cannabis for sick minors
cannabis for sick minors

The Impact of Cannabis on Minors Suffering from Cancer, Epilepsy, and Autism

Is medical marijuana delivering on the hopes parents have for their sick kids?

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Joseph Billions on Wednesday Mar 18, 2020

The Impact of Cannabis on Minors Suffering From Cancer, Epilepsy, And ASD

cannabis for minors with sickness

Studies carried over the years have shown that cannabis is a very important plant that has offered some hope for the treatment of many diseases and illnesses because of the various medicinal properties that compounds present in the plant offer. This relief is not only for adults but also for children suffering from serious illnesses such as cancer, epilepsy, and ASD. Reports about the use of CBD in the treatment of minors with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) has only recently gained attention. Many of these reports have claimed that CBD is responsible for a significant change in these children and many parents especially those whose kids have severe ASD and seizures are willing to test this out as a means of treatment.


How It Works

The body has its system that regulates physiological activities such as the appetite, pain, and mood called the endocannabinoid. The cannabis plant has a chemical compound called cannabinoids which not only stimulates the endocannabinoid system to relieve pain and boost appetite but can also reduce tumor growth and seizures among other therapeutic effects.

Medical marijuana which these patients take comes in different form but one common thing they all have is that it has been formulated to be rich in cannabidiol (CBD) which majorly has most of the medicinal properties available in cannabis but low in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is a psychoactive compound in the plant responsible for the “high” feeling. This medical marijuana not only helps in managing the pain and anxiety associated with these illnesses but also treats many of them and in cases where the disease is incurable, it goes a long way in managing it.


Opinions Regarding the Use of Medical Marijuana

Many states seeing its benefits have legalized the usage of medical marijuana with some of them allowing its usage for minors with parental consent. States such as Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware have allowed its use for children with certain medical conditions and although there is some variation, they all allow its use for the treatment of seizures. On the other hand, there are states which are yet to do so and even in those who allow its usage, there are regulations in place to monitor usage and this sometimes hinders access to the drugs. For example, some states require more than one doctor’s signature on the prescription for medical marijuana while others prohibit the sale of cannabis edibles in medical marijuana dispensaries in a bid to prevent the abuse of these drugs.

Also, the fact that there are still a few vague areas regarding the prescription, safety, and effectiveness of medical marijuana causes some concern. Some medical doctors believe in its efficacy in the treatment of seizures, cancer, autism, cerebral palsy and other serious medical conditions while others are not yet convinced. For those who support its use, they claim that it helps not only in the relief of symptoms related to these conditions but also has therapeutic effects. The low rate of reliable studies to back these claims has caused concerns for many about its efficacy. For example, the American Academy of Pediatrics has raised concerns about the effect of marijuana on children's still-developing nervous and cognitive systems. However, advocates for medical marijuana believe that other options can be more harmful and it should be judged on a case by case basis only and made accessible to those that need it. Most of these options such as morphine and oxycontin have also not been studied nor certified for pediatric use just like medical marijuana. They believe that not only is marijuana good for therapeutic use but that it is relatively safer as its negative side effects are lower than other options.

Furthermore, issues surrounding the legality of marijuana have not only hindered more study on its effectiveness for researchers, but it has also prevented its extensive use not only for the treatment of minors but also for adults.


Fear of Dependency

Apart from issues dealing with safety and efficacy, there is also a fear that some of these patients being treated with medical marijuana might become dependent or addicted to it. This is as a result of reports coming from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, which warns that although marijuana seems to have some therapeutic properties, there is a possibility of dependency and subsequent addiction for minors. The risk of dependency in minors is as high as four to seven times more than that of adults which raises some concern for parents.

In response, supporters say that CBD which is being administered to these minors contains no psychoactive properties and that there is no risk of dependency or addiction. And parents who have gone through severe emotional distress worrying about and seeing their kids going through these conditions will most definitely feel that the relief of their children is more important. And it should also he noted that the reviews given by parents this far have been positive as there has been several cases where cannabis greatly improved the medical condition.







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