Salem Dispensaries
Salem Dispensaries

Salem Dispensaries Are Lighting Up Oregon

Dispensaries in Salem have some great dank bud

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Salem Dispensaries


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Salem is the capital of Oregon, and home to some of the finest dispensaries this side of the country. Salem started out as a farming community so you can be sure that they grow premium marijuana which you can find in its premium dispensaries.



Located just 47 miles from Portland, Salem makes for a great short holiday for anyone who’s visiting. Getting in is easy with several inexpensive options including bus, train, plane, and car. Once you arrive, getting around by bus is easy with the Cherriots bus system which is also highly efficient and organized. Since the city is pretty big, visiting multiple dispensaries during your visit will require some form of public transportation. However, if you’re just interested to explore Downtown Salem to the areas of West or South Salem, getting around by foot will work just fine. These areas can also be walked to North Salem and Lancaster. Most of Salem’s dispensaries are found in the Northeastern and Eastern sides of the city.


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Salem dispensaries carry a wide range of cannabis products. From top-shelf bud to premium medicinals, edibles, topicals, and drinks, you’ll find everything you need in Salem dispensaries. Budtenders are also a good source of information; ask them about the most popular strains in the area and try something new for a change. Salem is a great town with a rich culture and history, not to mention the fact that it’s located in a beautiful lush environment that’s perfect for exploring when you’re a little buzzed.


Salem Dispensaries



After visiting Salem dispensaries, there are a ton of great attractions to enjoy when you’re stoned in town. Check out the Downtown Salem Historic District, a 7 block area with 92 buildings that will take you back in time. The Mission Hill Museum is made up of 5 buildings that were built during the 1800’s. If you love mixing up exciting activities after you get stoned, don’t miss out on Bush’s Pasture Park, a 91-acre park with beautiful public spaces and lush greens. Here you’ll find some stunning trails, gardens, picnic areas, orchards, and playgrounds.



The Salem Skate Park is also a popular attraction, and guaranteed good fun especially after hitting a Salem dispensary. The Salem Riverfront Park is highly recommended especially if you’re visiting with kids.



The most common zip code searches in Salem dispensaries include: 97301 97302 97303 97304 97305 97306 97317



Salem dispensaries are the best thing about this city. You won’t be disappointed by the extensive variety of cannabis products on the shelves, as well as the impressive strains available. It’s no secret that many in the cannabis community call Salem home, and maybe part of the reason for that is the sheer abundance of great marijuana products.


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With our map, you won’t need anything else when looking for the most convenient Salem dispensaries. We’ve also provided you with all the information you’ll need to find a dispensary including reviews, operating hours, social media accounts, contact information and more. For all your Salem dispensary needs, we’ve got you covered!










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