marijuana on a cruise ship
marijuana on a cruise ship

Can You Bring Weed on a Cruise Ship? - International Waters and Ports-of-Call Matter!

Can you bring your cannabis on that family cruise coming up?

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Karhlyle on Saturday Jul 29, 2023

cannabis on a cruise ship

The cruise industry is experiencing remarkable growth, with an estimated 31 million passengers expected to board ships this year. This surge in numbers surpasses the figures from 2019, indicating a strong desire among people to indulge in the carefree and enjoyable experience of cruising. One such example of meeting the demand is the introduction of a new ship, the Icon of the Seas, boasting a capacity to accommodate 5,600 passengers and featuring the largest waterpark on water.


As The Fresh Toast pointed out, cruise vacations offer a plethora of attractions, including all-you-can-eat buffets, basking under the sun, music-filled environments, and numerous opportunities to unwind. Given these enticing features, some might consider the idea of consuming marijuana to further enhance their relaxation. However, it is essential to be mindful of the strict rules governing such practices.


Due to federal laws, marijuana products are classified as illegal, leading to their complete prohibition across almost every cruise line and river cruise company. This comprehensive ban extends to substances like delta-8, cannabinoid hemp products, CBD, and medical marijuana.


Passengers must be aware of these regulations and respect the cruise lines' policies to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone on board. While cruising may offer an inviting atmosphere, indulging in marijuana is not a permissible option.  There are cannabis-friendly vacation spots, but the high seas may not be your best bet.


Responsible Choices for Cannabis Enthusiasts


Norwegian Cruise Line explicitly states in their policies that any prohibited items will be confiscated and not allowed to be transported aboard their ships. If an item is deemed illegal, the appropriate authorities will be notified to handle the situation accordingly.


Similarly, Carnival Cruise Line reserves the right to confiscate any items that are against their policies. Any confiscated items will be removed and disposed of without providing any compensation to the passenger.


For those looking to relax or replenish their supply, some ports of call, such as Seattle and Canada, have legalized marijuana, providing an opportunity for legal consumption or restocking if needed.


However, before deciding on any marijuana-related plans, passengers should be well-informed about the rules and regulations. While some individuals may use medical marijuana for pain or anxiety relief, others might consume it for recreational purposes, similar to having a drink on board.


For those who intend to bring marijuana products onboard, it is essential to be discreet and avoid any giveaways that might draw attention. Avoid using anything that produces a noticeable smell, as this can be easily traced back to the individual. Also, it's wise not to be excessively high, as being in such a state may not be permitted on the cruise ship, just like being overly intoxicated with alcohol.


Considering how to consume marijuana discreetly and responsibly is vital. Tinctures, oils, and edibles are convenient options for boarding, as they produce minimal odor and can help manage the intensity of the high.


Finally, a cruise might not be the best place for someone's first-time experiment with marijuana. The unfamiliar and unpredictable environment may not provide an ideal setting to gauge one's reaction and respond appropriately. Therefore, individuals should be cautious and well-acquainted with their tolerance levels before considering marijuana consumption during a cruise vacation.


Understanding Cruise Line Policies and Potential Consequences


Cruise passengers must familiarize themselves with the strict policies of cruise lines concerning prohibited substances like marijuana. Due to federal laws that categorize marijuana as illegal, all cruise companies, including major players like Norwegian Cruise Line and Carnival, enforce a complete ban on marijuana products throughout their fleets. Being caught with such items onboard can have serious consequences, leading to immediate confiscation and potential reporting to authorities. The primary objective of these policies is to ensure the safety and well-being of all passengers and crew members during the voyage.


Travelers should exercise caution and desist from attempting to bring marijuana products on board to avoid any needless disturbances to their cruise experience. It is each passenger's responsibility to be cautious when packing their goods, ensuring that no forbidden items are accidentally included. Ignorance of the regulations is not an excuse, and breaching the cruise line's laws can have serious consequences, including legal action and possibly deportation from the ship at the next port of call.


Additionally, passengers should bear in mind that even if certain ports of call have legalized marijuana, cruise ships are bound by federal regulations while at sea. Thus, any marijuana products purchased legally ashore cannot be brought back on the ship. Understanding and respecting the cruise line's rules is paramount to ensuring a smooth and enjoyable vacation for all passengers, while also maintaining compliance with international and federal laws. By adhering to these guidelines, travelers can focus on relaxing and making the most of their cruise experience without any unnecessary concerns or disruptions.


Responsible Cannabis Use at Ports of Call with Legal Weed


While marijuana use is generally prohibited on cruise ships due to federal law, some ports of call, such as Seattle and Canada, have legalized cannabis for recreational use. For passengers interested in partaking in legal marijuana activities during shore excursions, it's essential to be well-informed about local laws and regulations. Researching the specific rules of each port destination beforehand is crucial to ensure compliance and prevent any legal issues during the cruise.


When visiting a port with legalized marijuana, responsible and legal consumption should always be the top priority. Passengers must adhere to the local laws and restrictions regarding where and how marijuana can be used. It's crucial to be discreet and avoid public consumption in areas where it's prohibited. Respect for the local community and its rules is paramount to ensure a positive experience for both the passengers and the destination's residents.


Passengers should also be mindful of the cruise line's policies and restrictions regarding substances acquired during port visits. Even if marijuana is legal in the port city, bringing any cannabis products back onto the ship is strictly forbidden. The cruise line's rules and federal regulations take precedence over local laws, and attempting to bring marijuana onboard could lead to severe consequences, as mentioned earlier.


It's essential for passengers to understand their own limits and be responsible for their well-being while using marijuana during shore excursions. If it's their first time trying cannabis or a particular product, it's better to experiment in a familiar and controlled environment, rather than during a cruise where surroundings may be unfamiliar and unpredictable. Understanding the potency of the product and consuming it in moderation will help avoid any negative experiences or discomfort during the cruise.


Bottom Line


Despite the allure of a carefree cruise vacation, passengers need to be aware that marijuana and its derivatives are strictly prohibited by federal law, leading to a comprehensive ban across almost all cruise lines. Norwegian Cruise Line and Carnival have explicit policies indicating that any illegal items, including marijuana products, will be confiscated, and potential legal consequences may follow. While some ports of call may have legalized marijuana, responsible consumption should be practiced, respecting local laws, and never attempting to bring cannabis products back onto the ship. A cruise vacation can still be enjoyable and relaxing without the need for illegal substances, ensuring a safe and memorable experience for all passengers on board





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