guide to marijuana tinctures
guide to marijuana tinctures

A Guide to Marijuana Tinctures - The Rodney Dangerfield of Cannabis Products

Cannabis tinctures are safe, discreet, powerful, and effective, yet people pass them over?

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Joseph Billions on Monday Mar 30, 2020

Marijuana Tinctures: an expository guide

marijuana tinctures

Over the past couple of years, the cannabis industry has seen a rapid increase in consumer demand and concurrently to improve the appeal and consumer base of cannabis, different forms of the product have been developed. The importance of this huge step taken by the cannabis industry can never be overemphasized as a major factor that has served as an impediment to cannabis being consumed by a vast majority of people is their inhibitions against smoking which happens to be cannabis conventional means of consumption. And because of what culture, religion, or society has widely preached to the ears of people for decades, the majority have come to see cannabis as a taboo product because of this generic information they've heard over and over. With this being the roadblock against the industry, it had to adapt and develop if it ever wanted to attract the snubs and appeal to a wider audience. This, among many others, is the key reason why experts have been working on developing several forms of cannabis that can be consumed in a lot of different ways.


What are the different forms of cannabis?

With diversity becoming a necessity for the cannabis industry due to a lot of inhibitions against smoking due to health, culture, or religious reasons various forms of cannabis have been developed. They include:





Vape pens



Tea or juice

These forms of cannabis weren't just developed for the sake of circumventing people's inhibitions towards smoking, some of these other forms of cannabis are more potent or just as potent as the popular conventional methods of consumption, and a lot of consumers appreciate the variation which makes it possible for you to switch things up from time to time. In this article, I'll briefly dive through this form of cannabis that can be described as the most underrated form of cannabis product of all time!


A closer look at Marijuana tinctures

Marijuana tinctures often referred to as the moonshine of marijuana, are without a doubt the least controversial of the different methods of consuming cannabis. They are also massively less popular compared to other methods like bongs, edibles, joints, blunts, dabs and so on even though they are just as potent. Contrary to what you might think, marijuana tinctures aren't new on the block, they were once the major form of medical cannabis utilized by the majority before the famous ban of 1937. Ever since then like most aspects of the cannabis industry they drifted into oblivion. In this day and age, it is highly likely to find a majority of people who haven't heard of this form of cannabis which isn't entirely a knock against them because a dropper full of medicinal content just isn't as attractive or enticing like dabbing and other popular forms of consumption.

Unlike the majority of cannabis forms, the chances of ever overdosing on marijuana tinctures is little to none. To breakdown all you need to know about the science behind marijuana tinctures, I'll briefly summarize the key facts in two major categories

Chemical components - The majority of marijuana tinctures majorly contains the alcoholic extracts of plant materials. The quantity of ethanol in most tinctures ranges between 30-60% although on rare occasions some have up to 80-90%. Alcohol isn't the active ingredient in tinctures, they are the solvents, used to dilute the major cannabinoids and other chemicals like terpenes needed in the tincture. Alcohol is the prevalent choice as solvent primarily because of their efficiency in dissolving and breaking down acidic and basic ingredients present in the cannabis plants. It should also be noted that the use of alcohol in the production of tinctures ensures high yield (high percentages of cannabinoids). Asides alcohol, a couple of other versatile solvents are also be used in the production of oral products, they include glycerin, vinegar, etc. Although, unlike alcohol, these solvents don't give appreciable yields (high cannabinoids)

Production - Contrary to what you might think, the process of making marijuana tinctures is relatively straightforward. The process involved is basically your DIY sugar solution procedure. The solid matter of the cannabis plant is dissolved in the appropriate amount of alcohol. The alcohol acting as an extraction agent extracts all the chemicals (cannabinoids, oils, trichomes, terpenes, etc) present in the cannabis plant. After successful extraction, the chemicals are suspended in the appropriate vehicle solution to aid easy oral or sublingual administration.


What are the benefits of Marijuana tinctures?

The benefits that can be derived from the consumption of marijuana tinctures goes on and on, a couple of them include:

For recreational purposes: THC dominant tinctures

Rapid onset of action - The desired psychoactive effects are felt quickly.

Easy dosage control - Unlike some other forms of cannabis like edibles it is very easy to control the amount of the product you ingest.

Discretion - Marijuana tinctures attract little to no stigma so you don't have to worry about being unfairly judged by ignorant others.

They are relatively safe.

They have a decent shelf life when properly stored.

For medical purposes: CBD dominant tinctures

They can be used to treat a wide range of conditions including:


Nausea and vomiting


Chronic pain






Appetite disorders

Bacterial infections, and so on.

The above benefits in conjunction with its rapid, safe, and relatively easy dosage properties make marijuana tinctures a potent regimen for treating the most severe medical conditions.








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