420Waldos Watch
420Waldos Watch

What is a 420 Waldos Watch? - A Great Gift Idea and Piece of History

The 420Waldos watch is elegant and preserves a piece of history with each time piece

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HighChi on Wednesday Mar 18, 2020

Looking for a great 4/20 gift idea?  Cannabis.net sat down recently with Barry Cohen, managing director of Time Concepts, the guys behind the 420 Waldos watch.  Who were the Waldos and what is a 4/20 watch?  Great questions and if you know your history of where the phrase "420" came from, the Waldos played a big role in that now famous number.

420waldos watch

1. Where did the idea for the watch come from, not the Waldo's, but why did you decide on a watch?

I've been in the watch trade for more than 30 years, having founded and built the Luminox watch brand.  I started a second watch company back in 2007 called Time Concepts after receiving many requests to make watches for others, whether it was another brand or for a retailer, and needed a platform on which to develop these watches so this was the advent of the Time Concepts business.  Ultimately I realized it would be best to launch a brand of our own so this was how Szanto Vintage inspired timepieces began.  When I sold my shares in Luminox, I gave consideration to retiring but seeing what is going on in our Society today, with some movements I believe in, I decided maybe at this stage in my life I can do something to support some of these.  With a career in watches and this being what I know, I thought perhaps I can help support some of these with watch brands conceived specifically to support them.  In this case I refer to the cannabis movement and the 420Waldos brand was created so we can donate to organizations working to legalize cannabis with each watch sold.  Our federal laws presently have cannabis classified the same as heroin and this seems ridiculous, way too harsh and just plain wrong, so we thought maybe we can try to help change this with our donations.    


2.  How many watches do you hope to sell this year?

This remains unclear but we'd love to sell many thousands of them so we can generate a lot to donate.  We will make what the market can absorb.    


3.  What has the process been like on supply chain and getting the the watch designed and built?  Is it all USA built or outsourced outside the country?

The easy part was developing the designs and getting the watches manufactured.  The difficult part thus far is getting exposure so that consumers and retailers alike become aware of the brand and its message of support for change in the law.  We've also see that landing accounts willing to take it on is not as simple as we may have thought as we still see some reluctance to take it into their stores.  Some seem to still consider this a slightly taboo topic.   We build it in Asia and use a Japanese quartz movement.  To build it in the US would bring the prices up too high to allow for it to be an easy pickup whim purchase, and we think this is important if it is to succeed.   


4.  What were some of the biggest mistakes you made as a new cannabis businesses getting started?

I guess it would be that I assumed it would be much easier to get accounts on board than it has been.  


5.  What would you tell other people looking to get started in a cannabis ancillary business to watch out for or do you wish you knew a few years ago?

The more time I spend in this category the more I realize the core products are what most are into - cannabis and its derivatives, and that is it not so easy to enter the fray with an ancillary product outside of regular cannabis related products.    

420 waldos watch case

6. Is there a digital watch version in the future coming?  

We make only simple analog watches since this is our history, and what we know we do very well.  I think it is best to stick to what one knows and does well.


7.  Any plans for an app that might go on a smartwatch?

We will make more designs but have no plans at this time to try to develop a smart watch.    


8.  What is the best way for people to contact you or get in touch with you about ordering?  Email? Social Media handles?

 It is best to go to our website at www.420waldoswatches.com or our web store at www.timeconcepts.net to find the watch brand and collection.  You will be able to see watches made in two sizes of 41mm and 34mm, that would typically be aimed for men and women respectively, although I suppose a lady could also wear the 41mm version.    


9.  When do you think we will see Federal legalization?

This is a great question and touches on exactly why we launched this to be able to donate to organizations that are working to fight for federal legalization so the federal laws come into line with the states and change this so it is no longer a felony the likes of heroin as this seems quite insane to us.   








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