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Where Can You Get the Best Marijuana Seeds Right Now? Premium Seed Market Talks Cannabis Seed Shopping with

How can you order marijuana seeds and know you are getting high quality seeds?

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Laurel Leaf on Monday Feb 15, 2021

Where Can You Order Marijuana Seeds Online?

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Premium Seed Market sat down with and talked about the evolution of marijuana seeds, why genetics are so important in seeds, and where you can order the best cannabis seeds!


How did you originally get in the cannabis space and specifically seeds?

In 1998 Oregon passed measure 67 which allowed production of cannabis for medical use.

My medical history allowed me to grow and that started me on a fifteen year quest to breed and select the best genetics. During this time I began growing for other medical marijuana patients who did not have time or the means to grow their own. To find the best strains for many various medical conditions I grew well over 100 different varietals.

The varietals that Premium Seed Market sells represent the best of the best. The strains we offer are the legendary “Old School” strains. They simply out performed all other strains we tested. They have great hybrid vigor, strong growth patters (15 ft. tall outdoors), high THC content and high yields


What lead you to the idea that a seed-bank was the best idea for starting a business?

It just kind of evolved. In 1973 I purchased my first farm and started growing heirloom vegetables.  Breeding and saving seeds became a hobby and then a passion

Breeding cannabis and seed saving was a natural direction for me to follow. I also got a little tired with being charged $10.00 or 12.00 per seed. Only to realizing the genetics I had developed where better than I could purchase, at any price.

Another major factor was the location of my farm. Producing seed requires a specific environment. Low humidity, sunny and warm days with cool nights. Central Oregon is a major vegetable seed producing region because it has these attributes. It has wide diurnal temperature change that promote early and vigorous seed production. Daytime temperatures in the mid 80’s and nighttime temperatures in the low 40’s. Humidity in the mid 20’s.

Our farm has never had any chemicals used on it. Everything we grow is 100% organic.

This is why we can sell seeds for $3.00.


What makes a good cannabis seed or a bad cannabis seed, if there is one?

It mainly comes down to how they are harvested and processed. If seeds are properly harvested and processed the germination rate is much higher. 90% germination is our required standard. Every seed we produce is harvested and processed by hand. Low internal moisture is also very important for seed stability and storage. Low moisture seeds stored at minus -20F are stable for years.


What makes your seeds the best on the market?

I do believe our genetics are as good as you can purchase. Just look at the legendary strains we sell, Blue Dream, White Widow, Strawberry Cough, Northern Lights, Blueberry OG, Scooby Snacks, God Bud, Jack Herer, etc. Our strains are the best of the best and then for 20 years we selected the best plants from every strain and improved them year after year.

And as noted above, we sell properly preserved seeds for maximum germination and production. And let’s not forget we sell at terrific price too! There is no reason for someone to purchase a seed for $10.00


Oregon was an early mover in legalizing cannabis, how did that affect your business growth?

In hindsight it gave us sixteen years to perfect out strains before the recreational market arrived. We just worked along perfecting the strains that met our standards.

In the early stages I would give other medical growers free seed and in return they would give us feedback. We all kept detailed daily logs on all inputs such as type and quantity nutrients, soil used, in ground or pot planted, size of pot, watering schedule, amount of water, beneficial insects used, casting tea, micro nutrients, quantity and yield per plant.

This time allowed us research and perfect our growing technics and our phenome selection as it pertained to each strain.


What is the #1 mistake consumers make when looking online to buy cannabis seeds?

Thinking that the more they pay the better the seed. Also 99% of the cannabis seeds sold are not grown by the seller. They buy them from hundreds of different growers and have no idea how they are grown or what genetics they are getting. It is just another product to sell. We grow every seed we sell. We sprouted it, cared for it, harvested it and processed it. We stand behind every seed we sell.

No middleman involved. Your purchase goes directly to the people who grew it for you. That is why we can offer seeds at such a reasonable price.


Are buying from seed banks in Europe a good idea?

Purchasing from European seed banks poses even more risks as they don’t produce them, like most they work as a middle man and peddle seeds from all different vendors with no real knowledge of how they were produced, cared for, and what genetic lines the seed actually stems from. Pretty much it’s a shot in the dark. You add in the fact that they upcharge all their products, shipping is horrendous and the packaging itself isn’t suited for the seed it simply doesn’t benefit the customer in any way, only the seller. Like previously stated, you know exactly what you are getting when you buy from us as we have direct hands-on experience producing every single strain we offer. You cannot put a price tag on the decades of experience we have producing our strains and the customer care you receive with each product you purchase from us.


What are the hot strains or types of seed people want to buy right now?

Blue Dream is our best seller. It is the most widely grown strain on the West Coast. The legendary strains always sell well and for a very good reason. They where great when introduced and they are still great today. Dependable, prolific and great highs.

We believe regular seeds offer the best genetics and the best value.

Feminized seeds are usually 70% to 90% female. So, the grower is going to have to cull male plants whichever choice they make. But with feminized you only get one set of genetics and you don’t get to choose them! Also, feminized seeds are produced using chemicals and we don’t put chemicals in or on our plants.

Each regular seed has genetic differences that can offer the grower a variety of choices when choosing which plant or plants to bring to maturity or clone. Our strains where developed by selection of the strongest genetic profile. We sprout our seeds indoors and then select the best plants and clone them. Then we would select the best male(s) for pollinating the best females.

Over the years our seed stock has continually evolved and improved.


 If you could give one piece of advice to someone looking to get into cannabis right now, what would it be?

Getting in at what level? Home grower or?

Our business is focused on the home grower, inside or out. Our goal is to supply the best genetic available. These include ease of growing, pest and mold resistant, good yields, great THC content and a great sativa or indica experience.


 What is the best way to grow weed, indoors or outdoors?

It depends on your situation and options. I have grown inside, outside and greenhouse. Inside is the most complex, time consuming and expensive. But you have much greater control over your environment. That has its upside (control) and down side (cost and time).

Outdoor is easier than inside, but you have to contend with nature intruding. Be that pest, molds, weather, thieves, etc.

I think greenhouse is the best choice. It is a combination of elements from inside and out. More control than outside without the expensive inputs (electricity) inside requires.

So everyone needs an analysis of their options and make the best choice for themselves.


If someone has questions how can then contact your about cannabis seeds?

We are happy to anwser questions on our website here and you can see our ordering information on our website, click here!


Thank you so much for sharing your answers with us!

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