Seattle Cannabis Tours
Seattle Cannabis Tours

Get High In Seattle With These Cannabis Tours

Seattle Cannabis Tours Take Off Around The City

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HighChi on Sunday Jul 9, 2017

Get High In Seattle With These Cannabis Tours



Seattle is one of the best places in the United States for stoners of all kinds. One of the best parts about visiting Seattle’s dispensaries is that they’re known for their home-grown bud. Hey, they don’t call it the Emerald City for nothing!



It’s also located in the stunning Pacific Northwest region so there’s a ton of beautiful attractions best explored while buzzed. Seattle is where you’ll find some of the most ground-breaking, body-shaking, mind-blowing strains. And the best way to explore them is by checking out one of these cannabis tours while you’re in the city!


seattle green adventures

  • Seattle Green Adventures is a premier cannabis tour service provider in the city. They work in partnership with some of Seattle’s best cannabis growers and purveyors to give you a one-of-a-kind high experience. Seattle Green Adventures offers affordable packages, and you can even customize the tour yourself to discover the unique cannabis culture of the city while exploring tourist attractions while buzzed! Check out the Standard Tour which takes you to 2 or 3 cannabis shops where guests get to enjoy a VIP cannabis experience, and a visit to a grow operation or a glass blowing studio – the destination will depend on the day and availability of partners. The Weekday Airport Welcome Tour includes an airport pickup, and you’re taken straight to their recommended cannabis shops to have an introductory taste of top-shelf cannabis, then you’ll be dropped off to your hotel – perfect for cannabis tourists. Seattle Green Adventures also offers an impressively wide range of customizable tours where you can choose from several green activities including attending a cannabis wine dinner, go to a cannabis edibles-making class, visit a cultivation site, and many more.



chasing mari seattle

  • Chasing Mari specializes in offering elite, discreet cannabis tours conducted by knowledgeable staff. Guests are provided with their own personal driver as well as a concierge service that is considered as one of the best in Greater Seattle. Chasing Mari also offers customizable cannabis tours so whether you’re planning to explore the great outdoors or impress a date with a buzzed black-tie affair, let them know and they can plan something out based on your needs. Some of the excellent packages they offer include Outdoor Exploration, Winery Tours, Lake Union, and many more.


the original cannabus seattle

  • The Original Cannabus is perfect for groups who want to have an entire vehicle to enjoy cannabis in a party bus-like atmosphere. The Original Cannabus tours last around 3 hours, and takes the party bus entertainment option to a much higher level. Their tours include cannabis gardens and several stores in the city, where you can get access to the first licensed recreational cannabis facility in Seattle with transportation all taken care of. The Original Cannabus also offers private rentals – perfect for birthdays, parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties! If you have transportation needs, the Cannabus also offers transfers around specific areas within Seattle with an optional stop to a recreational cannabis store before you arrive at your hotel.


weed tourism

  • The Weedbus Club is another excellent weed tour service provider in Seattle. What separates the Weedbus from others is that it specializes in educational tours, taking guests to both cannabis and hemp events in the area. Check out their existing tour packages such as the Downtown Experience (a multi-stop tour exploring tourist attractions in downtown Seattle), and private event bookings where you can customize the Weedbus Mobile Green Room for your own private event or a fun night to paint the town green!


seattle vice tours

  • Show Me Seattle Vice Tours are the perfect activity for any hedonist. Show Me Seattle offers fun tours where you can learn about how vices of different kinds made their way into Seattle. The tours start at an award-winning whiskey distillery known for producing a one-of-a-kind truly American Single Malt Whisky. Next, you’ll be taken into a tour of the best “vice” of all – a visit to a number of elite cannabis shops where you can learn about the entire cycle of cannabis from seed to shop. While the service doesn’t provide any samples, guests are entitled to shop. The tour ends with a visit to one of the best tasting rooms in Seattle where you’ll get to try a flight of regional wines paired with locally produced meats and cheese.


What are your favorite cannabis tours in Seattle?









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