420 Evaluations Sacramento
420 Evaluations Sacramento

420 Evaluations Sacramento: Get a MMJ Card Online Right Now!

420 Evaluations in Sacramento can now be done online to get a medical marijuana card

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Laurie Lyons on Monday Nov 14, 2016

So you live in Sacramento, and you want to become a legal cannabis patient by way of getting your first medical marijuana card, right? 



You’ve probably come across a few 420 Evaluations in Sacramento, and maybe you even know some friends or family who’ve gotten their doctor recommendations. But somehow the idea of actually getting your cannabis card seems foreign, unattainable, maybe even a bit intimidating.



If that is the case, you’d be totally right to think so, as the traditional method for seeing a medical marijuana doctor can be sketchy, time-consuming, and certainly not easy on the bank.



That is, until now.  Welcome to NuggMD!


Get Your California Medical Marijuana Card 100% Online in About 10 Minutes, and Order Cannabis the Same Day With a $20 Free Credit Included.


In this post we’ll give you the inside scoop on the cheapest, safest and most affordable way to become a licensed cannabis patient and break through the barriers of the California cannabis industry.


The Traditional Way to Obtain a Medical Marijuana Card in Sacramento

Medical Marijuana Card Sacramento


Throughout California, patients seeking to become first-time medical cannabis patients have traditionally needed to seek out a licensed physician, osteopath, or surgeon to conduct an in-person assessment of the patient’s current health status and prior medical history to determine whether they are a good candidate for medical marijuana.



It’s true that most patients would probably prefer their primary care physician to recommend cannabis, and that their local pharmacies would dispense it. Yet, the majority of the medical industry refuses to do so based on legality issues, the absence of FDA approval and regulation, and their standing partnerships with pharmaceutical companies. That being said, we have heard from patients whose primary physician wrote them a recommendation, so it’s not totally unheard of.



Most individuals in Sacramento find an MMJ evaluation location (a.k.a 420 evaluation) by researching specialized cannabis doctors nearby, often by means of a search online for “medical marijuana evaluations near me.” Then they call up a handful of potential offices for additional information such as pricing and availability. The process is often viewed as rather sketchy and unreliable, since most weed doctor’s offices tend to be open for business one month and are shut down the next month. Those that do happen to be open are frequently located in run down areas, and tend to advertise their services using shady sales lingo.



Of course, once one has received a doctor’s recommendation (whether through a primary care doctor or a 420 doctor), a patient must also locate, research and travel to Sacramento’s legally compliant marijuana dispensaries, rather than their trusted pharmacies. Given the regulatory issues, shady business practices and general wariness that many medical practitioners have about offering medical marijuana, it may be a while before Sacramento realizes the full benefits of the cannabis industry, but that’s not to say you have to wait for the rest to catch on!



The New Way: Complete Your 420 Evaluation in Sacramento 100% ONLINE

Medical Marijuana Doctor Sacramento


For prospective patients in Sacramento dealing with debilitating pain, suffering from mental disorders or are struggling to get around, or just value their privacy, there is indeed good news!



No longer do new patients have to wait for the bureaucratic reality of official permits or zoning laws in order to access the relief that medical cannabis has already provided for millions of people. Instead, there’s a revolutionary option online called NuggMD.



It’s a platform which offers access to licensed medical marijuana practitioners who can provide Sacramento 420 evaluations and legal doctor recommendations ONLINE, in accordance with California’s telehealth laws. For just $39, their site offers the most groundbreaking and affordable means to accessing licensed medical marijuana doctors via online video chat who can provide quick, yet thorough evaluations and approvals without the patient ever having to leave home.



How does this work exactly?



Individuals new to medical cannabis can get started by asking questions via live-chat, right on NuggMD’s website. Their customer service specialists are standing by during all hours of operation, and can help provide information related to the use of medical marijuana, the approval process, or how to find a dispensary or product in your area that’s right for you.



By being available from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., seven days a week, NuggMD saves patients time and hassle that would otherwise be spent researching online or calling multiple doctors only to receive conflicting or self-serving information.



Once one feels comfortable with the concept, a patient enters personal and health information to create their profile. Of course, the entire 420 evaluation process is hosted via a secure online portal and all medical and personal information is kept strictly confidential and private in accordance with HIPPA compliancy standards. This two-step process takes only a few minutes to complete, after which the patient is asked to provide payment information prior to their evaluation. NuggMD guarantees that payment is transacted through a verified, secure credit processor, and that any patient who isn’t approved for medical cannabis won’t have to pay anything for their evaluation.



At this point, customers are offered two options: a $39 fee for the doctor’s recommendation only, or $59 if he or she would like to receive a wallet-sized medical marijuana ID card in addition to their recommendation.



Perhaps the most amazing aspect of this 420 evaluations service comes with the next step, which is the 5-10 minute online MMJ consultation with a licensed doctor. The doctor will perform a brief evaluation of the patient via video chat or over the phone, provide detailed information and advice for how to best use cannabis for one’s condition(s), and finally will either approve or deny the patient’s request for medical cannabis.



If approved, a doctor’s recommendation will be issued. First electronically, and then an official paper copy (often required by cannabis dispensaries on one’s first visit) is sent in the mail a few days later. And remember, that’s all California law requires to be able to legally access medical cannabis, but opting for the wallet-sized MMJ ID card is often a good decision, as it’s more resistant to wear and tear, is easier to carry around, and is certainly more difficult to lose than a sheet of paper!



The best part? NuggMD’s doctor’s recommendations are instantly valid and ready to use, and you can even get a medical marijuana card renewal through their site!



After My 420 Evaluation, How Can I Buy Medical Cannabis in Sacramento?


420 Doctor Sacramento


But that’s not all. Given the limited access to dispensaries in the Sacramento area, NuggMD has made it incredibly simple for patients to order cannabis delivery online through their extensive network of cannabis dispensaries and delivery services in California (a few being in Sacramento), found at Getnugg.com.



Additionally, any new medical marijuana patient in Sacramento who uses NuggMD to obtain their MMJ card will be credited with $20 to use towards their first delivery!



If delivery isn’t an option, patients can simply print out their temporary PDF recommendation and head to their nearest dispensary.



What are the current Marijuana Laws in Sacramento?



Now that we’ve covered exactly how to complete a 420 evaluation in Sacramento and gain access to the legal cannabis industry, let’s discuss existing marijuana laws in the city.  



An ordinance was passed in November of 2016 by the Sacramento City Council that allowed for the cultivation and regulation of marijuana within Sacramento’s city limits. At that time, Sacramento became the largest city within the state of California to approve the widespread cultivation of marijuana. This is expected to result in sweeping job growth and is projected to bring in over $2 million dollars in revenue.



Now, with the passage of Proposition 64, which legalized cannabis for adult recreational use throughout California, patients in Sacramento are legally allowed to possess up to one ounce of marijuana or eight grams of cannabis concentrate, and grow up to six plants.



All in all, both the present and the future looks bright for Sacramento medical marijuana patients, but it remains to be seen how the medical cannabis (not recreational) program will unfold in California.










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