indica-dominant medical strain. It is aesthetically pleasing with its deep blue and purple hues. It is used by those seeking physical relaxation. It gives a good buzz that can be felt throughout the body, thanks to its considerably high THC content level.


#9 - Alaskan Purple

The flavors and aroma of this strain are sure to keep a user on edge and wanting more. It has flowery notes of berries and herbs. It is a very potent strain with a THC range of 17% - 27% content level. It can also be used to manage stress, anxiety, and loss of appetite.


#10 - Obama Kush

Named after the former president of the United States of America, Barack Obama. This strain is invigorating and euphoric. It is suitable for users on the search for physical relaxation, cerebral stimulation, and inspiration. It gives off a faint aroma and its buds are frosty with slight purple pigment specks.


#11 - Purple Diesel

This is the result of the well-balanced cross between sour diesel and purple kush. It offers the best effects for both parents. It is used for medical purposes. It is coveted due to its fast onset time.


#12 - Purple Berry

This is an indica dominant strain that is popular due to its colorful lineage. It has a THC content of at least 17%. It has a sweet aroma and gives room for mental alertness when used moderately.


#13 - Ayahuasca Purple

Most times recommended to be used at night time due to its full-body relaxing effects. It gives off notes of papaya and hazelnut. It helps a lot with insomnia patients.


#14 - Purple Bud

An indica-dominant strain with popular parent strains. It has a sweet, piney, and spicy flavor. Some of the effects of this strain include dizziness, euphoria, sedation, mood upliftment, and a cerebral high.


#15 - Purple Haze X Malawi

This is a high-value pure Sativa hybrid. It produces long-lasting remarkable effects. Its aroma and flavor are a delight. Purple haze x Malawi is a high-quality cannabis strain.


#16 - Purple #1

Purple #1 is a classic purple strain that can be traced as far back as 1980. It has colorful buds that produce a great high in record time. The experience from this strain isn't easily forgotten.


#17 - LSD

Known for its high potency, LSD induces a powerful euphoric experience. Used mostly by artists to get in tune with their creative side. It also offers sedative effects and has several therapeutic benefits.


#18 - Blackberry Kush

Due to its powerful body high, it is used for treating chronic pain symptoms, muscle spasms, and stress. Blackberry Kush has a THC content of 20% and it is highly recommended for treating mental disorders like anxiety, nervousness, and insomnia.


#19 - Purple Punch

This is another classic strain. It starts with a high buzz that gradually turns into a deep sense of relaxation. It is preferably used at night after a very stressful day. It causes a behavioral change while uplifting the user's mood.


#20 - Mendocino Purps

This strain has been a household name since 2007 when it earned a spot on the High Times Strain of the year list. Its buds give off overtones of pines and berries. It is well known for its stress-melting effects.


There you have it!

20 of the best and popular purple cannabis strains around the world.

These 20 listed above are the most popular out of over 406 purple strains that have been developed globally. Most purple cannabis have a calming effect and offers a deep sense of relaxation.








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